JK "TERF" Rowling - Liking a Tweet literally kills 4 billion troons

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They always eat their own.











No, this does not mean retards will stop comparing Harry Potter to real life situations.

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Fucking transphobic Apostles. No genderqueer trannies in the bible, this lack of representation makes HECKING MAD.

I wish trannies would just own up to being fucking gay crossdressers and not "Genderfluid/Autistic/TransWoman/Lesbian/They Pronouns"

Just because you never went camping with your dad and spent all day learning fucked up sexual fantasies from Disney Channel and videogames while you mom went searching for you a stepdad doesn't mean you should get privileged rights that make me a second-class citizen you faggots.

Edit: watching trannies :powerlevel: themselves in the ratings
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I'm not a regular to the Salt Mines, but damn, this is exactly why I come to this place every now and then.

One fucking "like". O N E . And now she's on her way to get the coveted "worse than Hitler™" award.
I'll never get tired of watching these regressive morons eating their own over something as miniscule as this. It's literally like a drop of blood falling into a fish tank filled to the brim with hungry Piranhas.
Crab mentality and oppression olympics to kick in...

It's just a matter of time until some untalented tranny trust-fund kiddy wannabe author pops up to declare that people should read literature made by genderqueer toast-kin PoCs and not that terrible TERF Rowling.

That guy deserves a thread in lolcows for this bio alone.

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Ah yes, because telling an allegedly transphobic author that all of her characters are trans will totally get her to change her mind, just like the "Samus is trans" thing did. Also, where did this "all charcters in [X} are now [Y]" thing come from? It reminds me of how autistic children tend to assert things that blatantly aren't true and then get really mad if you contradict them.

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Its been a long time coming. And it was only a matter of time. She wanted refugees into her country without actually providing a home for them. And blocked those who asked her to do so. She made fun of people who thought Hermione couldnt possibly be black because she was played by Emma Watson for the whole 8 movies. She claimed Dumbledore was gay well after the story had ended.

She continued to play herself as this wonderful all encompasing liberal social pro author when she really could have just continued to focus on actually helping people (which she's done many times before) and give random (useless) tibits about Hogwarts.

But nope, she wanted to be hip with the kids and now she's paying the price for it.

Harry potter was hard to "hate" because everyone would claim "Muh Childhood!", thus people were afraid to speak out against JK. Unlike say Twilight or Hunger Games where people crticized the books and authors a lot. Now, things are changing and people are realizing that Harry Potter isnt as great as it once was before.

Does JK care? Not really. She made enough money for a lifetime and will continue to make money till the end of the world. People will continue to buy her books, the movies, the shitty "cursed child book" and butter beer in the amusment park.

What she might care, is how people are going to remember her in the future. Its better to be known as the lovable author from your childhood than some Terf conservative punching nazi author that people are painting her as.


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It's like watching a mean girls' club in high school. One moment, you're the most popular kid in school; then one misstep and the mean girls savage your rep.

To everyone watching this witch hunt (oh the irony!) from the sidelines, or even participating in it: If the mob will do this to her, what stops them from doing it to you?
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