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Is drawn child pornography (loli) bad?

Discussion in 'Deep Thoughts' started by Roasted, Nov 9, 2017.

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    Is OP a pedophile?

    1. yes

      312 vote(s)
    2. no

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    3. it should be regulated, not outright banned

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    1. Loli IS child Pornography & anyone who gets off on that crap IS a warped sicko & a pedophile..why even question this & debate it...
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    2. I think there’s a difference on being a child sexual abuse victim drawing weird pedoshit and a honest to god pedophile. One is an abuse victim who is desperately trying to regain control of their life through unhealthy means and the other is a manchild who is so incel, he can’t manipulate women his own age, so he craves girls with the same emotional and intellectual capacity as himself.

      That said, I don’t care if you’re a childhood sexual abuse victim, but you’re not helping yourself by drawing porn of your abuse, yikes. Get help.

      As for pedophiles or lolicons, please kill yourselves.

      Pedoshit is unacceptable, gross.
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    3. lolicon shit is just another form of porn tht blows out ur expectations of realistic legal consensual sex.

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    4. It is not. I said that drawn CP is worse than just standard pornography (as in, featuring adults only) but that all forms of pornography are bad.
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    5. It all depends how you define CP. I don't believe that with all of the real stuff out there, where there is an actual victim, the police should go after drawings and 3D generated images because doing so doesn' benefit anyone since it is literally a victimless crime. Of course the majority of the people who jerk it to loli are in need of some serious help but the act in itself is not evil.
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    6. lol what's wrong with beating it to pornography
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    7. Okay, what religous sect are you part of?
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    8. But the act of beating off wether male or female to this crap causes many of these warped sick creatures to go out in the real world and then sadly there's victims...
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    9. Quotation needed...(seriously, I'd like to see some studies)

      but I agree, I don't think looking at this stuff if you're a pedo who has not offended isn't really the best course of action, then again the victims are not produced by the drawings but by their abusers who failed to deal with their issues in a responsible manner.
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    10. I see what u saying....
      But...point is...a grown ass adult...wanting to look at drawings, pics ,porn or whatever of innocent CHILDREN...is some damn sick shit..no excuse...there is just no excuse for that sick shit...

      Different if u an adult looking at ADULT drawings, pics, porn...
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    11. Now is the actual age that turns them on or just the appearance of age?
      Is it wrong to be sexually aroused by a 13 year old who happens to look 18? Or is it the fact that said person is young that is appealing? (aka innocent, pure, virgin-esque)
      I think I'm missing a major point here...
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    12. https://fightthenewdrug.org/3-reasons-why-watching-porn-is-harmful/

      Those two links explain pretty well my objections to pornographic filth.
      None. I am an agnostic. Just because I rightfully call out pornography for the plague on society it is doesn't mean that I am a religious fundamentalist.
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    13. They should make porn educational videos if porn is so good at staying in your memory!
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    14. truth is, most lolicons are just huge manchildren.
      they're still trying to reconnect with their lost childhood and cant let it go.
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    15. It completely depends on a person’s moral ground. There is no completely wrong or right answer here.
      Personally, I view porn of any kind as something no one should see, or have, and with the increasing popularity of the internet, porn is becoming more and more common, people used to have to be far more clever in how they got it, sneaking into night clubs, any of that kind of shit. But as said, with the increase of internet, increase of porn frequency.

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    16. EDIT: Sorry for the font, don't know how to fix it =\

      Okay no. FTND is fucking autistic and I'm surprised that they don't have a thread here.

      1. Porn Can Change & Rewire Your Brain

      Anything can rewire your brain. It's nothing special. It's hardly a reason for alarm. Sometimes it's bad, but it's normally good. Going through these sources, the only time that it produces a negative outcome is when it comes to porn addiction, which is a real problem. But the issue with FTND is that they are unable to separate people who use pornography and people who are addicted to pornography, and simply assume that the effects of addiction affect anyone who enjoys porn.

      2. A Porn Habit Can Escalate Into Twisted Territory
      Oh no, people are developing kinks. Someone stop the fucking presses. I'm not really sure what the problem is here. Like, it's fine not to be into certain fetishes, but I don't really see any reason to demonize them.

      3. Porn Can Be Addictive
      Again, just because something is addictive doesn't mean it's bad. Like, just saying that it has the "strongest tendency to be addictive" doesn't tell us anything, because "strongest" is a relative term. It's just another framing device to make something that is otherwise harmless seem harmful. Kinda like what happened with video games. And rock music. And a ton of other forms of media.

      4. Porn Can Heavily Affect Your Sexual Tastes
      15. Porn Is Changing To Be More Shocking & Hardcore Than Ever

      Again, I'm not sure what the problem is here. Like, it's fun to make fun of sexual deviants, but they're only a laughing stock. A group like furries are fun to mock, but this article is trying demonize these people. Like, they aren't harmful to anyone, so what's the big deal? Maybe if someone got really into rape porn and started raping people, then yeah, it'd be harmful. But at the same time, the probability of that happening is so low, it's neglible.

      5. Porn Can Affect Your Brain (Similar To A Drug)
      6. Porn Can Damage Your Sex Life

      At this point, I'm just amused to see how many times they can restate the same point just so they can slap "15" in the title. Like, most newswriters try to be concise and avoid repeating themselves, but this just comes off as some run of the mill Buzzfeed article.

