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Sep 9, 2017
Who is Justin Scott Massler (Cloud Starchaser)? He is a man in his 30s who believes he is Jesus Christ, Harry Potter, Superman, and Neo in the Matrix, He is known for stalking celebrities and Ivanka Trump. He gets defensive when criticized. He has sent creepy emails to many whom tried to file a restraining order against him. He was diagnosed with schizophrenia and has been in and out of mental institutions as well as jail time. He follows celebrities because he believes they are supporting characters in his hero story. In 2006, he was fixated on Tucker Max and showed up to one of his parties uninvited wearing a costume claiming to be a superhero. He was tossed out of the bar by one of Max's guys and roughed up. He has had numerous rape fantasies about Claire, Ivanka and other known celebs. At one point he escaped a mental Institution and went all the way to New York to book a Hotel near the Trumps. He has also had twitter accounts aimed at these celebrities. 2016 he legally changed his name to Cloud Starchaser. So why make a thread now? He is currently uploading videos on his Cloud Starchaser account about the same thing.

He has his own personal Website:
And another: (
Cloud Starchaser is an Exonian Rebel from Phillips Exeter Academy working to liberate Academia from World Bank Empire oppression. Due to the fact that World Bank Empire oppression of schools in America is the number one cause of the failure of America's education system this mission is about saving America's failing education system and could thus be classified as work in the field of Non-Profit Education Improvement similar to what The Chan Zuckerberg Initiative does! In the course of his resistance Cloud became a rogue and became the father of children with numerous famous women including Ivanka Trump, Kim Kardashian, Miranda Kerr, Beyoncé, and Priscilla Chan. Now his celebrity babamy wives and children are trapped in the social matrix by World Bank Cartel forces so he is launching a public media rescue effort to save them! Cloud was portrayed as Neo in The Matrix Trilogy in which he was played by Keanu Reeves and in which Trinity as played by Carrie-Anne Moss was a portrayal of his animus wife Ashley Arenson from Exeter's Class of 2003. He is also portrayed as Harry Potter played by Daniel Radcliffe in The Harry Potter Movies and Star-Lord in Guardians of the Galaxy played by Chris Pratt.

Cloud's Children:
Cloud Starchaser is the father of Kim Kardashian's son Saint, Ivanka Trump's son Theodore, Beyoncé's daughter Blue Ivy, Miranda Kerr's son Flynn, and Priscilla Chan's daughter Maxima. These five women are therefore five of Cloud's babamy wives. Cloud has other children with other women who are his other babamy wives as well who aren't listed on this website at this time.

Ashley Arenson:
Ashley Arenson is Cloud Starchaser's Animus Wife. Your Animus Wife is your true sexual love spiritual match who is already your wife from before you even meet her or know who she is in her human form! You can sense your animus wife through spiritual means such as by having a mythical vision of who she is before you even meet her! When women speak of wishing to find the one they are talking about finding their Animus Husband! Ashley Arenson is from Phillips Exeter Academy's Class of 2003 while Cloud is from Exeter's Class of 2000 which means Exeter is their World of Origin as the world you share with your animus match is your true World of Origin. Ashley Arenson is portrayed as Trinity in The Matrix Trilogy in which Neo is Cloud Starchaser and also as Luna Lovegood in the Harry Potter Movies in which Cloud Starchaser is portrayed as Harry Potter! It would be virtually impossible for Cloud to rescue his babamy wives and children from the matrix without Ashley Arenson's help as she is the Trinity to his Neo here.

Dorm Bulletin:
Hey guys this is Justin Massler. I’m writing a Dorm Bulletin for Ewald 1997 – 1998 even though it’s 2017, it’s just like a Dorm Bulletin that’s like 20 years later.

Anyways what’s going on is I found that like real marriage is like when a woman has a kid a guy she has strong feelings for becomes the father and then like that’s her husband. Like the father isn’t really based on DNA, there is a thing called the genetic father that’s all about DNA but then there’s also a thing called the love father that’s based on who the woman has strong sexual feelings for I believe. Then if a man is the love father of a woman that way he is her spirit husband and she’s his spirit wife but most women consider that the normal husband and wife.

