Inactive Julius William Knispel / Bill Knispel / Julie Knispel / PeakTranarchy / XYCyberJulie - Fat Gross Old Man, Deeply in Debt, Online "Wife" of Toren, Enjoyed Putting Things in his Butt

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Such a beautiful, proud woman.

He looks exactly like Phil down 50 pounds. Even the rat teeth are the same.
Jonathan's taste is so predictable.


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William has managed to get himself into a bind by being a deadbeat loser who abandoned his family. It turns out, when the only people left in your life are troons there's not much to fall back on.

By his own admission, Bill had nearly 1 million in medical debt for his cancer treatments. After getting the all clear from doctors, he abandoned his wife and daughter and has tried to saddle them with the burden so he can live his lifestyle of getting banged by creeps like Livy. This could be an attempt by him to hide from creditors more.

In the eyes of a fat old man, getting doxxed ranks up there with his mother and uncle dying, and father being nearly dead. His "leaving in a hurry" wasn't for safety it was for a trip to fuck Livy paid for with money he didn't have and isn't paying to his ex wife and kid. If his brother is "credibly threatening" him it's for, I'd have to imagine, trying to mooch off their father and start shit over the inheritance. Never change you narcissists.

lol "for the escape"


But... how weird, when he posted an ebegging page a month ago, he was simply behind on rent because of his refusal to get a job (and his whining is just that considering he worked all through his chemotherapy and continued after it until he was fired from the stereo store)

Why would this jobless mooch who spends all day playing WoW have rent problems? It's a mystery



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I figured there had to be a reason he left his troon perv perch with Livy. I was convinced he was never going to leave her sofa. Looks like he did hoping to get his hands on some money from dying relatives. When that didn’t pan out and his dad needed actual help coping with his wife’s death and a failing heart Good old Bill e-begs to get the hell out of there and back to troonvana with Livy.

I can’t wait till Livy’s crazy BPD ass kicks his creepy ass to the curb and Bill finds himself in a similar position to his father, only with no family that gives any fucks about him withering away in some city’s homeless shelter.
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Crosspost. Someone didn't want to get involved in gender politics, Bill joined the dogpile and has been melting down because he got blocked.
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He chimped over some other account too.

Now inactive.

"Juliette (Julie) Alexandria Knispel passed away Saturday, February 27, 2021 at home surrounded by her loving family, Lily Espon, Lydia Watts, and Lynn Martin.
Julie was born in Flemington, NJ, she was the daughter of Julius William and the late Deborah Blackwell Knispel. Julie attended North Hunterdon High School and Miskatonic University.
Julie was preceded in death by her mother and a brother, Kevin L Knispel. Surviving besides her family are her partners, Luna, Fiona, and Emily.
Julie had many loves in life, her online friends, music, karaoke, wolves, star gazing and walking by Hamlin Lake. Julie was an avid Transgender Rights Activist.
Torrey will be holding a Zoom Pod Cast at a later date. Funeral arrangements are under the direction of Frame Funeral Home, Eldred, PA. "

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