Incoming 2020Daredevil:Paypal TOS Change-3/12/2020 - Please Dox Yourself Furry KUN , so we know you are.

  • Trump is threatening to repeal Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act to spite Twitter and I am tracking competing efforts to edit legislation here.
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Patient Artist, Calmly watching
I lied every single personal detail to Paypal my whole fucking time using it.

Falsified my name, birthday date, used someone else account.

None of that is changing.

Adolf Honkler
How was this not already a requirement?

I would think the Patriot Act would require it.
The change in TOS update is not about what information you have to provide to Paypal but rather what information you have to provide publicly to those who are sending you money for some good or service. They are now mandating you give people at least one email/URL and phone number to contact for customer service. It's more lax than KYC, even.