Juan Manuel Arroyo Alcón / JMAA / JMAATV / JMAAMusic - A delusional retard blindly looking for social acceptance



Who's that?

JMAA is a delusional, failed content creator and a professional retard, the type of guy that will eat dog shit when asked to. Known for being a sperg, having absolutely no personality and copying people like Sam Hyde 1 to 1. In his long "career" of 10 years (if you can even call it one) he has made literally 0 fans, gone through multiple channels and capped at 1k views on a video with clickbait. He has moved from the leftie fag community, to the furries, to the trolls and became a outcast from them all. He keeps insisting it's the "stalkers" ruining everything so he continues. Recently its been uncovered that he works for a company that employs literal retards with downs syndrome and severe learning difficulties. Lives in San Sebastian, Spain. It's also worth mentioning that his left eye is fake.


His internet activity

About 10 years ago (while still being openly gay) he created accounts on: YouTube, Soundcloud, Reddit, DeviantArt, some Doom WAD site and other places nobody cares about. Of course everywhere he went he got called out for self-advertising and copying people. Over the time he changed as a person from a furry leftist faggot to a full blown neo-Nazi, dyed his hair blonde and started denying being gay. Here's a sample of his older content:


And it became this:

Quinton Reviews was paid by JMAA to give some tips on how to grow his channel. On video you can see how much shit he has produced dating as far back as 9 years ago from now.



He ignored everything that was said to him. After getting rightly struck multiple times, he once again begged for help but this time from Roosh V.

(timestamp: 19:55)

He then did the very thing which Roosh told him not to and got himself banned from YouTube. A new channel was made, but it's so irrelevant that youtube staff doesn't even bother removing it.


In recent years he abandoned all platforms except YouTube and Reddit. Juan was also streaming quite a bit which resulted in many hilarious situations you can read about below. Currently he's still trying to gain e-fame by posting on bitchute and his dead discord server with few people that are trolling him. I think that's enough on his history.

JMAA's prank calls


While streaming on "stream.me", Juan would often often find himself talking to no one. People promised him viewers if he did prank calls, so he listened. It was mostly cringy shit like calling into Gamestop for "big chungus" on PS4.

People wanted something better, so one day he ordered pizza for CyberDemon531 LIVE.
He muted his stream to say cybertranny's adress.
jmaa pizza.mp4
John got few more pizzas from JMAA after that. JMAA Army reached out for his opinion, but all they got back was "cringe".

Another day a random throwaway account came in and asked Juan to call in a bomb threat while pretending to be CyberTranny:

He can't be that stupid, yeah? You're wrong. (the number belongs to a Texas PD btw)

Unfortunately the recording starts in middle of the call. From what viewers saw, they claim that JMAA said "what would be the best place to plant a bomb" among other things. This got him permanently banned from stream.me without appeal.

JMAA wanted to sort out the beef with CyberTroon on the Killstream once and for all. He tweeted at Ralph Retort asking for a spot on the show:


A fan even made a buildup video!

Ralph agreed to hosting the debate, he just wanted a date from both parties. So they did talk it out in DMs:

For some reason it didn't work out, so JMAA's fans started asking in Killstream chat what happened. Unfortunately Ralph told his mods to ban anyone mentioning JMAA.

They ended up debating on JMAA's (now banned) stream.me account. You didn't miss much, tranny was high and unresponsive while JMAA didn't even know what to talk about.
Some other cringe

JMAA taking credit for Youtube HQ shooting (the Nasim one)

Jmaa doing Fortnite wank dance for Discord ranks

He streamed 2 games under NDA on Mixer. (yes, he's banned)
Guy on screenshot is a mod on Hoursemarque's discord. I think the game was alpha version of Stormdivers, not sure.

Dabbing naked for ranks


From his real facebook page

Here he is in a pink dress "trolling"

When he was streaming on Twitch someone showed him the cool thumb trick above. He kept doing it over and over despite it hurting very badly. He only stopped after one person felt bad for him and told him to stop. Sadly there's no VOD, but his face expression says it all.


Waiting for his dad's load


Talking to himself on Twitch. His only viewers were trolls and that's why they got banned.

Mental breakdown after being banned for who knows how many times. Keeps perpetuating his delusions about internet career.

Getting manipulated by his "friends" into being a moron. Recording of him eating a cig and lemon was sadly lost.

Admitting to being a sperg copycat for 100th time.



Copying "Sam Hyde is a shooter" meme.


No one came.



He just keeps repeating he will change over and over, but it's all just promises. He doesn't have anything to change, there's no personality. He went to psychiatrist multiple times with no results.

Some more delusions.


Totally not because he's gay. Also his Patreon is banned. He had "around blacks never relax" meme on it...


Perfect example of him being a copycat. The person above him is his favorite streamer which he copies word by word.


Some more posts from him about being gay.

Mental breakdown after getting banned on Twitch.
The "kill niggers" was an extension which let viewers draw on screen.

Begging for ranks in MrBTFO's discord server.

Begging his favorite streamer to fly out to him for birthday. Even offers to get a loan and pay.

This one is just sad. He was in there for good 15 minutes waiting for people to join then gave up and went AFK.

JMAA's dating profile.