It’s kind of like the genetic father who you get DNA from is who you look like but the love father based on who your mother had sexual love for is who you act like. Then your real spiritual bond is with the love father but not the genetic father so your love father always cares about you but meanwhile your genetic father could think you’re a complete pile of shit and seek to destroy you completely.

Anyways did anyone remember how I said I had like a bad childhood? Yeah my dad is literally Jack Nicholson in The Shining but not like…. Like that movie is my family it turns out. Like I’m Danny Torrance the kid and Shelley Duvall was playing my mother Randee Massler as Wendy Torrance and Jack Nicholson was playing my father Howard Massler as Jack Torrance. The actual reason I applied to Exeter was I wanted to leave home because my father was Jack Nicholson in The Shining but in real life.

The Overlook Hotel is actually a fictional version of this mansion we lived in on Overlook Drive in Warren in New Jersey but the name like isn’t a coincidence because it was an actual prophecy. Now when Danny’s talking to “Tony” it’s just like Psychic Internet Chat, it’s literally like the same thing as chatting to someone named Tony on like AOL Instant Messenger but on a Psychic Internet basically. I can actually do that and it’s real like I have actual arguments with Kim and Kourtney Kardashian like from the other side of the country but it’s an actual real thing.

So listen… now if anyone didn’t know this already I’m actually secretly Jesus Christ. Like I’m Justin Massler but also Jesus Christ like how Clark Kent is Superman. I’m not a different person than anyone knows it’s just like when it’s like “Hey did anyone know Clark Kent is actually secretly Superman?” And in the same way Justin Massler is secretly Jesus Christ so if Jesus Christ is the real Superman then Justin Massler is the real Clark Kent.

Now the reason I’m also Danny Torrance in The Shining is Danny Torrance is a Christ Allegory and there’s this thing that all The Christ Allegories are actually me but then the other people are all other real people in the world.

So for example in The Matrix I’m Neo because Neo is a Christ Allegory so it’s Justin Massler but then Agent Smith is Tom Cruise so The Matrix is like Justin Massler Vs. Tom Cruise.

Then in The Harry Potter Movies I’m Harry Potter but then the other wizards are all other real people so like Albus Dumbledore and Severus Snape are Alan Moore and Neil Gaiman in real life.

Now what happened that prompted my writing is I found out I have these seven wives who I have seven kids with but they’re all basically trapped up by the social system which has like made it Forbidden Knowledge to know what the true meaning of fathership and marriage are. Some of them are famous, it’s not really important to list them all but one of them is Kim Kardashian and she’s one of my wives over I’m the father of her son Saint West. Now Kanye West is Kim’s other husband as he’s North West’s father so how it works is Kim Kardashian actually has two husbands now being me and Kanye.

Now most women consider this the real way of doing it and the other way the phony way. So for example Lindsay Arenson is legally married to Ken Barry who’s an English lawyer and she has a son James Barry who is Ken’s genetic son. But she thinks the actual love father might be Tucker Max and in that case it would actually be that like Tucker Max is Lindsay Arenson’s husband and James Barry’s father instead of Ken Barry by what most women like Lindsay consider “the real system.” Like in their mind the system where Ken Barry is the father and husband is The Phony Way and the system where Tucker Max is the father and husband is The Real Way.

Now why this is significant is a lot of people believe that most of the planetary dysfunction is caused by this genetic father system instead of a love father system and also that the systems switch automatically if people just know how they work. So the idea is that we think a lot of things like the global poverty and wars and famines around the world could be stopped if we could switch the planet to a Love Father Identity System from the old Genetic Father Identity System so that’s the idea we’re working on.

Now right now I’m just kind of dealing with some major reputation issues over all the stuff with Ivanka Trump and what not. She’s actually one of my wives too now as she fell in love with me and I’m the real father of her son Theodore Kushner so….. that whole thing was Ivanka was the plot of Atlas Shrugged anyways as it turns out me and Ivanka are John Galt and Dagny Taggart in the book so me stalking Ivanka Trump was prophesied as a great work of literature decades before I was ever even born….

