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A Weapon To Surpass Mental Gunt:
Dan Guy is a 34 year old vlogger/youtuber from Berri, South Australia who, among many things:
  • Uploads dozens of youtube videos a week full of unhinged ranting relating to his internet feud with Sammy Preppers (An Australian Survival/Bushcraft youtuber and batshit insane self-proclaimed pyromaniac)
  • Hordes filth and garbage
  • lives like human swine with his Mother.
  • Uploads baffling/bizarre content
  • Uploads pictures of his horrific diet
Dan has published hundreds, if not thousands, of hours worth of content to the internet. Here I will endeavor to archive the best bits, and provide a sampling (otherwise the OP would be a mile long) of the various spheres of insanity, depravity, and virginity Dan Guy has given to the internet. (Links to social media at the bottom of the thread)
He considers Sonic The Hedgehog to be his favourite comic-book character, his favourite anime is pokemon, and he's seen every episode of every Star Trek series ever created. (See: Q&A archive)


81 videos (As of August 27th, 2021) on his second channel and counting (Started Sunday, August, 22, 2021)

Dan likes uploading videos to youtube. He published his first (known) video to youtube August 15th, 2016, a video recorded some time earlier, possibly 2003, as he appears to be roughly the same age as in the Living Water's BayBlade video.
Dan uploads a wide variety of videos relating to many different subjects including:

Early videos uploaded to the channel appear mainly to be old home movies, including fairly wholesome video shorts made at "Warner Bros. Movie world" of Dan dressed up as Superman.
(1993 - Aged 7 | 1995 - Aged 9 or 10 | 2002 - Aged 17)
However; things don't stay wholesome for long. Things start to get dark for Dan, "The Beast" Guy

Despite the obvious signs of autism he shows a startling level of clarity and introspection, which is made all the more disturbing by the implication thereof that he accepts his lifestyle, his appearance, and his horde.
The Feuds:
Many of Dan's uploads going back at least six months revolve around a feud involving Sammy Preppers "Backstabbin' Bec"
Dan links to various youtube channels in the descriptions of all his "response" videos, and this only leaves more questions than answers.
Two of the channels relating to "Sammy Preppers" have no content (Sammy Prepper | Sammy Prepperino |
Archive | Archive) and one channel has not been updated in over a year. (Sammi Prepper-Bushcraft AUS | Archive)

The exact origin of this feud has either been deleted long ago, or buried in Dan's immense catalogue of videos. The best that can be gleaned from what is available is that Dan was a moderator in Rebekah's stream chats despite no records of these streams being available; Dan has given us some of his patented "debate" videos that explain much of this, at least through Dan's perspective. Looking at Dan; I, for one, believe he is a mod on many platforms.

As of this moment, the some 300 feud videos, are gone. I'd only had 5% saved, and none of them have been compressed under 200mb. The thumbnail archives are the only record of their existence at this point in time. The videos on his second channel are still up.

A declaration of War

And fight Dan, shall! For the foreseeable future at least as he announces "season 3" and "season 4" of the Sammy Feud, the cow that keeps on giving.
[Note: Dan refers to many runs of videos as "seasons" and the term clearly means something different to Dan than it does to most other people]

Love Quest:
When Dan isn't busy feuding with bush-women and middling beauty tutorial channels he likes to send random women gifts. Mecharandom42 and Merry Mayhem
I think the looks of sheer confusion speak for themselves.​

Dan appears to give gifts as a method of simping to women he meets on the internet. As was mentioned earlier in "The Feud" section, Dan was a moderator for several women's youtube/twitch chats which seems inexplicable on the surface, however this habit of lurking youtube and twitch chats as well as sending random gifts to female streamers implies a level of simpdom that would allow Dan to squeeze his tremendous girth into a moderator role on those chats and as a means of getting attention and recognition from women he admires.

Dan has been shilling and simping for channels like Merry Mayhem and Mecharandom42 for years.

Merry Mayhem.png
He swears the poster doesn't have any AIDS on it. He swears. (Merry's Unboxing Video)

Dan is very lonely and this fact has not escaped "
His Fans" endeavor to help him find a girlfriend. His facebook indicates that his "fans" have been unsuccessful so far, given that he is listed as single on social media. Trolls have taken advantage of this by messaging Dan and getting him to engage in cyber-sex with complete strangers, as well as getting him to reveal his gunt.

