Food Stamp (SNAP) Revocations - Sombody's gotta feed my five kids.

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Not even close. It's actually pretty much the norm from what I've seen.
Well at least the thread title is possibly the most accurate I've seen on this site so far.

Because managing food is harder than managing money. You can't just drop off a single box of food a month.. it's a weekly thing because stuff spoils.

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That's a damn good start to reforming the system, if only we could have that done on a federal level.

Well if we cut it back to the bare essentials, the problem might solve itself, considering people having more kids when they're already on EBT might have something to do with the fact that it's no biggie to just get practically whatever luxury food you want, right up to fucking pizza, and the govt gives you more EBT bux the more kids you have.
Do you really think pizza is a luxury food? A frozen pizza is, like, four dollars. For that matter, I've seen lobsters for 3.99 a pound, and that's the beloved welfare queen 'luxury food' that all the hard earned tax payer dollars are going to.


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Do you consider it a necessity? Also I'm not talking about shitty frozen pizzas, I'm talking about one prepared as a service, like you'd get from Pizza Hut.
See this I agree with. I don't think pizza hut or any fast food should be able to be purchased with ebt. I however have no problem with people buying frozen pizzas.

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lmfao there is more locally sourced salt in the past 8 pages of this thread than there is in the gross canned beef preserves that'll be given out with Trump's food box :lol:

If you're wanting examples of what's in the box, I covered that here. It's basic shit ranging from canned beans, peanut butter, pasta, and powdered tard cum. It's not glamorous but it'll make a turd.

The situation with overhauling the EBT program is very pragmatic. The EBT system is able to tell when you're buying toilet paper, cigarettes, and shampoo and knows not to charge their amounts to your card. Knowing this, we can easily infer that it's possible to govern what can and cannot be bought with a food stamps card, so obviously the most reasonable course of action is to either deny people the ability to purchase shitty junk food outright (because the system would be able to identify someone buying $30 worth of Twinkies), or reallocate their monthly tugboats so that 80% of it can be used on traditional food and 20% can be used on "luxury" food items. Or something to that degree.

Likewise, abuse of the system could be heavily curtailed by incorporating a state-issued identification card or driver's license into the process of purchasing something on EBT. Swipe your food stamps card at the register, enter your PIN, and then swipe your ID to prove that it's you swiping the card. Cashier checks your ID just like if you were buying something with a credit card, and there you go. Easy.

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Do you consider it a necessity? Also I'm not talking about shitty frozen pizzas, I'm talking about one prepared as a service, like you'd get from Pizza Hut.
You already can't buy prepared food with EBT (with the exception of Papa Murphy's, as discussed), so whatever Pizza Hut pizzas cost is irrelevant.

Besides, Congress thinks pizza is a vegetable, so surely they'd be fine with keeping it.

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Wow, this thread sure got heated, huh? With my first post, I was pretty much addressing the people who CAN work but don't want to. Yes, taking food stamps from disabled and elderly is shitty, but "food stamps" by itself is a terrible system because it gets abused, and the food isn't even good. There needs to be a huge overhaul of the system for disabled and elderly, because the food stamps are a pretty bad solution all around
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