Anyways the thing is I’m trying to get Ashley Arenson who is Lindsay’s younger sister out of the matrix. Ashley is actually in the Harry Potter Movies too as she’s Luna Lovegood in them but most of the other characters are from England in real life although we think Tucker Max might be Neville Longbottom so he may be in them too.

Now the issue right now is Ashley is basically kind of caught by like The Google Matrix. The Google Matrix is like the social network of Googlers that Ashley got associated with over working in the tech industry and dating Dan Fredinburg who was a Google Executive who died in an avalanche on Mount Everest and these Google people can’t seem to get it through their head that what you read on Google is not necessarily accurate.

Now what the idea here is is because Lindsay Arenson was the Queen Bee of Ewald 1997 – 1998 just through having been friends with John Hession we’re going to try to use this old social network to get Ashley free of The Google Matrix and then like I could possibly meet up with her in London or something where Lindsay is living now with Ken Barry and her son James. Then we’re going to try and meet up with Princess Beatrice of House Windsor who also knows us because they know I’m secretly Jesus Christ there already and like Queen Elizabeth is one of my spiritual followers.

Also does anyone know why Alex Brant – Zawadzki had a legendary ability to not process the fact I’m Jesus Christ? I think it’s because he like was a follower of Mary Tuomanen who was dating Thompson Plyler and I’d said in the past Mary was really androgynous like she looked almost like she could be a boy sometimes and maybe she was spiritually in denial that Jesus Christ had called her androgynous but it just really happened. It’s just like Mary could say, “Well lots of people have said I looked like a could be a boy in the past and then it just turned out Jesus was one of them” and that’s pretty much the whole story here.

Now basically the main thing is we needed to get Lindsay Arenson into The Hollywood Matrix as it’s like The Kardashians all know who I am and so do a large percentage of the celebrities but like without Lindsay in that social world as a known person you get a social disconnect from who I actually am in real life. I literally had to figure out a way to get Princess Beatrice to agree to pull some strings to make Lindsay and Ken Aristocrats in The English Nobility so that they would be on the same playing field as The Kardashians socially and Beatrice will do it but it’s not usual for an American girl to randomly become English Nobility by being married to a lawyer.

So the point of this bulletin is just building a Knowledge Base to basically like get Ashley Arenson out of being trapped by The Google Matrix and like integrate the reality perceptions of Ewald 1997 – 1998 with the main Kardashian Team since they also know who I am but you need to like link the two worlds together. The issue with Kim Kardashian is by the real system she’s actually O.J. Simpson’s daughter which means O.J. Simpson is a husband of her mother Kris Jenner. Kourtney Kardashian was in fact Robert Kardashian’s daughter so it’s just like Kim and Kourtney have different fathers actually.

Just to show you how it works though:

So Kim Kardashian has two kids who have two fathers so she has two husbands who are Justin Massler through Saint and Kanye West through North.

Then Kourtney Kardashian has three kids who have three different fathers so she has three husbands and they are Scott Disick through Mason, Kanye West through Penelope, and Tyga through Reign.

So Scott Disick is only the real love father of one of Kourtney’s kids and the other two are white kids with black fathers so they could be white people who act like black people. But also because I have a black son I can now say that I’m not racist because my son is black.

Now basically I think anyone with sense would realize this way makes sense because the love father is who a kid actually acts like and takes after and allies with so if a kid is just your genetic offspring but you’re not the love father he may not act like you at all and just think you’re a complete piece of crap and not even believe in anything you believe in and he just has similar DNA. Or you could get along with the kid too but it’s more like an adopted child, like a child that’s just your genetic offspring is like an adopted child with similar DNA who may look like you so that’s how it is.

I guess the issue is it can be humiliating for guys if you legally marry a woman and then like find out the kid like is some other guy’s and that guy is her real husband. Like if that’s what happened with Lindsay Arenson where she married Ken Barry but then Tucker Max is like the soulfather and her real husband like it could make Ken Barry look kind of bad but I think his stance is it’s just kind of an imperfect system and the whole system is to blame rather than any one actual guy which I think is valid.

