How Tommy will die? -

How Tommy will die

  • Disease

    Votes: 36 25.0%
  • Suicide

    Votes: 13 9.0%
  • Murder

    Votes: 2 1.4%
  • Eaten by rats or some troon

    Votes: 43 29.9%
  • Won't die because not even Death wants him

    Votes: 50 34.7%

  • Total voters

Dee Price

ugly tranny, [email protected]
Person of Interest

Nobody will notice. Not the farms, amb, his Facebook "friends". Nobody will notice until the smell of decay is more pungent than usual and the cops are called. Then the county will come scrape up his fetid remains, the building owner will bring a dumpster , and we all move on with our lives.
The first sign Thomas is dead is when the police start to cheer and then break out with a song the wicked witch id dead with the lyrics changed to the stupid perverts dead.
He died a long time ago already. He just got raised via some Dark Souls curse.
I heard the anal cockroaches animated tom It was a hard task but then look all they had to work with is toms demented feeble mind. But they accomplished the task it works well enough even though there is toms sick urge to hump dogs. But the project is working and the condo in tom colon is safe for the time being. They did have to move the condo site a bit further back due to all of the dogs that were ass humping tom. It was causing problems
What about AFTER he dies? Will he be buried at a cemetery? Someone's gonna have to dig him up to find out if his chode is all butchered like he claims.
No what will happen is tom will be stuck in a cardboard box and buried in the old landfill under a mountain of trash it will be filled in and a marker place where tom is for all the dogs and men to piss on toms grave.

Captain Ahab
He won’t. Death doesn’t wanna get AIDS by cutting him with the scythe. He will slowly desiccate until he resembles one of them bog mummies. All black and shrivelled and shit. A few centuries from now, an advanced alien civilization will unearth his body amidst the remnants of humanity. First, the smell will make them think they unearthed a giant pile of fossilised shit. They’ll soon realize the shape is vaguely humanoid. Upon closer inspection, one of those poor alien souls will be startled by a voice coming from within the mummy, “Spare some change?!” and some vague ramblings about transphobia and kiwis.


You will never be women.
I believe Tommy will die from some form of rot or disease from eating from the trash or something.

A really undignified death. Most likely he will die and no one will notice until the smell of his decayed maggot ridden corpse is so strong that people will end up calling someone. Then they will throw his body into a mass grave and will be buried in some undisclosed location where he will be forgotten by everyone.

How do you guys think Tommy will die and what would happen afterwards?
Too much of a pussy to end it.
Too much of a shut-in to go out in an accident.

Sounds like natural causes wants to have a word with Tootles.

At least he won't be alone, he'll surely be surrounded with his legions of devoted roach roommates. Hopefully that poor kids father bashes his crystals

Dee Price

ugly tranny, [email protected]
Person of Interest
Maybe the space jews will show up and extract him.
And when they do lets hope they give him that vagina he has been begging for. But it will be a dog crotch that shits out puppies. and make tom grow 6 more moobs to feed the puppies with. but they will all be turned into dog moobs all 8 of them.

Woof Woof Mr. Thomas @Miss Tommie Jayne Wasserberg Tooter The dog fucking pedophile.