There were few people raiding Twitch streamers under JMAA's name calling themselves JMAA Army. They got him banned on Twitch and Twitter for that. Here he's begging for it to stop.
He did make the video.
Here it is:

He would keep donating over and over to shill his shit streams like "I'm eating an onion doood come watch" or "I just released my book called "Mein Kampf" dooood buy it with this money I gave you".

Also he once won few thousand dollars from gambling and spent it all on "streaming hardware" for his nonexistent career. A 4K monitor, VR headset and some other high end shit he didn't need. Despite having one eye, he still bought the VR a week after his favorite streamer did.

Some other sperg videos from JMAA:

Punching himself for viewers' amusement:

Saying he won't dance naked for Discord roles:

Does the very thing he said he wouldn't:

Wank dab:

Wank 2

Screaming "nigga" at random person:

JMAA's Twitch stream gets spammed with porn:
jmaa raided.mp4

Apology video for unban:

Yet another apology:

The wank dance videos were also sort of apologies to get unbanned. He did one, then managed to fuck up badly once again shortly after. The streamer jokingly told him to make another naked dance. He took it seriously and did it, then streamer told JMAA he said a wrong word and made him redo it.

Some bonus sound clips:


Embedding uploaded videos completely bugs out the thread and once completely erased everything I did, so I just linked the attachments.


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Yeah no that older one sucks. This OP is god tier. He even uses the "please I'm not responsible I have autism" excuse :story:
lol who let this absolute retard have access to a rifle?



It doesn't let me see that thread, but I hope mine won't get removed because of it. Also yes, that is JMAA. His last post are revenge for getting banned by his favorite streamer currently known as MrBTFO. There's so much stuff on JMAA that I didn't include... I will edit some more in if I can

AF 802

initially thought this was gonna be pa for some reason but actually extremely well-written and shit seems archived. good job op

also please send eyebleach to 3500 Deer Creek Rd, Palo Alto, CA 94304 so i can wash that "fortnite wank dance" from my eyes forever

> tesla hq address

Elon, is that you?

Karl Paulo

Have to reply here as I've been highly involved in JMAA's lore. The username he knows me by is Killroy and I was the one who originally got him to do the naked Fortnite dance (AKA the "Wank for rank").

I met JMAA from a certain streamer's discord and originally intended to help him understand why he was failing on YouTube and gave him some legitimate advice he could have followed to rectify his issues. He being a mong obviously ignored said advice and started to make more copy-paste content stolen from other YouTubers which lead to me becoming one of his major detractors and trolls.

One of my first forms of trolling JMAA which really set him off was the "JMAA army" saga. Me and some allies formed a unit called the JMAA Army who systematically mass-raided small streamers, flooding their chat with messages such as "JMAA sends his regards" and filling their discord servers with porn and hateful .gifs centering around Juan.


As these raids came to JMAA's attention (due to various larger streamers coming to JMAA and mass-reporting him) he thought the best defense would be to make videos on his Twitter (now suspended). The content of these videos basically consisted of JMAA repeating my username, calling the people reporting him "fucking idiots" and then babbling on like usual about "lefty tactics" being deployed. These people were then coming to my server and messaging me accusing me of things the JMAA army and I had obviously done, however using my wits and sharp tongue I managed to convince them that I was in fact innocent and JMAA had made various threats to my family and was doing the exact same thing to me that he was doing to them.


Click here for a good read...

Eventually as these raids reached their height JMAA reached out and contacted me asking for forgiveness. We came to an agreement that if he gave me $100 and hosted my friend Barry Collars' streams he would be absolved and the raids would cease.

This agreement lasted two days before one of JMAA's favourite streamers at the time laughed at him and called him pathetic for agreeing to it which sent Juan in a rage, he messaged me saying he would not be paying me and to fuck off. I once again began raiding in JMAA's name and started gathering his information hardcore style from his Facebook and other places he had stupidly dox'd himself. I had promptly discovered his workplace.

Suddenly out of the blue sometime later JMAA messages me and says he will pay me and asks for my Paypal and being sensible and not a tard like him I added a new throwaway email to my Paypal so he could pay me without being able to obtain any private information. He goes ahead and sends me $1 and tells me to fuck off and I imagine cackled to himself thinking he had just trolled me big time, he however had just made a big mistake and gave me his phone number that he hadn't wiped from his Paypal ?. Doxing your own phone number, the most classic troll in the book.

There's more information to be had about me and JMAA's beef but nothing comes to mind rn and I can't find anything necessarily useful to put here besides what I already have but imagine I'll update at some point.


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You guys are fully aware that the OPs who make this thread are Britbong/ManlyTears/MrBTFO shills, right?

OP, if no one cares about me, why do you make a Kiwi Farms thread?

Just fyi.

I am a fan of streamer you raided then became interested in all the stuff you've done. You say we're "shills" as if that counters anything said in this thread. And no I don't care about you as a person you're just entertainment. Though your co-workers at Gureak must be suicidal at this point sitting next to you everyday.


Shaka Brah

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I am a fan of streamer you raided then became interested in all the stuff you've done. You say we're "shills" as if that counters anything said in this thread. And no I don't care about you as a person you're just entertainment. Though your co-workers at Gureak must be suicidal at this point sitting next to you everyday.

Didn't @CarlPalucci just admit to faking those raids for blackmail money?

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