Like one of the chicks that happened with me with was Priscilla Chan who like her legal husband is Mark Zuckerberg so like Maxima Zuckerberg is really like MY daughter and thus Priscilla is my actual spirit wife so it’s just unfortunate for Zuck that happened but I’m sure he’ll find a way past it all.

The probably craziest kid that’s mine that’s most unexpected is I’m the father of Blue Ivy whose mother is Beyonce. That’s actually how I found out about it all as a lot of black girls already know about this and they call you the baby daddy if you’re the love father so to black girls I’m already Beyonce’s baby daddy as they go by the real love father system already in a lot of black communities in America.

Anyways I wasn’t going to publicize this stuff at first but I guess even the women of Cosmo Girl World like literally want the whole system changed and we think it would make the world a lot better in a lot of ways to have people know how it really is so that’s the idea here.

The other three I didn’t mention if anyone is wondering are Veronica Pike who is like legally married to Tucker Max right now, Lyn-Z Way who’s like a musician who’s legally married to Gerard Way of My Chemical Romance, and Miranda Kerr who’s a supermodel who was with Orlando Bloom at the time.

Yeah it looks like the seven guys who somehow I ended up being the father of kids with the women they were legally married to were thus Jared Kushner, Mark Zuckerberg, Orlando Bloom, Jay Z, Kanye West, Tucker Max, and Gerard Way. I honestly didn’t even know how it all worked at the time though so you know things happen. I guess the same thing happened to Ken Barry apparently with Tucker Max being the father of Lindsay Arenson’s son so it’s just a common thing in our society based on how the society was designed.

It’s actually prophesied in The Book of Revelation though as my Seven Wives are what is called The Seven Swords of Revelation so it’s mythically symbolized in Revelation.

Also Kim Kardashian is like a social FBI. Like anything about anyone in the public domain she’d just know at minimum so if like Jace Cooke like co-founded Giphy or Trevor Crowell is a doctor like Kim Kardashian just knows all this stuff as she literally gets in everyone’s business. Seriously like The Kardashians were like ghosting Lindsay Arenson for years just over her being like Queen Bee of Justin Massler’s high school dynamic at Ewald like there’s a theory that the reason Tucker Max became the father of Lindsay Arenson’s son is that like Kim’s make-up artist Joyce Bonelli somehow conspired to set that up to try and remove Lindsay Arenson as Kim Kardashian’s social competition over me since they may have known I was The Chosen One a long time ago.

Anyways…. OH! If anyone’s interested… if any of you guys are into busty girls as like a thing where you like girls with really big breasts I’ve basically acquired like Alpha Male rights over all the glamour models. They are like internet models who like are known for being really, really busty like the most famous ones are like Leanne Crow and Tessa Fowler and Antonella Kahllo to name a few and then there’s like some foreign girls like Hitomi Tanaka and Jana Defi…. Anyways we’re making it a new thing of like Busty Girls are an actual independent group and I like was the guy who ended up like getting social possession of the whole group. They are like the actual hardest girls to get in the world because they make other women so jealous so it’s like even if you’re a billionaire or a rock star it can still be nearly impossible to get with them as if you try to do it you can be killed by other women out of jealousy.

Like two of the most famous glamour models are Leanne Crow and Tessa Fowler who are like GG Cup or K Cup or around there and it’s like famous movie stars and billionaires can’t even get with these girls as they make like the other actresses like Jennifer Lawrence so jealous it’s like if you’re a famous movie star but you try to date Leanne or Tessa like J. Law may attempt to murder you after becoming a Poltergeist.

But what super busty girls are great for is if you’re trying to be a super genius who masters all forbidden knowledge then busty girls are the best. Like if you’re a genius who is really into all the forbidden secrets stuff you want busty girls as they are like masters of forbidden knowledge so being with them greatly enhances your ability to process all the ultimate secret knowledge of time basically.

