healthiest diet? -

what work for me is

>replace any pork with turkey products
>stop eating bread, tortillas..if need be replace them with gluten free substitutes
>stop eating junk food
>stop eating fast food
>stop eating candy, cakes etc, replace with chocolate protein powder mixed w/ yogurt for your sweet tooth
>eat red meat once a week, and eat nothing but chicken if you want meat
>eat a bunch of broccoli and sweet potatoes
>eat nothing but fruit and yogurt for breakfast
>drink coke zero or sugar free mountain dew if you are a soda head

it takes getting used to but there are ways to still have a tasty diet


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Are there any health benefits to eating corn? Or peas? I've been putting them in meals forever and I don't know if it's a healthy thing or not.

They are both high carb. They aren't bad per se, peas are good for fiber, but treat them like a grain not a vegetable.

I fully support the lean meat advice others have given here. Trim your fat before cooking, get lean cuts. Ground meat is usually used to offload a bunch of fat. Look at the chubs of ground beef and compare calories, it's amazing how much a difference even 10%-4% makes, much less the cheap 27% swill. See if you can find a way to enjoy turkey/chicken breast, you can get very filling meals by having an equivalent weight of ground turkey breast vs ground chunk and still probably have less calories.

I don't support keto, but I personally find carbs to be the easiest thing to over consume calories on. There are very palpable carb light tortillas(45 calories vs 100 makes a huge difference across three tacos), and some keto snack stuff is nice to munch on while actually being lower calories than chips.

The biggest thing I find is retraining your habits. I think intermittent fasting is actually really good for that(eat a normal amount but only in an 8 hour window, essentially skip breakfast, eat lunch and dinner, no snacking after). I don't know how effective the fasting is, but I think it does a good job training you to ignore cravings that lead to snacking and that's a big source of excess calories in some people. In my case with in a few weeks those cravings went away and I'm now repulsed by the eating habits I had.


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The healthiest diet is a balanced one. These diet fads that pop up every few years are just cyclical grifts to exploit consumers. The thing is people eat it up and jump from one diet to the next.

The latest trend is low fat and low carb. Sounds great right? All it does is make the consumer ignore the insane amount of sugar in the products because they believe the packaging. Diet trends are mass hysteria and delusions determinated by manufacturers and advertisers.
The DASH diet is considered a very good basic diet for heart health and longevity.

It also has a good pedigree of research behind it. In terms of a perfect diet, it's really dependent on the individual and that individuals needs from that diet.

Healthy is no junk food essentially, good cuts of meat, good fat intake, lots of vegetables and less starches. No sugars outside of fruits, smaller desert servings and for special occasions.

As a rule don't eat anything that is a diet food, or anything with high fructose corn syrup, ever, that shit is literally poison, and in most processed foods.

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