Careercow Fredrick Brennan / Hotwheels / ctrlcctrlv / copypaste / Psiĥedelisto - 8chan Founder Turned Anti-Kiwi Activist, Former Wizardchan Admin, Font Aficionado, Eugenicist

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Mar 18, 2021
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Fredrick Brennan / Hotwheels / ctrlcctrlv / copypaste / Psiĥedelisto

Fredrick Brennan (archive), 27, is an infamous figure on the internet. To some, he is an ideologically zealous white supremacist enabler who has encouraged multiple domestic terror attacks. To others, he is a bored internet turncoat who leap frogs to any social circle in order to survive. For better or worse, this is a story about how such a small man can cause such a big twist in everyone's panties. The best kind of man imo
Born in New York with osteogenesis imperfecta, Fredrick is confined to a wheelchair with limited mobility and brittle bone syndrome. Fredrick had a troubled childhood with his family splitting when he was 5. His father placed him in the New York foster care system when he was 14, taking two years for his mother to regain custody of him at the age of 16. It was during this time in the foster care system that Brennan took a deep liking to 4Chan, finding freedom in the internet where he could not have it in real life.

Three years later the state-owned Islamic Western-friendly Al Jazeera made a mini documentary about Brennan and his life as a disabled man trying to survive in the big city.

Al Jazeera America The Other America 'Fredrick Brennan'​

(Youtube link)

From this short episode you can see Al-Jazeera is a friend of America Fredrick is your standard 19-year-old disabled programmer. He's even working for an Orthodox Jew in this video! What he didn't share with you in this video is that at this time he was the admin and owner of Wizardchan. For the non-magical: Wizardchan was an alt-chan like /r9k/ that was full of incels sperging about women and red pilling autistic people. It is best described by Brennan here:

Fredrick Brennan - On WizardChan​

To summarize, Fredrick openly discussed his severe disabilities, which made everyone view him as unfuckable, AKA King of the Virgins. This led to Brennan buying the site and managing it as their GigaVirgin Overlord. What he did not see coming, however, was a woman with a fetish for his condition. After a weird roleplay session ol' Fredrick no longer had wizard status. What do when the Virgin King is no longer a virgin? You must turn in your wand and hand the site over to some Puerto Rican guy. The Puerto Rican guy wouldn't even pay Brennan because he was so ashamed that he lost his virginity. :story:
Screenshot from 2021-07-14 22-32-05.png

I imagine the hoards of incels crying that hotwheels having lost his virginity is a sign of weakness, when it should be that if he lost his virginity then they have a chance too, but I digress.

Apparently this de-virginizing harlot was quite the drug user. She introduced him to psychedelics, particularly shrooms. But when you strike down the king, you had better not miss. She may have killed the King of Virgins, but Fredrick would go on to take shrooms and hallucinate an idea so powerful, so earth-shatteringly orgasmic that he would rise from his chair more powerful than anyone could ever imagine. That idea?


How 8chan Became The Worst Place on The Internet I VICE News Tonight Special Report​

(Youtube link)
It is late 2013 and you are doing drugs with your booty call. Notice how he says he, "didn't want to" try shrooms and that she, "corrupted me in every way she could find." This fits his recent pattern of denying as much involvement with 8Chan and its auxiliaries. Something akin to, "Yes, I did it, but I was high. And I wasn't even the one who wanted to do the drugs. I was innocent but she practically forced them into me."

Anyways, you're doing drugs and you get this Olympian idea to make an 8Chan that won't fall to Moot's faggotry. It will be more equitable, more democratic, and more anonymous. It will be...Infinite
The year is 2014 and Brennan is chugging along nicely with his little altchan. He moves to the Philippines for better care and to more easily run the site. It has a small but dedicated community, until something unthinkable happened. Moot acted like a total bitch boy and banned Gamergate discussions on 4Chan. For being a site about free speech and no rules, this was the nuclear option. This thread is not about going into why Moot chose this option, but it caused a massive exodus from 4Chan to 8Chan. This caused Brennan to become the new Moot almost overnight, the torch bearer of free speech, cucker of the libs, and vanquisher of glows.
But when your site blows up because of something is stupid as Gaymergate, how bright can your future be? It all began here

Brennan does alright for the time being. But a few things are clear from the beginning:
1. He is not an ideological radical
2. He does not have an endgame
3. He does not have deep pockets and resources to keep this ever-growing project afloat
Despite these three things he manages to make some interesting moves, such as publishing (archive) an anti-natalist article on TheDailyStormer.
He stirred up some controversy (archive) for not being proactive in banning pedophilic images from his site because they were not explicitly against US laws. This leads to one of the first serious challenges to 8Chan remaining on the internet, and it's a catalyzing effect for the Watkins boys getting involved.
The last thing I will mention on the significant Gamergate period is an interview Brennan had on HuffPo Live featuring Brianna Wu during the peak of the conflict