      7. Porn Is Full Of Lies
      11. Porn Can Warp A Healthy View Of Sex

      Real shocker with this one. It's not like the only people who think porn is real are people who have never had sex before. Actually, really only 14 year old boys think porn is real, so I'll give some credit to the virgins.

      8. Porn Can Damage Love
      9. Porn Can Leave You Lonely
      10. Porn Can Hurt Your Partner
      13. Porn Can Seriously Hurt Your Family & Personal Life

      Shockingly, all of the sources on this part deal with addiction. No one should be surprised that people with an addiction have shitty relationships with other people. I honestly wonder what FTND actually does for addicts. Because trying to stop people from watching porn by lying about how harmful it is is doing jack shit to help people with a serious problem. It's like trying to teach abstinence in schools. It's exceptional and doesn't work.

      12. Porn Is Inseparably Linked To Prostitution & Sex Trafficking
      Holy shit, a real fucking issue is being talked about. But again, pornography isn't to blame. Prostitution is the oldest job in the world, and it's been a shitty job long before Internet porn has been around. Not that there's anything wrong with prostitution, but it doesn't take a genious to figure out that a lot of abuse happens in that world. So rather, I would much rather work to help legalize and regulate prostitution and help abused sex workers get a leg up in life. But no, porn is the problem here, my bad.

      14. Porn Is Connected To Violence
      Yeah, and so are video games. And so is rock music. Have you ever been in a mosh pit? That never happens at church with hymns (pentecostals not withstanding)

      Now, all those points asside, they don't piss me off. This article is nothing more than some idiot with access to a keyboard. What really pisses me off is that these fuckers have the audacity to talk about how people with porn addictions suffer. How the actors involved suffer. How sex workers suffer. And they fucking shill you a goddamn t-shirt as a means of "helping". WHAT THE FUCK HAS A T-SHIRT EVER FUCKING DONE?!

      Fuck this article. Fuck FTND. And fuck you for falling for this garbage.

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    17. Can you elaborate?
      While sexual deviants can be lolcows, at the end of the day they are sexual deviants. The problem is not only sexual deviants themselves but the frequency of said sexual deviants and also that certain types of sexual deviancy is being forced upon normal people and calling it out makes you a bigot (cough LGBTWTFBBQ cough).
      Sex and violence are part of the human condition. Mixing both is a recipe for disaster.
      But pornography further fuels this issue. Prostitution is another thing I object to (beyond the scope of this discussion).

      Also you never bothered to even reply to the second article I linked. Was it so powerful that you were upset by it?
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    18. Why are the sexual deviants themselves a "problem"? How are you defining deviant? Are you aware that "deviant" is largely contextual and changes within a culture over time?
      Why is the "frequency" of such sexual deviance a problem?
      Is that the fault of pornography? Is that inherent part of sexual deviance?
      How and why are they a recipe for disaster?
      I could go full communist and make a much stronger case that capitalism fuels this abuse far more than pornography ever did. There are hundreds if not thousands of causes for abuse in the sex worker industry, but I see hardly any reason to demonize pornography for a problem that isn't inherently caused by it, or contributes to it in some grand way.
      I was so pissed off by the first one that I forgot, but I'll go over it.
      All Struthers brings up in this article is that people can be addicted to porn (duh)
      In that same article, another psychologist named Ian Kerner argued
      So already I'm getting mixed messages from the source in regards to what the article wants me to believe. Based on this, the problem isn't with pornography, but with porn addiction.
      You know, as shit as the FTND article was, at least it had sources.
      So there are 22 reported cases of HIV in the porn industry. Let's just assume that these reports are no where near representative of reality and it's actually 5x the amount. So that's 110 porn stars. In an industry with tens of thousands of actors at any given time. So while this is a problem, it's no where near enough to attack porn.
      I thought that was Soros? Where's the Soros sex tape? That'd probably turn the whole world into globalist super-commie BLM feminists by this guy's logic.
      Okay, now we're on the Jew train. After this, the article just kinda devolves into ramblings out our Jewish overlords (praise them) and how they're trying to destroy the west or some dogshit. Not really related to pornography, and based on the last paragraph of the article, I wouldn't be surprised if it's satire (but given Poe's law, it probably isn't)
    19. Anything sexual that interferes with safe, consensual decision making is bad. That sounds like a loaded statement but in context if you're asking the rest of the world if wanking it to small children, drawings of children mind you, anime or portraits or whatever, you already know the answer. It's abnormal and you shouldn't be attracted to kids in the way. Does it make it different because it's a drawing? Yes. You're not harming anyone and no real human is involed therefore you can kind of jerk it all day long if you want, but there after asks the question why and what is it about kids in a sexual or suggestive way that you wanna defend or debate?

      To most people the thought itself is a very uncomfortable one because it interferes with ethics and morals. I absolutely hate kids but if a kid was crying in a mall and ran up to me because he couldn't find his mom I'd try to help. To add a layer of sexuality over a child, imaginary or not, requires a conscious absence of accountability, to view a drawing of a child in a sexual way - innocently drawn or not - is one that demands perversion of intense nature, one that goes ultimately against the common adult. That's why it's fucked up. Two consenting adults may engage in whatever sexual fuckery they want, or drawings of it, but a child is vulnerable and naive, unable to grasp fully the consequence of their decisions which is where they need adult accountability to look to or depend upon. One pervert ruins them all. If you wanna rub one out to some little anime kid or a sketch of a dog, all the power to you, keep it to yourself don't try to defend or debate it.
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