Jennifer Gwen Ann Armstrong / LifebyJen and Vernon Eugene Stephens III / Gene / Life by Gen X - middle-aged welfare leech food addict too fat for cancer surgery, in a co-dependent relationship with hopeless alcoholic

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Will Jen soon shuffle off this mortal coil?

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Aug 10, 2017
Jennifer Gwen Ann Armstrong aka LifebyJen is 44 year-old, yo-yo dieting deathfat and self professed food addict from West Virginia. She subsists on welfare and she has been on YouTube videos, on and of for over 10 years. In that time, the only notable thing she has done was in 2019 when she moved her online boyfriend of four years, Vernon Eugene Stephens aka Gene into her taxpayer subsidized hovel.

Gene is a recovering relapsed alcoholic from Texas who had been residing in a sober living facility there until he was asked to leave for reasons unclear. Gene did what any parasite worth their salt does— declare his love for a 550 government leech and hopped a bus to claim his woman. After moving in with Jen in November 2019, the two officially became a couple and he’s now a regular feature in her videos.
Screenshot 2020-03-01 at 6.18.47 PM.png

Jen introduces youtube to Gene [note: the only way to watch Jen is on 2X speed and I'm not sure how to do that with archives, RIP]

Gene has since put a ring on it. A #sponsored ring gifted to them from a bottom tier online junk jewelry outlet.
Screenshot 2020-03-01 at 4.34.19 PM.png
Available in extended sizes, obvi

Gene has also created his own YouTube channel (archive) where he talks about the struggles of being Gene and his one true love— whiskey.
Screenshot 2020-03-01 at 4.36.46 PM.png

The channel was seemingly abandoned after just a few videos because, according to Jen she never wanted them to have separate channels in the first place. It's just as well, because Gene is only interesting insofar as how the presence of another addict will affect Jen's trajectory. Wait for it...

In February 2020, Jen and Gene made a teary confessional video where she admitted to a bingelapse while laid up in bed with an injured back, and Gene admitted to a boozelapse while Jen was laid up in bed with an injured back. The only thing fuller than Jen's gut was Gene's closet full of empties which exploded out when he opened the door to reveal his shame to her. He didn't even make 90 days sober.

Jen and Gene finally come clean

So, it's going about as well as anyone expected.

Screenshot 2020-03-01 at 5.15.55 PM.png
You'd drink yourself stupid too, if you had to spelunk Jen's ham wallet every night just to keep a roof over your head

Jen claims she’s had stage 1 uterine cancer for years, and needs to lose weight in order to have the cancer removed. Apparently, cancer isn’t enough motivation for Jen to stick to any diet, as she can’t seem to get below 500 lbs. Jen’s highest weight was actually over 700 pounds pre-YouTube, but since Beverly, her enabler mother died, Jen has not been able to sustain that size. Only time will tell if new co-dependent caretaker Gene, whom they both swear is not a feeder, can bulk Jen back up to her former seven-hundo glory, or the equivalent of 2 adult male silverback gorillas..

Screenshot 2020-03-01 at 4.42.29 PM.png
Feeder gene comforts hongry Jen

Claiming to suffer severe anxiety and agoraphobia, Jen was housebound for her entire adult life. Jen admits that by the time she hit 30 she was nearly bedbound, and would only get out of bed to use the bathroom. For four years, Jen’s sickly, near-indigent mother Beverly would carry food upstairs to Jen’s bedroom several times a day. Even when her Parkinson’s disease got so bad she was having to crawl the stairs, Beverly still made sure her daughter's feedbag was overflowing. There is no known footage or photos of Jen at this time, what would have been her highest weight of over 700lbs.

it should be noted that Jen claims to be estranged from her father Glenn because, according to Jen, she was sexually abused by her father as a child. You can just hear that sad music from MSHPL swelling in the background.. At one point a faceless youtube channel popped up claiming to be Glenn. The videos refuted all of Jen's claims of abuse, but given that Jen's father is 80+ years old, it's more likely to have been a troll; in any case the videos are lost to time pls post if you have them

When Jen was 34 years old, Jen's mother Beverly had a fall and was hospitalized. There, it was discovered that Beverly had metastasized cancer and she died shortly thereafter. It was just one short week after her mother’s death that Jen made a new YouTube channel— her previous channel is lost to time, but Jen claims it was just about crochet.

