Gunt Theme Park - A fantasy Theme Park Based on Ethan Ralph of The Kill Report


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I was thinking of sticking Gaydur in the petting zoo.
The janitorial squad should be known as The Gator Gamers.

And they should all be required to sweep harder when park goers scream "SWEEP IT UP JAN JAN!" And they should all be dressed as different Rare Gators and they can ONLY piss in their costumes for the full effect.

Shiggy Diggster

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Ronnie's Rail Riding Reverie: Starts as a slow ride chugging along the most scenic railways in North America. When it reaches California, however, it turns into a terrifying dark ride. Can you escape the rail cops while avoiding the ghosts of the Robin Hood Hills children who will haunt you until the day you lay your neck on your last rail?

Guntitron: The low rent version of the Gravitron. Instead of centrifugal force holding you suspended against the wall as the ride spins, you are held down on the floor by beanbags full of slightly warm Crisco. It also doesn't spin, it's just a gussied up conference room.

Crystal Golem

Please stand by...
The Mark Collette holocoaster experience: It looks like it's going to be a terrifying ride but it goes really slowly and Collette's rants are piped in so by the time it gets to the end of the ride everyone is fast asleep. At this point one of those automated cameras takes a picture and it looks like everyone on the ride succumbed to the real life holocoaster resulting in a lasting keepsake and conversation piece.

Find Zidan: Guests are told that "Zidan" is hiding somewhere on the premises and if they find him he will come back to the killstream(No Zidan or Zidan impersonator will be present at the park).

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Another theme park mascot:
Randbot the Aussie Drunk

Watch out though, if you’re Black or Jewish he will Glass you with his bottle whilst shouting racial slurs at you (Such as nigger kike).


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- The main attraction, a massive roller coaster called 'Boulder Mountain'. 🏔️
Picture this. You're standing at the back of a line waiting to get on Boulder Mountain. You see a sign that says "Wait time 45 minutes" as you're baking under the blistering sun. But then you remember you bought a Pill Pass™️ which is essentially a photocopied prescription for a bottle of Xanax. So you cut to the front of the line where a guy in a polar bear costume is waiting to strap you in. As he does his job, he says "Hey there kids, it's me! Poley the Polar Bear! And I'm here to tell you a brand new word of the day. This word today is *safety*..."

The ride lurches forward and you find yourself in a dark tunnel. A spotlight illuminates an animatronic Mister Metokur, Zidan, Gator, and Ethan Ralph as they chastise Mundane Matt, who is noticeably shorter than Ralph and has to stand on a boulder to be eye level with everyone else. As they exit the tunnel, you hear Ralph drunkenly slur "Now wait a minute, MATT NO!"

You descend further into the tunnel where you see another animatronic display. This time it's Ralph standing on a giant pile of dead cancer patients from St. Jude's. Behind him is an LED sign that says "Welcome to the Healstream." Standing at the bottom of the pile are Metokur, Fuentes, Dick, and everyone else who attended the Healstream as they sing Ram Ranch. You notice in the background that a very Jewish looking Yoree Koh is hiding in a corner taking notes for the article that will eventually see Ralph banned from Youtube.

Suddenly the ride stops and you hear a familiar clicking noise as you feel your seat tilting backwards at a 55 degree angle. But before you leave the tunnel, you're treated to one last animatronic diorama. This time it shows Ralph and Andy Warski sitting in front of a computer as they edit child porn they found on the Internet. Every few seconds, you hear Ralph slurring "It's nawt troo! Gaydur it's nawt troo!"

Finally you leave the tunnel. As you do, you notice empty bottles of Maker's Mark sitting on the sides of the tracks. You notice that they weren't placed there to be aesthetically pleasing. Rather they look like they were placed there after someone drunk them and couldn't be arsed to find a trash can. Then you notice plants growing on either sides of the tracks. As your car ascends up the incline, you see that these plants are actually stalks of corn. Somewhere among the corn, you see Joshua Connor Moon wearing a straw hat and a t shirt that says "Broke Dick Farms" on it saying "I'm a gigantic pedophile and my dick doesn't work. So that's why we need to sacrifice Ralph to the corn so that the Gods will let me have an erection again."

Then your car reaches the top of the roller coaster. As you crest the peak, you see a giant white ass waiting for you below. Before you can say "I want off this ride," you hear the clicking stop. Then you feel gravity take its course. You plunge downwards as if you're sitting in a metal thumb ready to shoot up that pooper. You close your eyes expecting to be smashed to bits against the giant ass. But instead you glide effortlessly through. Your car suddenly decelerates as it splashes into a pool of Makers Mark. It is here you're treated to one last animatronic diorama of a fit and tall Ethan Ralph towering over Digibro, who has a big enough gunt for two fat asses. Ralph effortlessly kicks the shit out of Digibro as a smoking hot 10/10 Pantsu looks on in admiration.

As you wonder why you ever paid money to come to this theme park, your car stops in a gift shop where you can buy Makers Mark and Xanax as well as Broke Dick Farms t shirts. As you leave, the clerk grabs your attention buy asking you if you'd like a complementary photo of yourself riding Boulder Mountain. You say "Sure, why the hell not?" and she points you towards a miniature trash can on the counter. You reach in and pull out a cheeseburger wrapper with a picture printed on it. That picture perfectly captures the horror on your face as you felt yourself racing at 60 miles an hour towards Faith's third eye. You quickly stuff it in your pocket and walk away, questioning your faith in God for allowing such a place to exist.

Squeezit Henderson

It's a world of Xanax
A world of booze
It's a world of aylawgs
And teenage cooze
So much gray in our hair
That it's time we're aware
It's a gunt world after all

It's a gunt world after all
It's a gunt world after all
It's a gunt world after all
It's a gunted world

We hate ol' Josh Moon
And his broken wang
Stick a thumb up her bum
Like it ain't no thing
Stream site sent us away
Tucker clips we will play
It's a gunt world after all

It's a gunt world after all
It's a gunt world after all
It's a gunt world after all
It's a gunted world

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More Gunt A-Logging coming soon, watch this space.
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Can the exit be "Mr. Gunt's Wild Ride"? I'm still coming up with the details with the architect but it's either going to end in a drunken car accident or suicide-by-cop. Not sure yet. Depends on budget and if people are okay with "blanks" being fired at them, I suppose.

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