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Pig Aloof

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We all know she'll be back. But we're all gonna pray that just this one time she's being honest.

I actually used to enjoy watching Joy's video, she had the tea with the do5 case. When she posted that huge evidence Google drive I looked through it, and it does support her claims on Rose (although she exaggerated a bit). But literally everything else is completely blown out of proportion.
Based 140 IQ & Chambers mention 4 Chan in DMs b/c they're not fimilar with image boards? They made 4 Chan go after me!
Two people laughing at her in DMs? They're working together to take me down!
Wellness check? I got swatted!

At this point I can't tell if she is exaggerating for attention or if she genuinely believes her own lies?

Dolphin Lundgren

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That "Jawwed" shit at the end was the most insufferable Joy Sparkle moment that I ever had to listen to. Holy shit, she's annoying. I love how she got so triggered by Chris Ray Gun posing in a photo with Daniel. It's probably because she was so butthurt that other well known Youtubers don't want to hang out with her.

This was a way better video than the first one he made.


Goin' Grink

I tried watching this, but had to skip through the commentary. It's hard enough watching a compilation of joys worst moments without it being compounded by repzion being equally as painful.

What I did see was disappointing. It's all just the same shit as the last one except this time joy got fat.

On a side note, repzion strikes me as the kind of person who desperately wants some friends, but can't find any because he's such an insufferable prick.

That "Jawwed" shit at the end was the most insufferable Joy Sparkle moment that I ever had to listen to.

I'm amazed anyone was surprised/shocked by Jarrod's reaction. Joy was aggressively insulting his girlfriend/wife - no one who loves their significant other is going to tolerate someone else insulting them for very long. The fact that Joy tried to file a police report against Jarrod after the fact (because she took his reaction as a serious 'death treat' against her) really left me floored.

Did she not think that someone (whether it be Jarrod or someone else) would have supplied the recorded evidence showing that Joy was the antagonist in this situation and that Jarrod's reaction was understandable?


jessica serenity yaniv simpson
God she's even worse off weight-wise than when I looked a month ago.

I haven't been following this thread for a while but was curious at seeing her after reading the above.

Lordy, she's turned into a right lard arse. I guess her diarrhea stopped at some point. Hair still as manky as ever, hence the hood. She really is gruesome to look at (I didn't have the sound on as I loathe her whiney voice)


Soviet Geneticist
Compiled images of Joy's ridiculous weight gain which she blames on the "copper IUD" she no longer even has.

Also somewhere along the line she stopped brushing or taking care of her hair completely.

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