Gunt in Tampa - 10th - 12th December, 2020 -

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Dumpster dived waifu

Sieg heil mein waifu
I fail to see how that text from Faith is Ralph's proof that shes lying and being vindictive. It comes off more that he said some stupid faggot shit that he blurred out to not look completely exceptional, and she got angry.
This is going to turn out to be a major tactical error on Ralph's part. You could tell from the Road Rage stream that Dick, Rekieta, Mersh, and Ryan Long were already sick of him. Digi is a much closer friend of Dick's than Ralph is. I wonder if this could force a disavowal from Dick.
And nothing of value would be lost.


Udderly fabulous

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Ethan was arrested/detained/something due to Faith's report.

Ethan has also implicitly confirmed the logs are real.

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Good fucking lord. I SO can’t wait to see what else daddy Dax has in store for the upcoming gaslighting and psychological manipulation coaching he’s giving Ralphie. “SHE’S JEALOUS OF MY RELATIONSHIP!!! No guys, look over here! My relationship! Don’t look at the fucked up things I said. Don’t analyze my behavior.... MUH GIRLFRIEND! She’s jealous!”

AND WHERE HAVE I HEARD THIS BEFORE?!?! God it must suck having a sorta weird, wholly disappointing, borderline useless penis.

Jack Awful

Laughs at Tards

Looks like I wont have to confront him IRL after all. Looks like the court is going to find the answer for themselves on if Ethan Ralph strangled Faith.

Bad things happen to bad people, bad things happen to gunt people
and the revenge porn and the meth use