Gunt Theme Park - A fantasy Theme Park Based on Ethan Ralph of The Kill Report

Roman Gunt Guard

Praetorian Guard
There would be such rides as :

-The VR Sex Ride Simulator

Where you could stick your thumb up a fake booty hole and someone would feed you a choccy surprise while watching Ralphs hacked phone sex tape

-Pillstream Simulator
You get some random pills and try and re-enact a pillstream episode of TRR


-The Gunt Zoo
It would be like a petting zoo you would get to see such fantastic creatures such as "Horseface Pantsu", "Beluga Boober Lee", "PPP and his mighty starfish" (imagine the smell)

-Andy Warski Shooting Range
This wouldn't be a normal shooting range where you get to shoot anyone or anything but you encourage others to shoot at people chasing you.

-Gunt Wrestling
You get to wear sumo suits or Fat Suits and Costumed cops try and arrest you while you fight back. With a Hotel Room Backdrop

Share any other ideas you might have for a Gunt Theme Park
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Roman Gunt Guard

Praetorian Guard
Karaoke, but it's all MC Jarbo songs

Gunt tank, where you throw makers mark bottles at a target to knock someone into a tank with a giant(realistically sized) gunt in it

DUI simulator, where you get drunk and can drive cars through a course, if you get pulled over you can assault the cop
Karaoke with MC Jarbo songs
At random intervals, a costumed Mickey Mouse Ralph comes out and shuts the karaoke machine off.

Gunt Tank
We could do the gunt , but maybe have ralph's ex girlfriends instead ? :thinking:

DUI Simulator
We can use bumper cars so it's family-friendly.

Delicious Diversity

Jiggles with RAGE
This thread is wonderfully autistic. Some ideas for potential attractions:

- A hall of mirrors, where every mirror makes you look like you have a Gunt. :gunt:

- A Burger Stand called 'the trashburger' to feed hungry patrons. 🗑️🍔

- A collaboration with Gatorworld (real place in Florida) to provide an enclosure for TheGamerGator. 🐊

- A daily drinking tournament, sponsored by Maker's Mark. 🥃

- A ghost ride where apparitions of Corey Barnhill fuck with you constantly. 👻

- A 'hit the target' style game to win prizes, where the target is just a picture of Josh. :dienull:

- A Tunnel of Love which plays 'Oh Nora' on a loop. 🧕

- A maze where every time you hit a dead end a loudspeaker screeches "XANDER ITS NOT TRU!". 🗺️

- The main attraction, a massive roller coaster called 'Boulder Mountain'. 🏔️

I could probably think of a hundred more, but I'll leave it there, lol.


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DUI simulator, where you get drunk and can drive cars through a course, if you get pulled over you can assault the cop
Another spin on the DUI simulator could be Bumper-Sentra's, some cars would be pre Plate Gang vandalization, some would be post. All would have fast food wrappers, jizz napkins, and empty pill bottles.

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