Jamie Lynn Marchi / Jamie Perez / marchimark - Wants Vic's head and balls, but not his papers; Cucked by a Chicken Sandwich

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Cucked by a donut.



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Using the 30 year old photo so she can fit on the flyer.
Physical copies of a flyer are expensive for cons to print out Trying to get one of those landscape printers to print out her current form would be insanely expensive. Just one custom sheet can cost you $44 to print off. Best use an old photo of the landwhale and save some money. Who cares if no one will notice her, you can just track down her table due to the fact she'll be glowing like a neon light.

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Getting outdone by a donut seems to be the story of Jamie’s life up to this point. Not even Homer Simpson would stand for that.

That looks far better than Jamie has ever looked. Also, she's a fucking heifer. By that, I mean she's a big ol' fatty.
Chicken sandwiches are more traditional and they stand the test of time. Jamie would never have anyone fight over for her even for a shortage of chicken sandwiches.


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Much like I did in MoRon's thread, I decided to take a look at some of what Jamie Marchi's 2018 looked like as a prologue to Weeb Wars.
The results are insightful, ironic, and hilarious if the actions of this vile woman did not cost someone's career.
While as a guest at Delta H Con in Houston, Texas, from July 13 to 15, 2018, Marchi participated in a panel called "Women of Anime."
During the panel, Jamie responded to a question by talking about online criticism (yes, this is about the GamerGate reference in Prison School) and "staying positive" online:

As we have cataloged the last two years of Jamie Marchi's online presence, these "staying positive" comments ring hollow.
She also talked about her "future stepdaughter" dressing up as a character she voiced:

As the third anniversary of her making these comments approaches, Jamie Marchi and Jack Bishop are STILL NOT MARRIED.
Interestingly, Jamie mentioned that she had her first audition with Funimation in two years the previous week:

Since Dragon Ball Super was still being dubbed at this point, this audition might have been for Marcarita:
The character debuted in episode 78, which later aired on Toonami on September 8, 2018.
Marchi would later state that anime had given her "a voice" and she would not be "shut up":

Unfortunately, she has made this ever so clear.

During the same weekend that Funimation revealed the trailer for Dragon Ball Super: Broly at San Diego Comic-Con, Jamie Marchi was a guest at Metrocon 2018. While she would have a solo panel during the convention, there was no footage I could find of it. However, she did participate in a panel called "Voice Actors Unplugged" alongside fellow Funimation voice actors J. Michael Tatum, Apphia Yu, Micah Solusod, and Jeannie Tirado (Scott McNeil and Jason Marsden were also on the panel).
Jamie would reiterate what she said previously:

There was also something interesting said during the panel by one of the handlers that will need to be investigated, but the results will be posted with the much bigger project I am doing.

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