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Fred is actually quite amazing, with a big old brain in that tiny broken body. He has iron in him to be able to go on the way he does in his condition. Maybe it is exactly because of his involvement with fostering actual mass murderers and the guilt that comes with that that he wants to censor and destroy a site like kf. I like the dude tbh but he's wrong here.

This is the woman who took his virginity.
Shes not bad at all. I like em thinner, but she looks clean.


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This is the woman who took his virginity.

Love that the Vice doc tried to make this bitch some sort of cartoonish seductress. I guess maybe it was just part of the attempting to hide identity nonsense like with blurring out the face of the fucking acne kid and guy from the neckbeard meme, but it smells of attempting to subvert the narrative, though that could be said of the entire thing. They also made Brennan look like way too much of a child in that part. Creepy.

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Hmmm...this post from 2019 kind of contradicts his delve into furry-dom. Here he says a friend suggested it, the way he tells it now is that he was always secretly into it.
Obviously I had had exposure to the concept since I was very young, but never really was interested in making one, or in furry art in general. This changed when I decided I needed a new Twitter icon, but didn't want to just replace (´・ω・`) with a simple photo of myself. A friend of mine suggested a fursona, at first as a joke; but they are a furry, and soon we began seriously discussing the idea.

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I remember when based Hotwheels was getting all the praise in the world. Hard to see but not hard to believe what unstrained internet exposure would do to a guy.


But hey, if he's committed to being a laughing stock in the annals of Animal Control, I'm gonna laugh.

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Schizo theory:

All this recent shit like the furry stuff and the meltdowns were a deliberate attempt to get a thread because he was finally sick of living and wanted to take something "evil" out with him. That way he could kill himself, blame KF in the suicide note, and also end his constant suffering. Therefore creating a PR disaster to compound the Near stuff.

"Hate site kills second software developer in one month. This time it was a harmless cripple who turned his life around and attempted to right his wrongs"