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Safe as in probably not harmful physically. They absolutely do have the potential to fuck someone over mentally, by inducing or worsen existing psychosis, paranoia, schizophrenia etc.

He also abuses strong opioids like fentanyl.
well, yeah. but he's used them before without having any serious problems, at least not that he's revealed publicly and he definitely likes to over-share. he's felt more furry, but if that makes him happy, it makes him happy.

the fentanyl, on the other hand. if I were going to bet on what eventually kills him, that'd be it. followed swiftly by a bunch of twitter troons saying "it wasn't an OD, it was Kiwi Farms!" of course.


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I had to deal with some deadbeats before breaking contracts they signed the week prior. (No dogs indoors for example unless they paid more) Had to kick them out once I found out that was the case. They made a FB post calling me a shitty landlord, which made me laugh because they LITERALLY signed a contract saying they wouldn't bring dogs indoors so I wouldn't have to replace the fucking carpets that they will inevitably piss on. To put it simply most tenants that never have aspirations to purchase their own home, much less take care of the place they live in, usually only do so because they are so incompetent at life or following instructions that they cannot own a home without it looking like a shit hole.
Plenty of that, no doubt. Then on the other side of the spectrum you've got the landlords who don't fix shit within a reasonable time(if at all); who never renovate, who are so cheap they use paint that permanently stains on contact with moisture, but are always quick to remind you that rent is due while your air conditioner is broken in July(an aside, I know a printmaker whose landlord for his studio straight up said he wouldn't fix the air conditioner because he knew the artist was too settled in to leave; piece of shit). Or maybe when you finally decide you've had enough and leave, they send you a phony bill saying the place was trashed and you owe them another thousand on top of your deposit. That or they just sell some shadow debt to a collector. Oh, but I'm sure you're not a slumlord; I'm sure you're the glorious exception. I'm sure that you aren't a contributor to landlords' well-deserved reputation for being fuck-heads. To me, if you have deadbeat tenants, it's because your property sucks and deadbeats are the only ones willing to rent it. You COULD renovate to warrant higher rent and filter out the lowlifes, but what do I know, being a stupid renter and all.

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This older Article is a prime what happens when mainstream sources try to report on board happenings. ( archive )

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If I was hot wheels I would get into zen buddhism. You will never ever enjoy any material aspect of life. You know, those basic human experiences like walking on crunchy leaves in the fall, jumping off bluffs with your friends, feeling your heartbeat in your ears, falling in love and having children. The only remaining option therefore is to subscribe to the ideology where people draw happiness from staring at a wall, unmoving. Which is basically what he'll be doing his entire life, no matter which demented political group he surrenders his deformed potato-like body to next week.

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I think Hotwheels is very assmad that he theoretically he should be loved and coddled by the Internet mainstream. He did everything "right". He disowned mean cyber nazis, supports de-platforming, married a PoC, Furry, programmer and is literally so disabled only in America he wouldn't of been immediately flushed down the nearest toilet on birth.

But he was pro-gamergate, so literally nothing he could do right. He is a "man" without a country or home (metaphorically speaking).