IP2 Justin Schainberg / SJC / Scuffed Jim Carrey / Jewmob / ReelJustin - Autistic Failed actor , Streamer, Delivery boy, CP spammer , Troll , Doxer, Woman Abuser, Harassment Coordinator, Voldermort of IP2

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A little late but the thread didn't exist yet, a few months back Tessi another IP2 streamer with a splinter thread of her own wrote a couple of diss tracks for the network and one of them was targeted at SJC [its not very good]

Also Adin Ross Is Swatted By Police At His Impromptu Block Party At Cookies N Kicks On Melrose Ave. SJC is there at the scene
I've now edited and shared Linzee's instagram live from a couple of weeks back. You can find it here on page 3

I'm having trouble keeping track of what's been shared already of the older clips and what hasn't. Tomorrow, patience and motivation willing, I will hopefully upload some long videos of him cleaning and cooking from his stream 3 days ago which give a good view of the state of his place 3 weeks since Linzee left.

Here's another of Justin's old youtube channels and his mom Linda's youtube channel

I forgot about Justin's car. Justin drives a circa 2002 Lexus. It's faults are, the air conditioning doesn't work, the driver's seat leather and the first layer of foam underneath have worn away in places, the cup holder on the center console has broken, the center consoles vinyl/leather is also torn up, there is a massive scratch on the back left handside of the body, and one of the side mirrors is broken. There is also an issue with his transmission that requires him to wait 15-25 minutes before he can drive the car after it has sat overnight, or else it will not shift into gear and the car will slow down or stop entirely.

Other faults which I'm unsure if they are still present or not are that he was driving with a Florida license plates for months after having established residency in Los Angeles and there was some issue with his headlights.

Here you can see the result of the car's startup issue despite Justin having just waited at least 20 minutes before attempting to drive it. Initially it can drive as he is going down the ramps in the parking garage he uses and then it shits the bed once he gets out onto the road.

sjc car.jpg

sjc car seat.jpg



Based Surfer destroys SJC and mocks his fake autism

Sag aftra actor justin schainberg aka SJC admits he's willing to suck dick for money

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The screenshots of dm's between Justin and chunky_luva are faked. Chunky made them because of similar messages Justin had posted in Attila's discord purportedly of Linzee saying nigger and threatening to kill herself. He said "the chat logs don't lie" and thus the fake dm's with him were created.
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I'm a little worried I'm not doing the best job of cutting up these videos without maybe crushing the quality a little as I go but hopefully it's good enough.

Why would anyone want to watch Justin cook and clean? Well to witness the 300 sqft state of filth and clutter he and his dog live in just approximately 3 weeks after his live-in maid left. He will gloat about the quality of any food he orders or makes but I think most people wouldn't be comfortable simply inhaling in his place let alone eating. The highlight is when he opens his toilet lid with his bare foot then drains the water from his pasta into it.

I also have some good news for people that like bad news. Justin's precariously balanced on a stool airfryer finally fell off and broke at the back. I'm not sure if it was caught on stream or if it still works but he was already on the phone to his mom to tell her about it when I checked in. He seems to be under the impression that the warranty or Walmart Protection Plan they paid for would cover acts of doofus. I've never shopped at Walmart but from what I can see on their website, the air fryer comes under General Merchandise and is only covered for mechanical and electrical failures, failures from normal wear and tear, power surges or supply failure, and "won't power on".

Justin's apartment and cleaning attempt approx 10-08-2021 part 1

Justin's apartment and cleaning attempt approx 10-08-2021 part 2

Justin cooks pasta approx 10-08-2021 part 1

Justin cooks pasta approx 10-08-2021 part 2

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@Wheezy Asthmatic yeah its going with the rest of the IP2 threads , I've asked the contributors if they see anything wrong, they seem satisfied with it. most of the clips spoilered we're supplementary, I might clean it a little more so it looks better, but still I think it's good to go.
SJC in Attila's discord VC on 13-8-2021. Not the most interesting thing but not terribly bad. Linzee joins here and there

Parts 1 of 6. I was not provided with any recording of the conversation prior to part 1.

Below is a small collection of more pictures of Justin


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Justin was assaulted and had one of his phones broken while streaming after midnight in Los Angeles. He told Linzee that his other phone is broken too and also said on the stream after that it's smashed but he was still able to stream from it and call so it's unclear what he meant. During a PS5 Fortnite stream later in the morning he said he is not able to stream with that phone and that he needs a new streaming phone.

Justin fucks around and finds out. ~3am Los Angeles 14/08/2021

Note: Justin mutes the stream briefly early on in the video

Justin's first stream following the assault





Then more Discord weirdness. I understand chunky_luva has some more funky dm's that I hope to have and share with you all tomorrow.

In his Deadcord


and in Attila's discord



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Its perfect ,I'll archive where I can ,I'm not surprised how poorly he treats Nelly, no one is safe from his abuse.
View attachment 2413735
The sounds of the clip appear that Justin knocked over the soup himself and spergged out at Nelly. How is a dog going to break a bowl? Calling her a rat face piece of shit and a bitch is sad. I feel for that dog and the food she's getting if for a large breed will cause issues for her. It also disgusts me seeing him washing her anal glands in the bath what the fuck, that's just why? Get her to a doctor, online vet? Get the fuck outta here you lazy bum.
Just make it to 20 seconds.
Apparently this allows to scrape an entire youtube channel.
How? Does someone know of a video that walks you through this process. I thought might be especially useful as this a-hat streams A LOT.
Jdownloader will dl an entire channel when linked too. It's wonderful.
Well it appears Justin is the kind of person to believe that Cx Coin [ a crytpo-coin set up Ice Poseidon] isn't a scam
View attachment 2418013
View attachment 2418016
Bet it all on Ice, do it faggot!
No worries. I will leave it up here as it does mention how he got started. I wish I could find those clips.
Waiting to see what happens on Saturday.
Negz did a stream on this guy.
I only cut out the interview. In the whole stream Negz used a clip where he fingers L to see if she is still on her period. I did not see that one in the compilations and was wondering if any Kiwi can point us to that one? I tried looking but again could not find it. I would like it to be upfront. Warning he porn bombs but Negz censored it.
View attachment 2420568
I time stamped 5 other things I have to see how they are from that August 3rd stream. Not worth clipping them out. Just his mild manipulation. The one I put up first is the worst one out of the stream.
Link to the full Negz stream about SJC.
My boy @shawnphase coming in with the deets!

Quality thread as usual @Empresa worth a winner sticker before even reading it along with several very informational posts by fellow kiwis! SJC is a deranged mental exceptional individual who has to abuse others feeling a superiority complex over them like the elderly and mental women to get his kicks. The guy has no idea how to raise a dog and I feel horrible for Nelly, that poor doggo needs a hair cut so badly and to be fixed. Getting an animal fixed isn't even expensive, he could go in crying poor and probably get it discounted by half just because it's for the best. I cannot wait until Justin himself signs up with an account here or some type of sock to run defense for himself.

Cross post, SJC was robbed on stream. 8-14-21


Im honestly suprised it took this long for him to end up on kiwi. I don't know if its people simping for lauren or because he's so niche. But he truly is a lolcow and deserves his own dedicated section. He's a horrible person who routinely floods places with cp to try to get them shut down. IRL racist. IRL transphobic and homophobic. Is a shitty person to everyone he comes into contact with. He is an emotional vampire. He is dellusional and any attention you give him, good or negative will just result in him thinking he is famous. He is 100% the definition of a coomer

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