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George Ouzounian v. Dax Herrera et al (2017)

Discussion in 'Lolcow & Lolcow LLP' started by RadicalCentrist, Dec 30, 2017.

  1. I agree, but that's how reality works. Some are playing the system and some are being played...

    On one hand Maddox deserved to be screwed over, on the other hand it's unfortunate that it had to be through a scumbag like LanDUI.
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  2. The next question is when will Landau attempt to bring legal action against r/TheDickShow for "defamation"? It's currently the second search result for "Kevin Landau" (right underneath a Medium article penned by our own Greek soyboy @asterios :semperfidelis:), and it's clearly going to cost him potential clients. I'm really looking forward to a possible Lolsuit 2.0 :popcorn:
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    soy_king Now with 1000% more estrogen!

  3. There's a decent chance he's smart enough to realize when he's up against a legit opponent.

    With WS and the others, I think he was aiming for a "go away" settlement. But Dick's got money and an audience and a lot of time.

    But who knows, maybe he'll get sloshed and make some worse decisions than he already has.
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