How do you get mad at someone without becoming a lolcow? -

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If it's at people on the internet, what's the fucking point? You risk on getting on the same level of Moviebob or Dobson if you get vocally mad on the internet. Remember: first calm and then rationalize your anger. Better to be angry later in a manageable manner than making a fool of yourself on the internet.

In real life, just try to express it in a healthy manner. Getting mad at someone at random will make you appear like a huge douche, but you can always show your best face in your hardest moments.
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It must be nice not having to work because mom and dad support you financially.
To be fair, I might be just as exceptional if I never had to become an adult and provide for myself and others, I'd just never protest like that :'D

It depends on what you're getting angry at. If its some insignificant shit, then you'll just make a buffoon of yourself on the internet. So the majority of the time you'll just make a fool of yourself because there's hardly anything that matters on the internet.


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the only thing that makes me mad about lolcows is that most of them are on welfare
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