Flamenco - fat titted faggot

Chris Mclean

Soon, et tu (@Flamenco) and (@theralph)
So far its just him missunderstanding Akilla vs Sargon.
He then compares Josh getting flaged down to teaclips and says they are the same. No Josh was providing comentary and doing everything in his power to make it transformative. Teaclips just clips adding nothing to it not even in the form of mockery. You could also make the argument for teas audience being very similiar to the gunt. Cause i watched some of teasclips when i was a killstream fan. While people who watch Jewshes MATI arent the same that watch the killstream.

Then he goes on to um and r and bascily say that he dosent know any details. Pathetic stream.

Flam says Ralph's action are hypocritical and not defendable.
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Really flagging some faggy clipchannel was the thing you didnt find defensible Fagmenco?
How about revenge porn? How about fapping to soph? How about reviewing cp with warski? How about highschool dating as an adult man? How about not being able to drive your mom to the hospital cause you were sloppy drunk? How about doxing your exes and writing libelous articles in an attempt to get them fired? What using secret info on your friends in attempt to blackmail them (Rand and his angle baby)?

Just say it like it is Fagmenco it wasnt profitable anymore. Stop being a fag anyone and everyone can see trough this charade.

Chris Mclean

The fact Flamenco is having Vito on shows how unprincipled he is. The man is a pedo apologist at best and Flam is willingly associating with him.

The entire stream seems to have been a cry for attention and it worked. Good luck obtaining this meager level of relevance ever again.
Flam even admited in the stream that Ralph has been flagging for years.

Honestly do not see the point of this stream. Flamenco isn't involved in Gunt's current flagging situation, so why bother talking about it if you have nothing interesting to say? I personally closed the stream since it sounds like he's inviting other people to talk about nothing.
Hes a terrible streamer. Hes very milqtoast, low energy and slow. He dosent seem to think about what hes gonna say before hitting the go live button which makes it so he repeates himself over and over again while uming and ahring. He should honestly stop and focus on something else.

"I dont think Ralph is all bad and i think hes in a shitty headspace right now"
Ralph unless hes compared to zoophilis or a rapist is one of the worst people on this fucking site. The fuck does it take for some of these gunt guards to convert for Ralph to rape or murder someone?

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