Guilty Pleasure Song -

Van Darkholme

(first track)
I just can't help it. Listning to this while drunk as fuck in my tokyo hotel room might have something to do with it.

Randy Lahey

Trailer Park Supervisor
True & Honest Fan
When this comes on the radio at work, I pretend like I don't like it.
I sing along under my breath to make sure nobody hears.

Magnum Dong

whoops i dropped my monster condom

also: anything by Kyary Pamyu Pamyu, early Simple Plan, Nicki Minaj's "poppier" songs

XH 502

For the life of me, I cannot figure out why, but I really like this song.



This isnt even my final form
Crawling in my Skin by linkin park, I know its a meme but its actually not a bad song, even if the lyrics are a bit cheesy the music is good.

Animals by Nickelback

I actually have listened to a bit of Insane Clown Posse, all trolling aside, I think they are overly hated. They are both aware that their lyrics are dumb and trashy, but they are just having fun, people online get so serious and pissed about ICP, I wouldn't call myself a full on Juggalo though.