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And Jim's dirt on Linkara is sadly under explored. He alleges Linkara is a thief who plagarized most of his shtick from a blog called I-Mockery. But he just doesn't go into it. Shit. That's what I really wanted to see.

Funny, I actually ended up on I-Mockery this morning for some reason.

Honestly, looking at it, it looks like the comic reviewer there just happened to review similar comics as Linkara. But that's not really damning as these comics are extremely well known as bad.

At least Jim admitted these videos sucked in the credits.
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It had it moments but still, a limp climax to underwhelming series. At lest he can get back to making fun of more interesting weirdos on the internet now.
The main issue is this series is being done too late. If this had come out a few years ago it would've been dynamite, but at this stage this is just restating stuff a lot of the internet already knows.

My brother watches Mr Metokur and he ended up enjoying this series a lot more than we did because he had literally no idea about any of the behind the scenes going ons so it was all new to him.


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Then again the problem with DSP is that he is too predictable when it comes to mocking him and unlike CWC, doesn't seem to have alot of interesting sagas to his life.

DSP does have a number of weird individuals associated with him though (like the SOK and BSV). Those people might be worth their own episodes.
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It's a shame that he never covered Kyle Kallgren. That guy is a living joke.
He is a joke, but not a super interesting joke. Without cheap potshots at his politics there wouldn't have been much to cover, apart from his passive-aggressive internet slapfighting with Brad Jones (which I'm actually a bit surprised didn't show up) and maybe his controversial review of The Girlfriend Experience.

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So was the big thing Jim said might "ruin Linkara" was the fact he dated Iron Liz while she was in pre-op or that he stole jokes and material? I thought he would go into more detail like bringing up how he treated her while they were dating (which would be more damning than just stealing jokes), but unless there's a reason behind why he chose not to, that's a shame.

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