Halloween 2021 Merchandise Run -


  • Green

    Votes: 715 72.6%
  • Beige

    Votes: 270 27.4%

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I really like this design. I'm gonna buy one and have a backstory ready on how my friend got this shirt for me because they know I like gardening, to feign innocence.

That being said, the green shirt is superior - better to wear when gardening. Could you imagine sweat and dirt on a beige shirt? Disgusting.


Ahhhh, I’m so excited to get a shirt of the dog with a third eye! (Most likely going to get the other design as well because it’s so cuuuute. And I really like banana peppers.) I’m glad green won the poll. Okay that’s my sperging out, thank you.

Mealy Mouth Spittle

I'm assuming the third party who's making the shirts will handle the shipping?
I'm just being paranoid. Pretty sure Null wouldn't sell us out unless he was forced to do so with a court order -- but not so certain a third party wouldn't, though. But, if I'm going down for buying a cute t-shirt designed by evil Nazis, so be it. I'm eventually going to get cancelled for something. I might as well get a t-shirt out of the deal.


Featured on Sep 22, 2021 at 11:18 AM: The Halloween merch run will close this week.

Warning: Overseas shipping is very expensive. If you're outside the US you might want to hold off until I can confirm the USPS API is giving me the right results (i.e. I didn't plug the wrong numbers in). It's about $8 in the US.

Because of my trip, we're going to be short on time. This is going for 2 weeks tops. Sorry.

The coins are still coming out I promise lol, it's just taking way longer. The first box of coins are arriving at 3PL next week.

Edit: I believe I have accurately adjusted international shipping. It's still expensive, maybe a little less, but not much. Sorry.
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