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George Ouzounian v. Asterios Kokkinos (2018)

Discussion in 'Lolcow & Lolcow LLP' started by Null, Aug 30, 2018.

  1. Could Ramos get into any legal trouble by going on youtube and saying "LOL. Landau is a faggot?" How severe are the penalties for ethics violations in NY?
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  2. So what's going on with the sanctions? Wasn't the date set in January? There's nothing new on lolsuit.com indicating a postponement and no other goss coming through (and I can't be bothered to go through Asterios' hour-long streams). Did they secretly settle after all?

  3. In Rekieta's latest video at 11:51, he says Asterios is still fighting to get his money back through sanctions.
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  4. Ok, on the current Dick Show they said that there was a sanctions hearing with the fantastic outcome of being postponed again because the judge couldn't be bothered to read any of the case documents beforehand. America ftw.
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  5. Link?
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  6. Ramos retiring was a terrible mishap
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  7. Patreon dot com slash Asterios!
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  8. The new judge has probably had to come up to speed on Ramos's entire docket and it's full of cases that are actually important and worth millions of dollars. This is only in the Commercial Division, which usually hears such cases, because of Landau's incompetent drafting and ludicrous claims of tens of millions in damages.

    The current case, over sanctions, is over some few tens of thousands of dollars.

    Also where is this even being heard? I don't see any hearings in the original case or even any documents since November of last year.

    I guess there's this:

    Appearance Information:
    Time Court Date
    Remarks Motion

    01/23/2019 Supreme Initial (first time on) BORROK, ANDREW
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    #248 AnOminous, Feb 13, 2019 at 3:44 PM
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  9. Information on the judge in case anyone's interested:


    Apparently this is his first month and a half as judge on the Commercial Division. Just imagine walking into your chambers and one of the first things you see on your docket is this shitshow. I wouldn't be surprised if this guy immediately becomes an alcoholic after just skimming over this case.
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  10. Sure, it's not the highest priority on his list, but then why waste everybody's time with a useless hearing? He should just say that he is busy with real cases and postpone it until he is in the mood...
  11. Sounds like that's what he did.
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  12. I mean without dragging everyone in for a hearing :\.. But maybe that's faster than e-mail in New York.
  13. Lawsuit between companies where millions are at stake or a piles of garbage over a few thousand?

    Not surprising he postponed it until the actual cases are cleared. With the amount of documents he has to sift through to catch up and get to grips with everything, a relatively unimportant sanctions hearing that's only there because of Landau would be bottom of the list.
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