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Jun 13, 2016

Every so often, Popehat unearths cows of significant proportions. Kevin Allred is one such cow that Ken, Patrick, Randazza, et al. have brought to light. The boys behind Prenda Law were others. And now there's this sperg.

Jason L. Van Dyke is a lawyer from Texas who has had lolcowish tendencies since he was a student in 2000, but who's recently really gone off the deep end. Here's what Popehat says of his recent antics:

But to me, his constant threats of lolsuits including against someone who wouldn't give him a job and against critics of his vexatious litigation, his fraudulence, and his threats of violence against people when the vexatious litigation fails are less fascinating than the fact that the man is quite obviously a self-hating homosexual.

Take a look at his Facebook, for example.

JLVD facebook page.png

Note the deliberate trappings of hypermasculinity. The fascination with powerful guns (he coaches a North Texas shooting club which brags about the big weapons it's packing) and "manly" pursuits such as hunting and driving pickup trucks and martial arts and being a member of a frat and so forth. Note also the Popehat article which indicates his liking for calling people out to a fight irl if he's disrespected or suchlike and calling for opponents to be a man and face him. Then there's the fact that he's a member of an organisation called "Proud Boys" which frankly is more homoerotic as a name for an organisation (and who, according to Wikipedia, takes its name from a musical number) than men fucking.

Does anyone else get vibes that he's really, really, so far in the closet he's having adventures in Narnia?

I do.

And it gets better. Back when he was a student he used to speechify against the homosexual agenda, referring to is as the "homosexual deathstyle" and accusing opponents of being intimately familiar with public toilets and cruising.

(Note he admits to liking wrestling and judo. Sports where fit, muscled men get their hands all over each other. Hmmm.)

Oh, and when called out by Popehat he sent Ken White of same an envelope full of glitter by way of frankly fabulous revenge. Not to mention shitting up his blog with sock comments.

Jason, mate, if you're reading this, just come out the closet already and admit that you're gay.

He did have a Twitter but he's deleted it, alas.

He posts on Stormfront under "WNLaw" as well, though I don't have the mental capacity right now to go trawling through that den of autism to find exceptional things he's said there.

He has a page on Metapedia, which was edited by one account all along which in 2014 appears to have requested a self-ban.

Then there's the self-importance whereby he always apparently calls himself "Attorney and Counselor at law" on every piece of stationery ever. Still compensating for something, Jase?

Anyhow. I'll leave that there. No doubt he'll continue to sperg out randomly in all directions as life goes on.

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