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I read that as Assigned Cop At Birth at first.

Back on topic but what or who is that in Knipsel’s twitter profile picture? Is it meant to be themselves?

Yes, I think so. Notice the red hair parted on the side, like he uses in his pictures. And of course, no troon is a complete true and honest troon if their avatars aren't made in animu kawaii-chan style

A possible relative?

Kurt Knispel, the most successful
Let me stop you right there.

Admittedly here, I'm only 90% certain that Bill has this debt. My very good friend and heterosexual life partner @zedkissed60 said there's a "Julius William Knispel" who's been sued a bunch of times for debt but due to Jersey's exceptional system doesn't know if it's Bill Jr. or Bill the III. However, knowing that this guy who worked at knockoff radio shack spent a year dealing with cancer and is now almost assuredly living with his mother, I'm concluding it's legit him getting beat up by the hospitals for not paying for his treatments.

If it turns out otherwise I'll be surprised but based on how much medical treatments cost and the absolute failure of this mans life, I'm going to say it's him and it's close to 6 figures of debt.
What form of cancer did he have?

Having an anime waifu?
Time for a debate thread

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Julius has joined his pedophile friend Freyja Falke behind the twitter protection.


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Since Julius has decided to go dark and hide his gross behavior, I guess I should go back in time and find out more about him. This is a work in progress and will take a while but I've already struck gold.

Ex-Wife: Donna Knispel (maiden name currently unknown)
Daughter: Veronica Knispel (11 as of 2002)
Previous Employment:, other box retail stores
Cancer: Non-Hodkins Lymphoma

So imagine this: A man who's wife and child have suffered through three years of cancer treatments with him, doing everything they can to get him through chemo while he still works. After he is in remission his way of thanking them is to continue his deviant behavior until, eventually, he drives them off and goes around stuffing things in his butt on social media because no one else will be around him.

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Wow, this sounds horrible. A life-threatening disease can seriously fuck your mind up. Some people become bitter and nervous, or even outright nihilistic. And there's always a bunch of people who turn their lives completely around and mutate to saints. Whatever happens to you - you will not live the same life before your diagnosis.

This makes me wonder, if Knispel always has been a degenerate that just suppressed his urges and decided now to show his true colours or if his sickness turned him into a crazy. My money is one the first option, though.

Whatever it is, I do hope that his daughter will never see his pictures...


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Chances are sooner or later she's going to find out. Though as she gets older her mom will likely tell her some things about her father.

His daughter is 26 years old now, so if anything she's already dimly aware of her fathers proclivity towards deviance on social media. I'm still curious if he's like a lot of the other rat king where he dresses up on social media and then is a normal fat dude out in public to try and hide it.


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A 44-year-old man plays a Twitter game meant for Tumblr teens. To his credit, he actually threaded his responses properly unlike many cows.



Preferred name
1) i don't have a preferred name. i have a name. and it's Julie

2) 44

no, i am not as young as you think i am

Mental age
3) depends on the day, but anywhere from 20s to as old as i am or older

4) 69 inches

(5 foot 9)

5) i have one. i'm an aries

Longest relationship
6) too long. 13 years

Crush (Cow crossover with Timothy Janes, and I doubt a single one of these is actually female)
7) a lot. livy. chelle. lily. jenn. rosa. freyja. a mess more

8) none of my own, but i'd love a pixie bob

9) usa, nj, it's in my bio

10) 10) [sic] angela and sera. vastra and jenny. korra and asami. kate kane and maggie sawyer. vlad iii tepes and mina murray

Eye colour
11) hazel

Hair colour
12) red

Fav foods
13) burgers. pizza. american chinese. baked pastas

Food you hate
14) liver

Fav song
15) right now it's prolly strength of the world by a7x

Song you hate
16) umm...prolly none?

Fav animal
17) wolves

always wolves

One wish
18) to be with the ones i love. to wake up with them each morning. to protect and be protected, to care for and be cared for, to fall asleep with each night

Kik name
19) kik...ball?

kids these days and their weird words

(i'm not on kik)

Relationship status
loved and claimed

First kiss
21) i don't even remember :/

22) she/her

23) i say queer because it seems to fit best. as my preferences are 95% femme leaning, i also use dyke

24) femme. and trans.

Type of attraction
25) what even is this question?
umm, like...i really have no way to know how to answer this, sorry

Someone you love
26) i won't name just one. that's unfair. esp as i do not hierarchically delineate the people i love

i love MANY people

i am IN LOVE with a subset of that

and it's smaller than you might think

Someone you miss
27) livy. chelle. lily. no hierarchy there...all in equal measure and all in different but equally important ways

Something you hate (:story: He also claims he hates pedos, when at least one of his 'crush' is a convicted child rapist)
28) transmisists. doxxers. fascists. nazis. racists. terfs. swerfs. cheeto hitler and his evil axis of evil. misogynists. paedophiles and paederasts.

29) doctor who. 40k. x-files. warcraft. the prisoner. python

First fandom
30) prolly dc comics stuff back when i watched super friends in the old days :-)

Cow crossover


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tl:dr "the most picked-upon, saintly ppl in the world are trans, pls gib asspats"

Maybe if troons decided to focus on keeping a job, a home and some stability instead of flinging it all up in the air to wear little girl clothes in public, they wouldn't be so maligned. But heaven forfend a troon take any responsibility for themselves.

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Where does he work? I went to see if it got mentioned in any of the replies, but it was just full of this faggoty shit.


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