HuffPost Live #GamerGate Editon (Guest: Brianna Wu, HotWheels, Erik Kain)​

(Youtube link)

Fast forward to 2016, some business intrigue that is beyond the scope of the thread happens and Brennan is no longer working with 8Chan, ceding full administrative control to Ron and Jim Watkins. For those who want to learn more, see Null's MATI Stream titled, "Goodbye, Jim" here. A couple years later in 2018 he steps away entirely from the imageboard world and decides to focus on designing fonts (archive). He grows up a little bit.
He goes from this...

To this. And that's pretty cool.
Screenshot from 2021-07-15 00-14-40.png

But as all great stories go, disaster strikes.

Christchurch (archive) happens. An undeniable tragedy. I don't need to tell anyone here how that went over for sites like Kiwifarms and 8Chan. This apparently radicalized Brennan. From this point forward he is not just ambivalent about imageboards, he is against them. He begins to speak out


Since then, Brennan has moved back to America. He did not move because the quality of life is better, but because he has a warrant out for his arrest and fled the country hours before it was signed. Since then he has moved from the West coast to the East, and his aggressive stance towards "those" kinds of websites has only intensified.
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Screenshot from 2021-07-15 00-32-22.png

Screenshot from 2021-07-15 00-31-38.png
Screenshot from 2021-07-15 00-32-39.png

In conclusion, Fredrick Brennan is an exceptional man born in exceptional circumstances. He no doubt had a challenging life. Despite his circumstances, he has survived. That's what Hotwheels is, a survivor. He joined 4chan at a young age in a desperate period of his life. Three years after leaving foster care he is close to founding 8chan. He has gone from being a radical voice of free speech and anonymity for everyone, to being a voice of tolerance and order. Regardless of your political persuasion, the pendulum has swung. Hotwheels has been a stalwart defender of whatever community he finds himself in. And when he no longer aligns with said community, he will dust off his boots (treads?) and mozy on to the next town. Fredrick has become a lot of things in the last few years, but the worst thing he has become to me, is a furry.


He went from a rogue internet icon to a trad-crip with a wife, religion and a fursona. A lot has changed in five years for Fredrick Brennan. A lot of this post was spent ragging on him, but he has accomplished more than most of us with circumstances we'd find insurmountable. Here's to five more years, Fredrick; don't let the thread die

Contact your nearest image board font engineer here: Twitter (archive) - LinkedIn - IMDb (archive) - Github (archive)
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Mar 4, 2015
You forgot to mention his Filipino wife, him becoming christian, and his wife and him then splitting up because he fled to America and she thought he should man up and go to jail.
I also think I have all the coming out as a furry tweets if you want them.
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Feb 7, 2021
FINALLY. I was reading his latest twitter meltdown and was like "why the fuck don't we already have a thread on this guy"? I could swore we had one, but search turned up no results and I was shocked. This guy has so much history it's more than enough for a proper thread.

I personally can't wait to see his reaction when his thread goes public.
I could have sworn hotwheels had a thread already.
I thought as much, too. I don't know why it's taken this long, but now with him coming out as a furry and spazzing out over the farms it's as good as time as any.


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Jan 31, 2014
Imagine being a tiny little bit of a man. You wake up in the morning and throw back the napkin blanket from your matchbox bed. You almost role off and fall to your death. Feel around for the ladder with your rice sized toe. There it is. You climb down. Now you see an ant. The giant brute lumbering toward you. The smell of tiny man meat intoxicating the insect. You run, or more like you hop, towards the safety of a small crack in the wall not even the ant can fit in. Take a moment to rejoice and let your eyes adjust to the darkness. You're so small you can see every individual ray of light. Hungry from your morning adventure you decide to eat. Luckily a feast of atoms and other subatomic particles lay before you. You eat barely a third of a neutron and you're stuffed. That's when you notice you've accidentally begun to fall through the very fabric of existence. You grasp out but everything is too big to hold onto. You fall into the abyss.

It'd suck being a midge.

Jan 6, 2019
The twitter meltdown warranted the thread tbf. I wonder when exactly his brain broke. Last I remember he had some polite disagreements with Josh (might of been the guntstream so maybe this was ages ago) and now he has a fursona and is screeching about cyberbullies. Crazy times we live in man.