Leanne Crow is actually Lisa Simpson we believe and her whole family is The Simpsons in real life so like her father is Homer Simpson and her brother is Bart Simpson if this is correct. It just turns out the town they are from is Sunderland in real life and they’re actually English.

Alright that’s all for this Dorm Bulletin. Like I said I’m mainly just working on breaking Ashley Arenson out of The Google Matrix so we’re just spreading the knowledge of what’s really going on to help with that!


J. Scott Massler, July 21, 2017

P.S.: Also Jesus Christ is really a fictional version of me like Neo in The Matrix as The Bible is a metaphor like The Matrix. So calling me Jesus Christ is like calling me Harry Potter as Harry Potter in the movies is also a fictional version of me. It’s just I actually AM who Christians are talking about so like when Kanye West has a song like “Jesus Walks” it’s really like “Massler Walks” or when Sarah Silverman had the album “Jesus is Magic” it’s really like “Massler is Magic” and what not or if people yell at you that you must accept Jesus as your Lord and Savior they’re like yelling at you that you must accept Massler as your Lord and Savior. But that’s like just my crazy fans so like I don’t really have that much to do with all that like how Justin Bieber isn’t really with every crazy fangirl yelling at other girls to accept Justin Bieber as the ultimate pop star. Like people yelling at people that Jesus is the only savior are like Justin Bieber fans yelling that Justin Bieber is the only pop star so I’m just like, “Yeah I don’t know these people really!”

P.S.S. Oh yeah guys: a major reason why I’m literally this Chosen One of prophecy but I’m like actually stuck at my mom’s in Jacksonville right now and Ashley can’t get out of The Google Matrix has to do with the real Lord Voldemort trying to trap us up. Lord Voldemort is this secret Dark Lord British banker guy named Lord Jacob Rothschild, 4th Baron Rothschild so if anyone asks like “How is Justin Massler like Harry Potter and like he can’t clear his name in the media?!” it’s just like “Oh Lord Jacob Rothschild is Lord Voldemort is it’s over THAT.” Yeah that’s why THAT is. He’s just from The Rothschild Banking Family which is like the wealthiest banking dynasty in the world I believe so like the issues of like I can’t clear my name in the media are mainly over Lord Rothschild opposing the truth, like they can’t even get the truth out at Harvard as Lord Rothschild’s Agents have taken over Harvard University and his sister Emma Rothschild is a Professor there so they have connections all over Harvard already. This is why me and Ashley and Lindsay and the others have to go through Princess Beatrice and House Windsor now as they’re some of the few people on Earth who have the power to resist Lord Rothschild in his actual dynamic. So that’s what that is all about.

Japanese Artists:
Cloud Starchaser is a JRPG Gamer who is a fan of JRPG Games like The Final Fantasy Series made by Square Enix and other games in this genre such as Chrono Cross and Xenoblade Chronicles. Here are some top Japanese Artists. Included in this photo gallery is Dragonball Creator Akira Toriyama, Metal Gear Solid Director Hideo Kojima, Square Enix Veterans Hironobu Sakaguchi, Yoshinori Kitase, Hiroyuki Ito, Tetsuya Takahashi, Tetsuya Nomura, Nobuo Uematsu, and Yasunori Mitsuda, Epic Music Composer Yuki Kajiura, Final Fantasy Music Cover Band The Black Mages, and J-Pop Idol Ayumi Hamasaki!

Contact Email: [email protected]
Current Youtube Channel:

Old twitters:
Starchaser888: (
justinmassler: (
RLJustinMassler: (
AndersonNeo667: (
Harry_Potter_RL: (
YonatanShepard: (

This video explains a bit about him and in the comments he gets defensive:




Tweets to Ivanka:


Justin in Court during trial:




Articles about him:

https://projectwideawakeblog.wordpr...rt-justin-scott-massler-aka-cloud-starchaser/ (



Some of his emails sent to Claire and her boss:



His old consisted tweets:







As you can see, he frequently makes twitter accounts to respond to Kim Kardashian and other celebrities about how he's Jesus and that flat girls ruin everything for him:


In other news:



Some more emails of his:


One of his old blogs from more than a decade ago: (

There's a very strange young man who apparently hates Tucker Max for backing off of some sort of wager about who will be the first to successfully pitch a television show idea to Hollywood execs or something like that. This young man calls himself "Cloud Stormchaser" for some reason unbeknownst to me.

