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Maybe jf should switch it up.


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Man this is a name I haven't seen mentioned since like 2019. I never liked JF, even back when people on here (myself included) just barely tolerated GuntyKing because he would have Jim on every week. He always came off as one of those sex weirdos that seem to be prevalent in academia or at least the academics that shitpost online, like Christopher Ryan. I never went to college, and since I was a little kid and first saw Candyman on VHS I've had a distrust of them; and JF only furthered that belief. It is funny though that he's going on a Chris-esque lovequest to find a boyfriend-free female listener of to further save the white race. :story:


Not to diminish the disgusting actions of JF, but JF never uploaded the conception footage of his child to own the a-logs. Ralph deserves all the attention he gets, and it's not just due to his history as a mediocre streamhost. JF and Gunty are apples to oranges, though, even though both are definitely manipulative people who predate on young, vulnerable women.

I would say that the Gunt is less sinister than JF, quite possibly because he is so trashy. There's a sense that Gunt is what Gunt does. He simply doesn't know any better and is so pathetic that he really can't do any better than picking off his mentally deranged fans. All Gunt cares about is getting his dick wet. Everything else is incidental.

JF on the other hand has a disturbing intentionality about him. JF doesn't even need to go after the mentally handicapped to get pussy, but he does anyway because it's what he wants. He specifically targets mentally incapable women. He enjoys being able to hold all the power in the relationship and having someone completely at his mercy. Pretty fucked up in my humble opinion.
Like that time he claimed that a hospital was discriminating him based on his gender right after he confessed planning to steal his son after his birth during a psych evaluation and was such a creep that hospital personnel independently reported him for making everyone uncomfortable at the newborn ward.

JF is like a cancer on any movement or project he participates in. When he says "ze courts are an inztrooment of feemale abooze" he retroactively makes the argument for a feminist that he's a sexual predator willing to exploit whatever legal or institutional benefit of the doubt he is granted and that he wouldn't be the only one. Someone mentioned Jessica Yaniv earlier and he's exactly that. An MRA pseudointelectual Jessica Yaniv. I'm also reminded of his "Aye didn't want to bee a deadbeat father but ze bitch left me without my conzent". May science and humanity forever benefit from his galaxy nigger brain.
Why is it that all the biggest Red Pill lolcows all seem to have the most trouble with the simple, basic task of maintaining an adult relationship? This spiteful low T dweeb who professes to know so much about the world, human behaviour, psychology and relationships, talks about women the exact same way that the ugliest, meanest just downright nasty ghetto trash talk about men.

Almost as if, he's a fucking grifter who knows absolutely fucking nothing about anything.
JF is Nick Fuentes if Nick Fuentes was not gay


Can't a nigga just enjoy some batman and trains?
Isn't he already a race mixer? One of his many exes is ethnically Chinese, correct?
Possibly? I mean if she's asian retarded she would just be an IQ of 100 so it seems unlikely. I always thought he required sub 70's.


I just remembered that JF is an occasional guest on Dax "Dick Masterson" Herrera's podcast. Hopefully he gets booked soon so we can watch two predators discuss the best ways to identify and victimize vulnerable women while Sean tries not to show disgust on his face

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Still, if you take the retardation of the last GF at face value, and the complete insanity and dumbness of Mama JF, which we can verify by her appearances, it doesn't seem like a coincidence that JF had relationships with mentally disabled women, more like a pattern.
As a massively autistic person himself, it doesn't seem all that inappropriate that he choose a fellow retard.


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Ngl, thats always been my personal theory too. Maybe hes like Jeffrey Dahmer, who trained as a medic in the army.
It could also stem from a relationship he had with a neuropsych undergrad at Duke University that was deemed inappropriate by faculty. The woman was likely of above average intellect, and in JF's mind, he probably concluded that high IQ women are more independent and hence a liability. This is likely why every relationship after Duke University was with a retard; he literally wants to IQ mog them.

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