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I sometimes read it still. Unfortunately there's not all that much content that's truly hilarious any more which isn't already on here, i.e. David J. Stewart, r/incels, Roosh V, etc.

Also Marjan Siklic was banned from there which means there's not even the prospect of giggling at his atsimu any more.
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Also Marjan Siklic was banned from there which means there's not even the prospect of giggling at his atsimu any more.
That's a shame, but just like r/Incels his content still flows freely here.

which isn't already on here, i.e. David J. Stewart
I wish that thread was updated more frequently tbh. I think I last bumped that shit a few months ago.

Also welcome @TimeToTurn

Never knew Marjan got banned, but I can assume he would with the new administration. Distind only banned spammers and shit. The new administration seems intent on making it a "safe space". Even though they always made fun of other websites like Free Republic and Rapture Ready for "suppressing free speech". I can't post shit messing with them (or I could, if I had a day to waste). So Marjan/caamib/whatever he calls himself can't do the same. I'd assume Marjan might be back at some point, but I don't really care to investigate. They really hate TOR, too, nowadays.

David J. Stewart I'm sure is as crazy as always, but him getting any crazier would take divine intervention and I'd just await either reports of his death (guy's a painkiller addict) or more dealings with the Guam government.
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The problem was that they didn't branch out into mocking SJWs. That's what kept Kiwi Farms rather politically inert. Instead, they allowed a core of crazy tranny furry dipshits to eject fecal matter everywhere.

Damn shame, I used to love that site.


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The site started going down hill as early as 2008 when every other user became a tranny &/or easily triggered furry.
The entire new Atheism/skeptic/free thought community started going to shit in late 2007 after the largest hangout (the internet infidels forum) was purged of any humor that was deemed even slightly politically incorrect.

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