Greta Gustava Martela / Kjel Anderson & Nina/Niraj Chaubal - Stole $350k+ from Trans Lifeline, kill count of 2+ from negligence, Founders of Sisterwood/La Zorra.

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If you really had to who would you sex?

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One of the companies that provides imagery to Mapbox took pictures of El Zorro recently. They are blurry and two years too late, but here they are:

El Zorro 2021.PNG


Pre El Zorro.PNG


Post El Zorro.PNG

That black object south of the container; Is that a car or a water tank?
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Is this violent freak really a veteran, and if so, is he utilizing the Women's Clinic at the VA?

He's Exhibit A for why (real women) vets don't - and definitely shouldn't - feel safe going to the VA for medical care.

It's absolute insanity that severely mentally ill men are allowed to use medical facilities originally intended only for women vetetans. Many women vets suffer from severe PTSD due to being raped by male soldiers while on active duty, (Troons are also not biological women, so it makes no logical sense to allow them to be seen in any women's clinic - fuck their feelings, medicine is a science.)

This shit with the VA makes me feel like I'm taking crazy pills. Proof of what I'm saying:

Fucking Christ. I haven't kept in contact with the sole woman I served with, but I hope to God she doesn't have to deal with troons when she goes to the VA.

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I believe about the time that Null received a visit from Greta, the latter was flexing about their military service that they completed before transitioning.

With Biden's executive order reversing Trump's and allowing transgendered military people to get services such as surgery and possibly hormone treatment from VA, it wouldn't surprise me if Greta decided to take full advantage and let the taxpayers fund that part of their life.

The bigger question might be how decent the quality of care is at the VA closest to Greta. In some places, the waiting lists are so long and/or the quality of care is so poor that eligible veterans avoid their local VA unless they have no choice.

Greta has already proven to be the belligerent type. If you recall, there was that incident where Greta & Nina asked for a personal army to leave negative online reviews for a vehicle repair business that didn't offer the service they needed and it was spun into a narrative of transgender discrimination that likely didn't exist.

1. Greta has already had surgery. The origin of "stinkditch". I have never heard Greta pine for further modifications other than being sad that there is nothing to be done about their massive manhands in the surgical quest for "smol". Shoulders, hands, and male pattern baldness... the three-headed demon of all troons obsessed with their body image.

2. I would imagine that Greta has excellent medical insurance through the company that Nina works for (haven't checked her linkedin recently, but haven't heard of any unemployment sagas either) and would have no reason to go to the VA for hormones. Even if there were cost savings, Greta doesn't seem to be terribly constrained by budgetary concerns (see TLL: entire accounting history) even when a move makes sense. It's Nina's money, what does Greta care?

While I know Greta loves the occasional "it's ma'am!" public freakout and get where your "stirring up shit at the VA" theory comes from, I think that extended time sitting around the Bakersfield VA waiting room with a bunch of vets rolling eyes at the giant "woman" in their midst would get old real quick. Also, ever been to a VA? Depressing as fuck. Greta likes the good things in life, especially when they are paid for by other people, in this case Nina and her employer. Much nicer to sit around waiting in some plush Santa Monica "trans-friendly" doctor's office.