CRUCIAL DANGER SITUATION Jace currently driving to Brianna Wu's house to race her, tries to enlist FAN to help -

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Ok, so if Eli is REALLY "on the other side of the continent", then I've got a gut feeling that Jace will try to flee the state if the law goes after him, knowing that Eli will already have a FOB set up. Come on, we all saw that weed bunker he cobbled together in the deserts of Israel. Who knows what he can do stateside?


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Jace went from Future-Ex-Marine to Ex-Future-Ex-Marine and years down the road he'll eventually become an Ex-Con.
Doesn't he already have a felony? I believe he will serve some time for stealing his mom's car, totaling it, and the like.

Also, from this video: "More will come soon. I am not feeling very good right now, my head is bleeding a lot, but I WILL GET MY PAYBACK!!!!! This crime will not go unpunished. Justice will Prevail. Know This." Asshole probably has a concussion from the crash as well. He should probably see a doctor on top of this all.
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Burned Man

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Operation Wu-pocalypse Jace is running out of name ideas. I like to think that someone pulled to see if Jace was okay before his rage over Wu, gaming, and street racing scared them off. At least Jace managed only to destroy his car and not wreck any civilians, a good Commander avoids collateral damage whenever they can.
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