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Aug 2, 2021

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Oct 5, 2018
The first Whittaker video is a classic, and the second one has that great "Oh, you're peeing" scene. Soft White Underbelly in general is a great channel in small doses, it's up there with SBSK for giving one perspective, but too much perspective can be depressing.

Edit: Ray going back into the house, his shit-stained pants falling down, then his niece screaming at him to get back on the porch is the kind of genuine human drama that no screenwriter could invent. And then the filmmaker finds him moaning on the couch and he starts wheedling him to go outside for his video, too. Even the dog is crying by this point, but the filmmaker knows Ray is the star of his show and won't give him a break. When Ray stumbles to his feet and begins crying, the filmmaker says, "I know" and just propels him toward the door. It's brutal. The filmmaker seems to have some compassion for these people, but he's willing to sacrifice them all for his art.

So I have to thank SWU for giving me more one perspective: I am grateful that I will never know what it's like to be an inbred nonverbal 40 IQ hillbilly, but I also take pride in the fact I will never abuse an inbred nonverbal 40 IQ hillbilly for YouTube views.
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