ISWV Community thread - Destroying the Hugbox


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Over the course of 24hours after the Hearing , some ISWV speds have taken to go to the Judge's facebook page and give him a good old a-logging over it:

Breaking: The real lulcows of this case weigh in on the judge's facebook. (quick law note: This is not how you get the judge to rule the way you want.)
The post:

And these are the 2 speds that did it, David Harlow (in red):

And Charle Waldie (in yellow):
1567900562736.png (

So far none of the bigger names have egged on the behavior and are calling it out: (
1567894272079.png (

Dean Pentel

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Just when you think the apsies sperging out can't surprise you anymore...
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One hearing that didn't go 100% favorably and ISWV spergs start spilling more spaghetti than an Italian with Parkinsons. And some people thought this saga had brakes :story:

I can't wait to see what KV does to "top" this. Because they will. Somehow.
I bet we'll find out one of the major players in #kickvic is a wife beater or something

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Any time now, faggots.
Is this a general ISWV exceptionals post? Because if so I got a few.

Edit: Adding a couple. Twitter roleplayers as a whole are highly concentrated levels of tard


There's some general tarding happening and some really questionable behavior towards Chupp but I feel this gets an honorable mention for exceptional weeb. By all means express emotion but roleplaying in response to real life situations and in replies to normal people is basically a scarlet letter of exceptionalism.
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It seems that we have gotten into a divide. It's not a good look to get angry at a high ranking public official.
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