Josh's Broken Dick - A thread for Ralph's obsession with Null and the Farms as a whole

It's a cheap design and I would not feel right selling it even as a joke.

By the way, the original comment that sparked Ralph's obsession with my benis is I said that I hadn't ever had an orgasm from sex at the time. I blamed this on my circumcision. He took this as a serious L and started talking about it non-stop, but realized that it wasn't a particularly effective attack because his audience is anti-circumcision. So now he just lies and says it doesn't work at all, which is not true and has never been true. Ralph is not above outright fabrication at all, and he justifies it by saying the forum gets shit wrong.

why is his audience no


Isn't it literally your Kiwi Farms design with new words?

Yes, which is why it's cheap. I've never sold the logo on a shirt.
Ah, but you've missed the crucial, dare I say, clever, detail.

See, the official Kiwi has a long, proud beak. Extending far from the Kiwi's body.

Ralph's Kiwi has a stubby, stunted beak; flaccidly and pathetically drooping down the Kiwi's body, to remind us again of how broken Ralph was by a throw-away joke about cornJosh's penis is.

Ralph has really thought this through.

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Never cared about Ralph before the Broke dick shirt, only watched a few of his episodes with Metokur and the Boulder scandal. He really is just a boring middle aged conservative who does retarded things with even more boring co-hosts. This whole war is petty because its about a site that is as free speech as you can get vs a guy who was popular 3 years ago but squandered it by being retarted. @Null summed it up best in his friday stream who would wear that shirt in public?

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