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Aka: Toren Victoria Valimir, Toren Wilder, Victoria "Vikki" Valimir, Starwing
Born September 8, 1971

Where to even begin.

Much of Toren's earlier life is unknown to us at this writing. The last time we are able to pinpoint his behavior as "normal" was when he was married to his now ex-wife nearly a decade ago. Since then, our friend has blossomed into a ball-less racist tranny with a DUI conviction.

One of Torens first big visible moments as Vikki came during a 2014 crowd funding campaign for an emergency orchiectomy due to impending kidney failure. Toren's moderately e-famous brother Mark Oshiro [archive] helped push this through and despite the way crowdfunding campaigns by those in the Rat King usually end, it finished a rousing success.

So much so that Toren asked his friends to stop donating money and turned the campaign off because they had met their goal. Just before Christmas in the Bay area he had his surgery. While his actions noble were noble, he has learned the wrong lesson from this experience, and now continues to try crowdfunding ventures with diminishing returns.

Toren has had a number of relationships since trooning out, and they all seem to end in one way: eviction. When he first arrived to Facebook he was dating a woman named Adina. She helped him through his surgery and supported him while he was unemployed. Sometime in March something happened that forced Toren to leave within 30 days. This brought on another attempt at crowd funding to move to Washington state. It didn't raise as much as his last one.

With his move squared away, Toren next moved in with either Jane Wild or Cassandra Quinn. Once again, something happened and Toren was forced in October of 2015 to relocate in a hurry - moving in with his next girlfriend Ariel McMillan. Once again, something happened with her and Toren was forced to move immediately after an apparently bad breakup. This brings us to his current cohabitation with that spud we all love, Philip Haskins-Delici. His history of sudden and dramatic breakups have potential to be amazing with Phil's distilled autism.

This is a match made in heaven, as they both pretend to be things they aren't, and acquire mental disorders as badges. Perhaps it was the concussions he suffered earlier in life, but Toren too has a host of DID trigged headmates who help a 45 year old man play dress up and shit. He has also been involved with many a member of the Rat King, which is not limited to:
Wesley Bailey
Brianna Wu
Lance Worth
Rani Bakr
Ty Wisocki
Phoenix Flame
Jayska Teag

And soon, @Kenneth Erwin Engelhardt!
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