Dan is a man literally and figuratively in the desert, and he has a very powerful thirst that can just never be quenched. He enjoys being called "Daddy" and claims his dick "is a 6 inch"


In 2020 Dan attended AVCon, Adelaide's premier Anime and Video game convention as some iteration of Doctor Who. Beyond pictures, this trip to the AVCon was not well documented, but I will update this section if/when I can find more content relating to this excursion.

What might at first be mistaken for a satirically bad Joker cosplay is actually one of Dan's most documented looks, there are 100+ pictures of Dan in his Joker makeup, as well as over a dozen videos on his youtube of him doing Joker quotes/Telling jokes as The Joker.

Living the dream.
living the dream.png

Culinary Masterpieces:
One does not attain the impressive gunt of Dan Guy unless they are a master of kitcheneering and cookery. Here are a few examples of Dan's Fine Dining
Corn, in a pool of butter.
Corn in butter 1.jpg
A bowl of Nesquik. Yes, he claims to have eaten it.

Powdered Butter 2.jpg
Yup. He ate it.
Powdered Butter 3.jpg
Nachos from Dan Undah:
Nachos From Dan Undah 2.jpg
I have no idea what this is, but it makes me uncomfortable.
Fish n' Shits
Fish in shit 1.jpg
A galaxy of grease.
A galaxy of grease 1.jpg

Dan also likes to do what he refers to as "Food Challenges"; these typically include hot sauce, foods like raw red onion, or putting condiments on different foods.

LATEST CHALLENGE VIDEO: (older videos will be added to the challenge archive)

The Dragon's Horde:
Dan's bowl of gravy with a side of instant mashed potatoes. Also, segueing into the horde, the filth, and the atrocious living conditions Dan appears to enjoy 24/7 - 365 while uploading content. Check out that keyboard.
Danny is a hoarder and lives in a complete dumpster. It's hard to document the hoard because Dan primarily uploads videos in (presumably) his bedroom and we only get a brief glimpse of the rest of his house in the rare instances he gets up to waddle outside to set something on fire. What can be gleaned from these videos is that over the course of 5 years his pile of boxes, bottles, and trash has grown into the impressive pile of waste it is today.

Sonic - (AKA: Top 10 Anime Crossovers):
Dan likes Sonic. Dan draws Sonic Comics.
Sanic 3.jpg

Sanic 2.jpg

Sanic 1.jpg
[Note: some of his newer drawings are pretty good, even though they look like tracings]
cover 1.jpg

cover 2.jpg
cover 3.jpg

Name: Daniel Guy
DOB: May 8th, 1987
Father (Deceased): Christopher Allan Guy | Burial Info

Mother: Wendy Guy
Claimed Son (no evidence whatsoever): Garfield Guy. May actually be his cat.
Youtube Channel #1: Generation Productions
Youtube Channel #2: Generation Productions 2
Facebook: Dan Guy
Facebook Group: Generation Productions FB
Gmail: [email protected]
PO Box: Po Box 92 Berri South Austalia 5343
Address&Phone #: Thanks to @Pee Cola

Google Maps: 1 Bahnisch Ave
Place of Employment (I'm as shocked as you are!) Toyworld | 14 Denny St, Berri SA 5343, Australia | Facebook | Instagram | Website)



More Feud Videos here.
Bec responds to Dan courtesy of @Coelacanth
Watermelon with mustard, ketchup, and hot sauce
popcorn 1.jpgPopcorn 2.jpg
Popcorn 3.jpgPopcorn 4.jpg
Facebook | Youtube
Lime 1.jpg
Lime 2.jpg

Facebook | Youtube - Onion | Youtube - Lemon
Lemon 1.jpg
Lemonion 3.jpg

Onion 2.jpg

Lemon Challenge

Onion Challenge

(The man can't handle his onions.)
NOTE: There are 42 files. I have only archived several of them. The majority of the images are just pictures of the hotsauce bottle at indiscernibly different angles. If requested I can archive all of them.
Facebook | Youtube
Hotsauce 1.jpg
Hotsauce 2.jpg

Hotsauce 3.jpg
Hotsauce 4.jpg

Video #1 : Hot Sauce Prelude

Video #2 : Hot Sauce Drinkin'
There are around 25 images of his chocc chips taken from different angles. I have them saved but you're not missing anything.
Stunt Video #1 "Fan Fair"

Stunt Video #2 "Trial By Fire"

Stunt Video #3 "Fire Top"

Stunt Video #4 "Fire Ball Hand"

Stunt Video #5 "Fire Top 2"

Stunt Video #6 "Mini Fire Top"




Feedback/Advice is very welcome
Contributions are especially welcome.
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