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Halo 4 has come out... and it's an utter disappointment, it seems. However, Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 is also nearly released, and I'm fairly certain that it will NOT disappoint, what with all its zombies, horses and robots.
...I think I know why Jace was defending Moleman now, they're both connoisseurs of REALISM...

BT 075

I'm browsing the people he follows. I get White Power and Adolf Hitler, but why Homosexual Garret?
It makes perfect sense to me. See, Gaben likes little girls. Little girls have no tits. Dudes tend to not have tits. His name is also Moleman and a moles greatest passion is crawling through dark holes. Therefore the only logical conclusion: Moley's gay.

Oh and his voice...


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So an explanation is in order. Basically, Moleman chimped out last night because several of us were emailing him with links about articles or statements we made about him on various sites. Once we saw how ballistic he was getting online, Ivan decided to call him to check up on Mole's well being like any other law abiding citizen would do. What followed was Moleman screaming on the phone in a panicked rage.

Here is some of the convo leading to his chimping:

Meltdown Part One.PNG

Meltdown Part Two.PNG
Meltdown Part Three.PNG

Meltdown Part 4.PNG

Meltdown Part Five.PNG

Meltdown Part Six.PNG

Meltdown Part Seven.PNG

Meltdown Part 8.PNG

Meltdown Part Nine.PNG

Meltdown Part Ten.PNG

Meltdown Part Eleven.PNG

Meltdown Part Twelve.PNG
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I'm getting the impression that Moleman wants to live in a world where there's no such thing as negative criticism. At first, that admittedly sounds kind of nice. Nobody would be allowed to tell me when I'm being stupid! When I'm six months late on a bill, creditors have to say things like, "I'm sorry you're having a hard time making ends meet, we won't repossess your car. Try to do better next time."

But . . . criticism is how people grow. Academics are responsible for defending their work from criticism in the form of peer review. Pharmaceutical companies are responsible for defending their work through research and trials. Artists are responsible for proving the pertinence of their work to the public. Think about a world without criticism. It would be a world of Battlefield Earth sequels. A world where ET cartridges didn't end up in a landfill. A world where Michael Jordan still played baseball and a world where Nixon never resigned.

"Your rights end where my feelings begin." I hate this statement with every fiber of my being despite many people touting it as a joke. Why? Because some people invariably latch onto the idea and tout it as truth, when nothing could be more false.
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Some moar old journals which are quite interesting:

1. http://moleman9000.deviantart.com/journal/I-AM-18-329981184

Molay celebrated his 18th birthday and called himself a legal adult... and went for a LEGO Shopping Spree.

Ironically, bringing this chatlog, this is what he said a 1-2 years later:

<Judge_Ivan> you're a grown man Gabe
<ResonX> I'm 19.
<Judge-Candy> Yeah why do you hate women ResonX
<Shazb0t> ResonX, why does your art look like a bad 70s acid trip?
<Judge_Ivan> you have to accept you aren't in middle school anymore
<Judge_Ivan> yes
<Judge_Bear> He's a man-boy.
<Judge_Ivan> thats a grown man
<Judge_Whin> Youre an adult resonx
<Judge-Candy> he's a manchild
<ResonX> Not really.
<Judge_Ivan> 18 is the legal age for an adult
<Bateman80486DX> You call others cunts and tell them to go get murdered while claiming the moral high ground ResonX.
<ResonX> I'm barely an adult.

2. http://moleman9000.deviantart.com/journal/Disaster-Solved-Again-and-HAPPY-BIRTHDAY-TO-ME-261388388
Aforementioned what Willow posted about his birthday being recelebrated after being cancelled. Also including how he thinks that he would still be 16 if his birthday was cancelled. :roll: And also him have to see his psychologist.

Gonna find some moar funny stuff later.


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Jesus. Not only is he picking fights with real live people, he has to get all that anger out on fucking blogware. Internal. Monologue. Everywhere. You know, Moley, you can just, you know, leave that fucking field empty. How about that! /drunk
(Seriously nothing wrong about whining about software, but with Moley's attitude, all of this is conspicuous as hell.)


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I can't take him seriously when he calls something illegal. He follows any rule and law only as long as it benefits him. If it doesn't, he'll rant and rage and rally against it until bann happens again.

I'm sorry Gaben, who died and made you god?
It's not him, it's every lolcow. Lolcows follow their own rules, it's ok for them to do something but not ok for others to do the same thing.
Chris can make a parody.
Pixy can call your cosplay pathetic.
Jace can call you gay.
Moleman can call you evil or troll.


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