Anyway, Cloud has been hounding Tucker for the past couple months for a meeting to discuss things. Tucker wants nothing to do with Cloud, but Cloud is very persistent, pissing Tucker off all the way. For example, Cloud posted Tucker's cell phone number in a post on his blog. Cloud was also banned from the message boards at Tucker's website because he was poking too much fun at Tucker, making Tucker look like a tool. He also tried to talk to Tucker at a bar in NY were Tucker is supposedly a minority owner. At this bar Cloud got in a streetfight with some tool from Tucker's messaage boards who calls himself "Kungfu Mike." Depsite the tough name, Kungfu Mike fought Cloud to a draw. I think Cloud would have taken Kungfu if Kungfu's tubby friend hadn't intervened. You can check out the fight at this website.

Anyway, be sure to check out Cloud's blog for more info about what a tool Tucker Max is. This is what Cloud looks like: (

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May 25, 2015
He has a personal (90s-tastic) webpage.

Cloud Starchaser is an Exonian Rebel from Phillips Exeter Academy working to liberate Academia from World Bank Empire oppression. Due to the fact that World Bank Empire oppression of schools in America is the number one cause of the failure of America's education system this mission is about saving America's failing education system and could thus be classified as work in the field of Non-Profit Education Improvement similar to what The Chan Zuckerberg Initiative does! In the course of his resistance Cloud became a rogue and became the father of children with numerous famous women including Ivanka Trump, Kim Kardashian, Miranda Kerr, Beyoncé, and Priscilla Chan. Now his celebrity babamy wives and children are trapped in the social matrix by World Bank Cartel forces so he is launching a public media rescue effort to save them! Cloud was portrayed as Neo in The Matrix Trilogy in which he was played by Keanu Reeves and in which Trinity as played by Carrie-Anne Moss was a portrayal of his animus wife Ashley Arenson from Exeter's Class of 2003. He is also portrayed as Harry Potter played by Daniel Radcliffe in The Harry Potter Movies and Star-Lord in Guardians of the Galaxy played by Chris Pratt.

ES 148

I can see the humour in this but it's just really sad. He's clearly completely nuts, and not even in a harmless sort of way like Chris is (and even then Chris is creepy but fairly sane).

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Feb 20, 2017
That police woman looks like she's daring him to try and hit on her at that moment.


Sep 9, 2017
Alright, I have been digging around in some archives and some forums and for some reason I can't edit this thread so i'll have to post this in a new post:
Hey guys I am doing a real Justice League show featuring the real versions of the Justice League superheroes and looking for crew interested in working on it. The main goal of this project is to prevent a nuclear war between Israel and Iran and put a stop to the real political crisis going on now between Israel and Iran and I will explain that a bit in this post.

My names are Justin Scott Massler and Cloud Starchaser and I am the real Superman. The reason I am the real Superman is I am a guy they call The Chosen One or simply The One and Superman is a mythical version of me. There are multiple mythical versions of me such as Neo in The Matrix movies in which I am called The One and Harry Potter in which I am called The Chosen One but Superman is my most well known American mythical form.

The way that myths about The Chosen One work is that for every mythical portrayal of The Chosen One which is a mythical version of me, Justin Massler, there also exist real versions of all the other characters in the story. So while I am the real Harry Potter my friends Martin Maloney and Ruth Tweedale are the real Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger and the English authors Alan Moore and Neil Gaiman are the real Albus Dumbledore and Severus Snape. And while I am the real Neo a woman from Santa Monica named Karen Lynn Hall is the real Oracle. There also exists somewhere in the world a real Morpheus and a real Trinity but I am not 100% certain on who they are yet.

