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It tasted good and I didn't even die!good food from bad places

Discussion in 'Food' started by XYZpdq, Oct 12, 2017.

  1. Gas stations, convenience stores, shady trucks, all those places that might kill you but didn't (this time).

    I've been getting the cheap five dollar instant pizza from 7-Eleven a lot lately since there's a 7-Eleven near me and I'm fucking lazy. Not a great pizza by any stretch but as a quick thing at the place they sell beer at 11pm it's not bad.
    Those minitacos are dope af if you have them make up a fresh batch for you, too.

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  2. Abrakebabra, a kebab stand in the next town over's high street. A little below my standard because I'm used to chilli sauce on my kebabs, but it was still a great kebab and I didn't die.
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  3. Race Trac (a gas station) had some tasty breakfasts sandwiches i use to get daily

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  4. Quiktrip sells really good taquitos.

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  5. I once got a pulled pork sandwich from a tiny portable BBQ trailer in a Safeway parking lot that was one of the best sandwiches I've ever had. The outside of the trailer was filthy and beat to shit and the inside was probably no better, but it's a good thing i didn't get a good look inside or I wouldn't have eaten that sandwich.
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