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My human and I talk shit about you
I knew it! I knew she would double down and gaslight after not taking Twinkie to the vet. Predictablelynn. Becky looks like she wants to cry while she is eating whatever that is. Fuck you too, Becky, for not insisting on taking Twinko to the doctor. You could have stayed there with her while the rest of the bunch went to Chili's. Could have avoided the chad at the same time! Amber brags that she carries $1500 around (because that is nothing, y'all) so she could have paid for bolth dinner and the vet. Maybe skip the ugly pillow shopping.


True & Honest Fan
I have no interest in sperging on this any further other than to say that even if AL is telling the truth, lol that twinkie is "totally fine now" she was still in agony, could barely walk and was shaking. She should still go to the vet. Even if we ignore her laaahs about no access to emergency vet care, fine, Take her now? But no.

Not Today Satan™. Once again food is more important. Shitty slop food.


Lmao imagine being so bothered about people dunking on your cooking that you dedicate a vlog to forcing it upon your loved ones.

Even if we assume they're being honest, they've all been fished from the same pool of uneducated, unworldly hillbillies with a potato palate as you have, Amberlynn. Put your money where your mouth is and truck your slop to a chili cook-off, I dare you.


My human and I talk shit about you
Who ever said that Amberlynn will mention giving baby aspirin to Twinkle was on the nose
The aspirin is a good thing, but Twinkie still needs xrays to see if her joints are starting to wear. Amber refuses to do things that make her face the consequences of her stupidity. She does this with her own health, and she will do it to her animals. She cannot face the reality that overfeeding Twinkie, leeting her nails get too long, making her jump up on furniture, and picking her up by her front legs have led to injury. Especially since the haydurs have been telling her all along.

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