How do you feel about lgbt people? -

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Too lazy and too late in the night to read the whole thread, but here are my 2 cents:

The LGBT group, in my opinion, has mostly become a community of people who love to press their own gay-ness onto others, or shun those who do not accept to kiss their asses. I had a gay male and lesbian female classmates. The lesbian was one of those no-good-voodoo feminists who see the term "equality" as one of the rules in the book Animal Farm:

"All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal."
(Good short book, 2 hour read)

Anyway, she is a prime example of what the community has become. She goes to those rallies, says she supports equality and is politically correct. She's "depressed", and because she is "depressed", you can't be depressed if she doesn't deem it so. Bitch... Self harm, emo, hypocrite, suicidal etc.
Had a really good friend say "I hate gay people" as a joke in class and then she lectured him for 30 mins why it's wrong to hate them. Fast forward to her making a joke about owning a black dude. We're from a country that is tolerant and part of a city where whites like me and her ars a minority. I'm still in school, and one of 3 white people in a year group of around 150+ students.
All this was nice of her to represent her "blessed and equal" community - bunch of white knights who fight for "equality" while stomping anyone who is not gay.
This is mostly the female side and those so-called "feminists".

The male one was better, but I have one question: why are gay men more feminine than straight women? If I got a straight and gay dude and a straight and lesbian woman, I could most likely tell who thw gay dude is, but not for which woman is the lesbian.

Tbh the community has went to shit where just like feminism, it went from a belief to a political movement for power.


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Trans are mentally ill people, I don't get why we should humor all of this for such a small percentage of the population. I've had a few trans coworkers and actually got along with them really well, but they were without a doubt batshit insane. I don't really care about the LGB's as long as it's not pushed on others.


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the community has went to shit where just like feminism, it went from a belief to a political movement for power
I find that most of the time when people say "it became X" for these type of things that they just misunderstood its origins or failed to study the circumstance of the origins.

Like the people that say "all you have to do to be a feminist is to believe in equal opportunity for men and women". It's just a phrase, not true on any level, but it reels people in. Then when they find out it also asks them to buy into quota's and toxic masculinity, they think it has changed. It hasn't changed. You just didn't understand it.

I'm not saying that things can't change, just that it is less common than a movement being misunderstood (intentionally done by the drivers of said movement).
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Oh what a Sperg I am. Oh what a Sperg I am.
I have a couple of gay friends. I think you can associate with someone despite disagreeing with their lifestyle choices.

also 2% does 40% lol

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Individually: I dont care. Live and let live, you do you, not my problem. Just dont go out of your way to make me submit or cower to your "gender" and "sexuality" cult and I wont spit back venom.

That being said I do find some exceptional degenerates, mainly the pervy "alpha" fags/bis particularly off-putting as well as the bug-chaser community to be the apex of disgusting behavior. Also 2/40.

Politically: I believe in human rights, not gay rights. If someone is imprisoning you, killing you, stripping your right to vote or self-defense because you're a fag, then thats messed up and I oppose it. Those are human rights.
The right to have forced representation in every community and consoomable media (movies, books, TV shows) is not a fucking right, nor is not having any trans faggots in a TV show tantamount to genocide, get over yourselves.
And yes, my tax cuts are more important to me than "queer youth"

Religiously: Whatever. We are all sinners, not my place to judge. That's between you and your God bud, just don't tell me I need to humor you.

Scientifically: Lulz. I'm sure homosexuality is naturally occurring, but so are birth defects and mental disorders. I have little faith in the "gay super-uncle" hypothesis, and unfortunately a truly rigorous test of such a shite theory will likely never come out of the West, so I await our Oriental or Islamic brothers to put out some papers crushing the "nature loves fags" silliness. Natural selection favors offspring not AIDS.
"Gender" is also a fucking joke, pretty much every vertebrate organism (and even then many inverts as well) are either male or female, with small cases of defects resulting in non-functioning pseudo-hermaphrodites (known as intersex in humans) IIRC there is no link between intersex and troonery.

Also again the bug-chasers. If being sexually aroused by incurable diseases inst a near-perfect Darwinian kill-switch then I don't know what is.


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Of the various alphabet people I’ve met:

- Lesbians are generally friendly and fun to be around. However they’re absolutely awful in positions of power (having had multiple lesbian bosses at various jobs) as they have no shame in naked favoritism towards females.

- Gay men are cattier than any women I’ve ever met, but generally funny and I’ve never had a particularly bad experience.

- All trans people I’ve met have been fat, autistic weirdos who seemed to only “transition” because they see it as the only way out of their otherwise miserable lives. Turns out it never works out and they remain miserable, only now visibly off putting as well.

The pic above my post fits my experience pretty well.

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I like gay people. I hugely dislike "LGBTQQAA2Setc" people. Gay folks won the fight for equal rights. The good ones recognised it and live their lives quietly. BTW, it should be GLBT. Gay dudes suffered most of the bashing, the arrests and harrassment, the huge majority of AIDS deaths, etc, and deserve primacy of recognition. Only AFTER gay marriage/adoption was made legal, did the commies put lesbians first, and embark on the disgusting "queer" movement.
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Homosexuals are fine. LGBTQ+ "people" can die in a fire, though. Fucking cultists.
It's actually funny how humans can make a cult out of anything, like John Frum and the cargo cults in the Pacific ocean who worship the US military due to encounters during WW2.

It's also hilariously ironic in the context of American culture how for so many decades LGBT people got flak from the Religious Right only to turn around and operate like them.


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Don't make it everyone else's problem. I don't care if you have special pronouns or feelings. I don't care if you're gay or your views. To me, I'm just a outsider who won't judge you until you give me reason too. If you look like a guy, you are he, If girl, then her and if you look like a colored haired attention whore, I'll ignore you until I somehow offend you then I'll laugh, mock or snicker over my shoulder.

TLDR: I don't care just don't give me a reason to lose faith in your maturity or lack of social awareness.


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I feel bad for the LGBs out there looking to date. I would recommend fellow bi's try to find opposite-sex partners, if not just because how poisoned the same-sex dating pool must be, especially for women. MtFs are in a constant state of asshurt that lesbians dont like them.
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