Halo: Master Chief Collection is being ported to PC -


Last I checked Big Team was dead which sucks since that was what I came for.
The game is pretty dead. The game lost 90 per cent of the player base a month after CE released. The launch of halo 2 is fairing slightly better than CE but the player base will likely wither away in a month or two.
For context,Dark souls 3 has a higher average playerbase than halo mcc despite it being primarily a single player game.


Halo 2 multiplayer is still as great as I remember. I bought one of those old Hyperkin Duke controller clones and damn, it really takes me back. I used to sneak downstairs in the middle of the night and get as many slayer matches as I could before my parents woke up for work, which fucked my sleep schedule for a while but was such a blast. I dunno if I'm just getting to be a cranky old cunt but they don't make shooters like they used to.