Josh's Broken Dick - A thread for Ralph's obsession with Null and the Farms as a whole


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I think Gunt talking about Josh's allegedly broke dick is disappointment and pain from rejection. There's only man the extremely hetero Ralphamale would go gay for, but Null doesnt want the thumb, and a reason why had to be made up.

Cross-posting because this was some insane shit said by gator about null.
Null's days are numbered
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Cross-posting because this was some insane shit said by gator about null.
lmfao thats so childish "fuck you faggot get aids" likes its 3rd grade.

What illegal activities?
reminding gaytor that he is not nor will he ever be jim.

also what happened to gaytor sucking jims cock and laughing at tonka for a similar "its wrong to start making memes about me because i bore you now" stance?

FInally these tweets are archived, it took like 8 hours. I still have no idea what they're talking about.
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Hate to break it to you Ralph but whining like a little bitch on Twitter is what being "phased" looks like. You didn't learn shit from your mom dying, you're still the same petulant obese midget alcoholic you always were.

And Gator, just because you walk by the College of Law at WVU on your way to bone photography class doesn't make you a lawyer. Your schizo low-IQ theories on how the legal system works have zero bearing on reality.

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