If you were an ILJ crony how would you salvage your life? - Louis, Allen, Jasmine and the rest, we did not forget about you

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Get in, loser, we're going doxing!
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Companion thread to Bella's on the same subject.

Everything has been so focused on our girl Isabella, but let's not forget that her little coven of weirdos got themselves doxed to the first Google result too. As near as I can tell, they've been laying super low also ever since Louis finally logged off and stopped doing his little trolling/countertrolling op. Needless to say, these kids are in some deep water probably with their parents, their social circle, and possibly the university not to mention future potential employers. I bet they are rethinking their choice in friends.

Louis and Allen in different ways I actually kind of feel bad for, which is not to say they don't deserve anything they wind up getting down the road, after all, actions have consequences. But Louis is a naive, mentally deficient frogposter who turned into a massive simp for a pair of 36DD's, and it clouded the fuck out of his judgment. I spoke with him at one point. He's legitimately fucking stupid but I don't know that he would've been down for any of the really nasty shit if it wasn't for his becoming so fascinated with Bella and entrenched in her pick/b/ bullshit. That's what you get for trying to be a 2008-era edgelord in 2021, though, I suppose.

Allen's just sad and I wonder if he's back in Nigeria yet.

Jasmine I wanna give respects to on account of her family but nah really fuck that bitch.

Nobody cares about Ryan.


I don't think the approach really changes all that much when comparing what Bella should do to what her orbiters should do. The basic summary is excommunicate all the other dipshits, leave TTU, seek therapy, actively work on being a better person, apologize and make amends, and get off the fucking internet.

All of these demented Zoomers need to realize that they didn't end up in this mess by accident, and they won't climb out of it by accident either. No matter how much they may be tempted to hide their head in the sand and hope it blows over, they have to come to terms with the fact that it is them that got them in this position, no one else. You need to change the principal element of the equation, otherwise they will keep goofin up.

Bubble Ba'ath

Louis probably thinking about trooning out for social cred, especially since he may already be unwittingly on estrogen.

Allen switching from pre-med to Nigerian faith healing Pentacostal witch doctor which he will sell to a new market in Lagos by claiming to be a successful fungus farmer. Albino children will start disappearing around him.

Jasmine has laid low and will continue to do so. She will probably resurface years from now as an HR compliance officer for some company where her petty tyranny will be socially acceptable.

Ryan squatting in the desert listening to "Big Iron" on repeat while sobbing into a corn dog, desperately imagining himself as the protagonist in a western while he continues to bloat into Stay Puft Ted Cruz.


Gather as much evidence on Bella as possible that is not already publicly available, offer to trade it to the forum on the condition that all mentions of my name are permanently purged and filtered into something else

At least something to stop the bleeding, to minimize the google search indexing of my name and deeds.


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I'd probably kill myself, and take down as many people with me as I could, including janke and the others. At least, that's if I was a mentally ill teenager with sociopathic tendencies. If it was literally me, I'd probably just dump shit and go live in a cabin, but I wouldn't so something like this in the first place.

Or would I?:smug:


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is there anything that they really CAN do? sure, they can post even more incriminating stuff about Isabella Loretta Janke but it's just going to dig a deeper grave for themselves. being complicit in this shit is a grade A way to fuck yourself over.
I don't want to give them any ideas, but some people already posted some good ones.
troon out, name change, FFS/SRS so that if anybody tries to hold you accountable for your actions you can call them transphobic. wash, rinse, repeat.

hamsters are cool

The only one I feel kind of bad for is Allen as it seems like he was more-so looking for a friend group that would accept him, and he seems to be the most distressed by the doxxing. However he was complicit in a lot of nasty shit that the group did. I don't like or respect him at all but I don't enjoy seeing someone's life crash and burn either. Part of me hopes he's able to learn something from all this, move on and continue to pursue medicine/make something of himself, like Liquid Chris (although Liquid Chris never did anything despicable).

It's hard to form an opinion on Jasmine as she cleverly stayed out of everything. She's ILJ's best gal pal, participated in the bullying of another student, and didn't do anything about Isabella's and Louis' pedophilic comments towards her little sister. So yeah, fuck her.

The least they can do is cease all communication with each other and just distance themselves from the situation as much as possible. Their lives are not over and they can still better themselves and live respectable lives if they choose to. Therapy would probably be a good starting point as none of this behaviour screams "healthy, well-adjusted adult".
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Join the French Foreign Legion and get blown up by illiterate brown people in Shitfuckistan.


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Why does anyone need help with this?

Step 1 is obviously obtain a gun.
Step 2 obviously involves obtaining bullets and figuring out how to operate said instrument.
Step 3, are you getting where I'm going here, involves pointing that gun into the base of your brain. The short version is you stick it in your mouth and aim upwards, you really want to aim at the brainstem itself. You don't want to miss and end up alive, but considering what a fucking tard you are, who cares?
And unless you're super dense, you've figured out step 4 is blowing your incredibly deficient brains out by pulling the trigger.

Do it fucker!

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I'd take a page from the @AnOminous playbook above but instead of shooting myself, I'd livestream myself painting a wall with Isabella's gray matter, turning myself in and confessing to police my crime of not doing it sooner, and spend my time in prison finding Jesus.

Spooky Bones

Get in, loser, we're going doxing!
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Move to Philly, buy a loft, start a noise band, get six or seven roommates, eat hummus with them, book some gigs, paint, smoke cloves, listen to Animal Collective, start some type of salsa company
...then kill yourself
Well, those first steps are oddly specific. But the last is a natural step for Animal Collective fans.