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Italian Parade Features 100 Foot Tall Animatronic Trump Statue as God EmperorSupposed to be Mocking Trump But You Need 200 IQ to Understand

Discussion in 'Articles & Happenings' started by JosephTX, Feb 10, 2019.

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  1. https://www.newsweek.com/god-empero...e-it-makes-appearance-italys-carnival-1325517

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  2. The love and effort that went into that power armor. What a thing of beauty. Next year pls to make Konrad Curze
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    Fareal Supercommander of the Brave New World
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  3. Only in this timeline. Please, never tell me the ride is over.
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  4. The size of that thing is incredible.
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    Inquisitor_BadAss Your daily dose of Karen

  5. Leave it to the Italians to do something bad ass.
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    Nacho Man Randy Salsa

    Nacho Man Randy Salsa Kiwi Farms World Champion

  6. That's what Stormy said :tomgirl:
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    frozenrunner I could really use the salt

  7. i'd like to remind everyone that the balloon was funded by the british government themselves while the mastermind behind this masterpiece (Fabrizio Galli) was a single autistic warhammer fan

    it almost brings tears to my eyes... :trump:

    P.S. @Ponderous Pillock - it's your old avatar... but in real life
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    OhGoy there's a rage within this vessel

  8. The Trump Blimp was not funded by the British Government. It had to be approved by the Mayor and Met Police, which is why it wound up floating along at a comical 10 feet off the ground. Because nearly the entirety of London is restricted airspace.

    To give the Mayor his dues, he did permit himself in a yellow bikini as well a few weeks later, but it got little similar coverage.

    Also, this avatar was always kept ready to return gloriously.

    Now.... now is the time for the God-Emperor to stride forth again.
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    Ponderous Pillock

    Ponderous Pillock I have no mouth and I must meme
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  9. That thing's legit amazing.

    What do they plan to do with it afterwards? It really ought to be put in a museum or something.
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    Norvic too gay to lift
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  10. This is the best timeline. Plus, now we know that the Ultramarines do have a fan market in Italy. Gw take note!

    And yes, this should be acheived for the future, that statue is a work of art!
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    Male Idiot

    Male Idiot Redneck Cephalopod.

  11. Roof of the Whitehouse if there's any justice in this world.
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    kcbbq No controlling legal authority

  12. Gotta love the difference between half-assing something to make a statement and actually caring about what you're making.

    I wonder how long it's going to be before this shows up in the WH/Minis section of the 3D printing communities.
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    ducktales4gameboy git push -a -m "fixed #221 (goddammit unity)"

  13. Even if you hate the shit out of Trump, you gotta admit that's pretty cool. Heck I'm a Tyranid shitter and I think this is cool

    I mean you don't have to, I'm sure woke jurnos right now are hammering out their thinkpieces about how this is literally rape and they're literally shaking and also Gamesworkshop needs to hire a sensitivity consultant because Warhammer is too problematic (because they don't play it and don't know the lore)
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    Crocophile Θώθ what's this?

  14. The discussion in the Trump Derangement Syndrome thread concluded that this is suppose to be critical of Trump.


    They failed horribly in their satire.
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  15. This is amazing. Just goes to show how creatively bankrupt and low effort progressives really are.
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    Night Owl

    Night Owl How long have I waited...

  16. Did he actually mean this or was it a preemptive "it was meant to be satire" excuse. I don't think anyone could be dumb enough to not see how this would play out.
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  17. It’s stuff like this that keeps from going full accelerationist.
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    Ralph Barnhardt

    Ralph Barnhardt I tried that once...it was alright I guess.

  18. Except that God-Emperor Trump was supposed to be satirical, too:
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    Senior Lexmechanic

    Senior Lexmechanic Shitposting displeases the Omnissiah

  19. The lore is pretty sweet, but to play you'd have to have a second and third job to get anything halfway decent. I had a little fun with it in the past, but I've moved on.

    As for Trump, personally, I'm not really a fan, but I think this work of art is fucking fantastic! Belongs in a museum for future generations to enjoy.
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    Duke Nukem

    Duke Nukem Dimensional Merge Welcoming Party #1218C197

  20. I'm not sure how satirical that is. They list things like going to the Moon and Mars, not being racist and such etc. I would imagine if it was a negative thing, they would mention racism and all that, not going to the Moon.

    If I wanted to defame sombody, saying they want to go to the Moon would be the last thing I would say. There is not a single mention of racisss, mysoggyknees and white privilage there.
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    Male Idiot

    Male Idiot Redneck Cephalopod.

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