If Tommy died, will you be sad? - Is Tom worthy of life?


I won't miss his weird blog posts.

I will miss laughing at his videos. For like two weeks, before I forget he ever existed.

It'll be weird when his Estate randomly sues me in the year 2049 when laughing at retards online is finally outlawed, though.


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Once he's passed, some tech savvy (read: autistic) Kiwi will just program a basic Tombot based on all the archives, link it to a soundboard running 24/7 on some terminal, in some dank, dark basement and keep it spouting the same variations of inane drivel in perpetuity. This way, the kiwi children and their kiwi children's children will hear from Tom for many years after his passing.

Also no. I forget he exists most hours of the day.


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I just wondering if someone will miss and care if Tom dies.

J believe is a very important question everyone should ask themselves at some point.

For me If Tommy died I would be glad because that means one less pedo zoophile on this earth.
No, I'll just be happy for the future unraped children and dogs.

I'll look downward and be happy for the Devil, who will have a new plaything.

Easy J

No. Tom is a piece of shit. He grew up a pampered privileged rich kid, lived on his daddy's trust fund for most of his life, & now lives off of the earnings of working taxpayers who he calls " wage slaves". Tom takes & takes from everything around him, gives nothing back, & still demands more.

He feels entitled to everything, including children's bodies, snitches on people who commit the same or lesser crimes than he does, & abuses his fellow hobos, from harassing them in the street to charging them rent to sleep in the yard of his taxpayer-supplied home. Any time he has a shred of power over anyone his true character shows itself. Watching this piece of shit bark at police operators like they're his daddy's kitchen servants shows you his default level of empathy for the average stranger.

The only thing keeping Tom from being more of a bully, rapist & child molester is his physical cowardice & general incompetence at everything. Its almost like some war criminal or serial killer was reincarnated as a ridiculous, incompetent clown to publicly atone for his evil through a lifetime of humiliation, failure & mockery.

The world will be a better place the day this pedophilic piece of shit coughs & shits his last in some taxpayer funded hospital. His bloated corpse will finally be forced to benefit the world around him fertilizing more respectable forms of life. Fuck Tom.
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Would his remaining family come and collect his remains or would be cremated and buried at state expense?


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He molests animals and children, is a walking hazmat site, contributes to a lack of public safety and order with the hobos he brings together to exploit them, wastes the taxpayer's dollars in a thousand different ways, and is literally an atavistic regression to the filthy barbarism of 100000 years ago. If he were more physically fit he would probably be a serial killer.

The world will be a little less stinky and much more safe when he is in hell being raped by dogs inshallah.

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