Franchises you wish would just DIE and GO AWAY - And ones you don't care about.

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Are there any franchises that so annoy and anger you that you wish it just fuck off already?

I feel like I've moved beyond hating franchises for their content. Given that it's not real and you can ignore any parts you don't like, if you find a part of a franchise that really bothers ... just ignore it like an adult. Think of The Adventure of Charles August Milverton is dumb? Ignore it and go read The Valley of Fear instead.

What really bothers me is that when a fandom is so massive and insular that it full of man-children that nitpick about 'muh continuity' with is completely meaningless and whose cultural knowledge barely extends to the 1970's. I wish those franchises would die so those fans would be force to find new entertainment (or maybe even learning about something real or a useful skill, but that's very :optimistic::optimistic::optimistic:). Don't think of it as loosing your fiction; think of it as loosing your chains and being able to leave the cave and go into the warm daylight.

Take capeshit, for example. It's fine with in small doses, but following and caring about the tangled soap-operatic plots that modern comic writers and scriptwriters is really exceptional. I like the first two/three Star Wars movies, but I don't like how for many a geek it feels like a replacement for an actual culture/religion. Some people need to just let go. The only thing worse is making a series of children's books your cultural/religious replacement. READ - ANOTHER - BOOK!!!

I can't think of anything else that feel this way; they are easy enough to avoid. Yes, The Simpsons is now pale imitation of glory days, but I just don't watch anything past Season 13/14, so if it still profitable and some slow-in-the-minds like it, more power to them. I remember the day that finished the Garfield dictionary(!) and realize I was done with the strip. Still don't begrudge anybody who still likes it, and I give props for Jim Davis for keeping Garfield merch at a low burn and not whoring it out at max speed and, once it is done with, firing their creators like they are toxic garbage. And I get that The Big Bang Theory is a bad, even terrible show, but I can't bring myself to hate as many people do. I just feel ... nothing.

I eagerly await your :dislike:, :disagree: and angry comments.
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I wish the SJW franchise would die and go away.

No but for real, Star Wars, Steven Universe, Fortnite and other battle royale-type games (and Overwatch, tangentially related). A year or two ago I would've said Undertale (though it's not a franchise) but the fandom seems to have settled the hell down and it's not being shoved into my fucking face every time I go to a different website or talk to someone.

I'm kind of over the Walking Dead. Hell, the Walking Dead is over the Walking Dead.

Edit: I'd be perfectly content for the whole "Wizarding World" franchise to at least stop with the shitty movies.
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I bet you are autistically farming ratings like an autist does so you are baiting me to rate you. I rated you informative to spite you ;)

By the way, I'm tired of superhero flicks spamming the cinema. And while not a franchise, I don't wanna see Deniro ever again.
i was gonna say comic book movies but then i read the OP and your response. gg.


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12 year old me (When I felt I grew out of Harry Potter) feels vindicated that I was right about how Rowling didn't create a new generation of readers, only creating a generation of people who only read Harry Potter.

Current me just feels sad and tired of seeing Harry Potter stuff.

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Star Wars, Game of Thrones (because other clones of it are pretty much poisoning the fantasy genre), Marvel movies...

and personally speaking, the Brian Herbert/Kevin J Anderson Dune novels. I think they're done but if Brian Herbert sniffs out a penny he can make zombifying his dad's creation, he will.

Warcraft can fucking go burn in hell.

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Obligatory Star Wars, because the new films feel even more souless than the prequels and Disney is seemingly hell-bent on destroying the reputation of the franchise. I don't mean that in a "Star Wars was the best franchise ever" kind of way, I mean it in the "there used to be an equal number of good and bad Star Wars movies" way.

Also, I know this doesn't count as a franchise, but I think "movies based on YA fiction novels" are overwhelmingly similar enough for me to group them together and be annoyed at their continued existence. Mortal Engines, The Hunger Games, Maze Runner, The Host, Divergent, etc. They're all the same and it drives me crazy.

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