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Neil Venegas

Person of Interest
This was a long time coming, but I want to introduce you all to Jonathan Elias Ross:

He's a 19 year old man-child who you may know for starting beef with the Sons of Kojima a couple years ago, debating Che and getting absolutely destroyed because he did not know how to talk a language besides "Umma umma basically"

I am glad to say that he's vastly improved his speaking skills since then, but not much else.

For about 2 years, i've been on-and-off talking to and watching this lolcow, much like a zoologist analyzing the behavior of a certain species. In that time, he's done everything under the fucking sun which i'm going to split into different sections so you can truly get a scope of how much shit he's pulled in these 2 years.



False DMCAs censorship

(The "REEEE" video)

Pedophilia Admissions
  1. https://my.mixtape.moe/anponj.mp4 (this is where he admits to watching kids naked in bathtub videos)​

  2. 269921

Ross's Response to this Thread

Intense Sperg Moments

Other Incidents

Apparently his grandma doesn't even like him:

Twitter Drama with DSPtxt and then HIS PC GOT SMASHED....but then he came back:

This nigga thinks he has PTSD:

He's SO mad that we don't believe he has depression:

Ross once PICKED HIS NOSE in a video:

He wants to be a rapper SO badly:



(Longer version of the MisterMetokur Stream)

If you think this is too much information to go through, my friend Memequeen created a documentary about Jonathan Ross and I uploaded it because it's fucking beautiful:

Or, you could just watch this silly montage I made of Ross freaking the fuck out and threatening people:

Keep in mind, these are only the instances that I can prove where he's done these illegal and awful things. There have been dozens of examples of this behavior he's shown me, but I can't really mention them if I don't have it archived.

You might also know him from his little interactions with the Kiwifarms on BrightSideViking's lolcow thread where he death-threats BSV (link in the "Death-Threats" section), then spergs out at Kiwifarms in a video because we were calling him out on his bullshit.
Funny enough, he name-calls one of my friends who has literally stayed out of this confrontation, but Ross keeps wanting to drag back in because everyone has to go down with him....right, ross?

OH, and one more thing. If you read the OP message on the BrightSideViking thread, you might have noticed an archived KingofPol video uploaded to vimeo. That video actually talks a LOT about ross and some of the shit he's done to people, I highly recommend watching it:

He also has an Encyclopedia Dramatica page, but it's more about his friend Ruby than it is about him. I highly suggest that someone finishes it:

Unintentional Catchphrases
"Umma Basically..."
"Not only that, but also..."
"Here's something..."
"I guess I failed to sweep that one under the rug, oh well." (Oh, if only he knew...)
"Are you my friend?!? ARE YOU MY FRIEND???" (he says this constantly to people who are already friends because he's a paranoid fuck)

Friends and Spergs


She frequently joins Ross's livestreams and white-knights him, while also talking over people who confront him because "they're baiting and pushing their own narrative". Despite her denying this due to her not being a feminist, she is the textbook definition of a Social Justice Warrior. Because of this, she's been nicknamed "Hole" by Mister Metokur and his fanbase.


An autistic associate of Ross who's been threatening people who come after Ross or Hole with hackers, legal charges, YouTube termination and doxxing.

Here's some videos of his autism:

And here's screenshots:

Just for the fuck of it, here's an archive of the comment section on his "Message to all people stalking Ross" video:

I will be updating this thread as new proof of his fucked up actions comes to light (or links become outdated), but for now, here's his social media:

YouTube Channels:
https://www.youtube.com/user/sonicjonathansonic (This is his original account, but only one video remains)
https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCfwuF8Zd4qmWb4hvF6Jpu0A (This was his second account, but now it's DELET'D)
https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCpD39cCtT8pHC99Tl5sa3sw (Was his livestream channel, but now DELET'D)
https://www.youtube.com/channel/UChsfgYoisMpM9hT0xN8ssqg (A ross sock account used to incriminate and attack The Saints Podcast)

Ancient YouTube Channels:
https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCKZrrfJVh0jAcPsQjTDUatw (2013 account with no face reveals)
https://www.youtube.com/user/SuperJonthanSonic/ (2013 account with face reveals)
https://www.youtube.com/user/SJSgaming1/ (Oldest channel, made in 2012 and has face reveal videos from his youngest YouTube days)

https://twitter.com/effinrawz (DELET'D)

Kiwifarms Account:



Steam Profile:



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Orc Girls Make Due

Will likely suck your dick, Resident Schizo
True & Honest Fan

Should be well to note; he's very much a beta puss.


I believe this kid likes to revel in the drama. But, I'm working on something-- Back to what I was doing for now.

Star tries it - Theory posting on Ross: There's is little or much to be said on Ross-- And this is a additive to the OP in question as me and the OP have been discussing.

Jonathan Ross may very well be Sociopath in tendencies or behavior. Allow me to elaborate.

Ross revels in chaos because it gives him a sense of control that he possibly cannot find in his own life. The fact he feels lonesome, the fact he feels underachieved. He often talks about sex-- as if it's a shining achievement he must have. But to everyone else around him. They tell him it's not amazing. Not everyone thinks about sex these days. He's the lonesome virgin on his own love-quest. Little does he know, he's little to a nobody and Ross matters to only those closest to him. Ross has the issue of no empathy and no emotion towards the chaos he causes because likely his childhood was very chaotic as well and as such, he learned to tune it out. Ever wondered why he lives with his grandparents?

That is just my theory on the madness of why Ross repeats his actions of bullheaded stupidity.
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Bryan Dunn

KoP & Exceptional Detective
True & Honest Fan
Somebody's gettin' fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuucked, Somebody's gettin fuuuuuuuuuuuuucked.~

This retard decided that after BSV threatened myself and @Null wth legal action over his thread, he would make a video sending him a death threat and than delete it to tell BSV I told him to send threats even after I told him not to ever do that.

What a special case.

Neil Venegas

Person of Interest
This exceptional individual decided that after BSV threatened myself and @Null wth legal action over his thread, he would make a video sending him a death threat and than delete it to tell BSV I told him to send threats even after I told him not to ever do that.

What a special case.

That's what he does: he starts shit and then pretends that he doesn't wanna start shit. I'm surprised it took this long for Ross to come to the farms.

Neil Venegas

Person of Interest
I don't see the opening post including the time his grandfather broke his computer.

Why not?
I still need to find his twitter arguement with DSPtxt, that's pretty much the only evidence left that it happened. And for anyone who's wondering, he tried to dox two people (but failed), a friend of mine called his grandparents and his computer got smashed to bits. Although in 6 months, they ended up buying him a new one which is what bothers me.

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