Screenshot 2020-03-01 at 5.07.35 PM.png
My mom just died, please subscribe

On this new channel, Jen filmed from bed of course, because what else could she do? Jen was about 650lbs at this time, and she stated her intentions to lose weight, go to college and become a social worker. Jen made a few more unremarkable videos on this channel before disappearing. When Jen reemerged with a new channel LifeByJen in 2012, she claimed she had gotten down to 440 in the interim. No evidence exists for these claims and all we have to go on is the word of Jen, a lying liar who lies..

Screenshot 2020-03-01 at 5.10.18 PM.png
New channel. I mean it this time, guys. I'm even sitting up!

As with her previous YouTube channel, Jen once again stated her intention to lose weight, go to college, and eventually get off of welfare; jen has failed to make notable progress towards any of these goals in 8 years. Her content consists primarily of obscene grocery hauls (bitch is obsessed with cheese) and "What I Ate Today" videos where she portrays her daily food intake as something wholly inconsistent with a person maintaining 550lbs..

A typical grocery haul from Jen, keto friendly as usual with some junk food "for Gene"

Screenshot 2020-03-01 at 5.23.30 PM.png
Jen shows off one (of several) bags of frozen sausages in a grocery haul

Jen isn't the most exciting cow (it doesn't help that she's even more guarded than AL/Chantal) but this alcoholic feeder couch surfing parasite boyfriend era is showing some promise. Also she doesn't belong in the Fat Acceptance thread because she's not FA reeee

Jennifer Gwen Ann Armstrong
born Ohio County WV
DOB October 26, 1975 (age 44)

Vernon Eugene Stephens III
born Dallas County TX
DOB July 21, 1980 (age 39)

Jen is registered to vote as a Democrat but her registration is inactive. Gene is registered to vote in Tarrant County TX.

Beverly Georgeann Armstrong née Wallace
born Ohio County WV
DOB December 5, 1942
DOD September 4, 2010 (age 67) (

Glenn Franklin Armstrong
born Ohio County WV
DOB January 30, 1937 (age 83)

Beverly and Glenn married in 1966. Glenn remarried in 1989 to Mary Ann Burkhart.

When Jen's mother died, she owed almost $8,000 to WebBank, while the value of all her assets, including real estate, was only $6,300. Beverly was deeply in debt, probably due to having a food budget equivalent to that of a zoo.

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Sep 20, 2016
Now that all of these fatties are getting greased up and wedged out of FA and into their own well earned threads, FA is going to be so much easier to read. Great job, Twinks.

I look forward to not having to pick through just to find the latest news on Jiggle Chins and Gene Gene the Drinking Machine.


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Oct 16, 2019
I'm glad you mentioned the possibility of Gene being former military. I suspected it from the salute pic. I know that is so minor, but most people do it wrong unless they have been taught correctly. His looks almost legit (tilt is a little shallow), so maybe he was in for a while or was a military bratt. Great start to the new thread!


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Sep 20, 2016
I'm glad you mentioned the possibility of Gene being former military. I suspected it from the salute pic. I know that is so minor, but most people do it wrong unless they have been taught correctly. His looks almost legit (tilt is a little shallow), so maybe he was in for a while or was a military bratt. Great start to the new thread!
Yes! It's that and the fact he apparently has medical insurance that's portable into another state. There's no way his dad is paying for it, Gene isn't paying for it, so that leaves the VA.


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Dec 1, 2018


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May 5, 2019

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