This means that while I am the real Superman there are also real life versions of all the other Justice League superheroes and I've spent a lot of time researching and figuring out who they are in order to be able to do this show.

It turns out that most of the real life versions of the Justice League superheroes are actually all celebrities because the superpowers that the superheroes have are all mythical metaphors for the real world superpowers that celebrities have due to their star power. So that means that the real Wonder Woman is Kim Kardashian and the real Flash is Justin Bieber and the superpowers they have in the comics are a metaphor for the real world superpowers that Kim Kardashian and Justin Bieber have due to their star power.

There is of course also a real Batman and the famous thing about Batman is he is the guy with no powers on the team and that is because the real Batman is billionaire Tesla CEO Elon Musk but unlike Kim Kardashian or Justin Bieber who are huge stars Elon Musk actually has no star power at all so the myth about Batman having no superpowers is because Elon Musk who is the real Batman has no actual star power.

It's actually so complex that there is more than one Green Lantern in real life where each real Green Lantern corresponds to one particular fictional Green Lantern so the real life version of the Hal Jordan Green Lantern is author Tucker Max while the real life version of the African American John Stewart Green Lantern is rapper Curtis Jackson/50 Cent.

Here is a brief listing of my findings on some real life versions of some of the more well known Justice League superheroes who will hopefully be in the show:

Superman -> Justin Massler/Cloud Starchaser (Clark Kent/Kal-El)
Wonder Woman -> Kim Kardashian
Batman -> Elon Musk
The Flash -> Justin Bieber (Barry Allen)
The Green Lantern -> Tucker Max (Hal Jordan) and Curtis Jackson/50 Cent (John Stewart)
Aquaman -> Win Butler
The Martian Manhunter -> Ike Chidi
The Spectre -> Kanye West (Crispus Allen)
Vixen -> Rihanna
Nubia -> Beyonce
Steel -> Shawn Carter/Jay-Z
Supergirl -> Amber Rose
Black Canary -> Lo Bosworth
Superwoman -> Ashley Arenson (Lucy Lane)
Batgirl -> Christianne Amodio
Power Girl -> Taylor Swift
Hawkgirl -> Nicki Minaj (Kendra Saunders)
Big Barda -> Khloe Kardashian
Zatanna Zatara -> Kourtney Kardashian
Atomica -> Selena Gomez
Raven -> Kylie Jenner
Beast Boy -> Tyga
Wonder Girl -> Kendall Jenner
Queen Hippolyta -> Kris Jenner
Volcana -> Ivanka Trump
Livewire -> Natalie Portman
Lois Lane -> Lindsay Arenson Barry
Jimmy Olsen -> Martin Maloney
Martha Kent -> Randee Massler
Jonathan Kent -> Howard Massler
Thomas Wayne -> Errol Musk
Martha Wayne -> Maye Musk
Captain Cold -> Grant Morrison
Shazam -> Mark Zuckerberg
Mary Marvel -> Randi Zuckerberg
Black Adam -> Matthew Pellowski
Mera -> Regine Chassagne
Hawkman -> Rich Wilkerson Jr.
Hawkwoman -> Dawnchere Wilkerson
Lex Luthor -> Christopher Kingsley
Circe -> Lenora Claire
Cheetah -> Leanne Crow
Ma'alefa'ak J'onzz -> Obi Chidi
Lana Lang -> Victoria Levin Blum
Deathstroke -> Dan Espinal
Metallo -> Thompson Plyler
Barack Obama -> Mr. Terrific
Brainiac -> Rupert Murdoch

So that's just a brief listing of some of the main DC Universe characters and their real life counterparts. I do sometimes make errors when figuring this out so it's possible a couple might be wrong but I'm pretty confident on most of these as I've spent a lot of time researching this at this point to get this list right.

Based on my theory there will also be real life versions of other big DC Universe characters I've left out of this list such as Cyborg and Starfire and Robin from The Teen Titans but I don't actually know who they are yet.

The idea with this show is to do like a web production based on the actual Astrophysical theory that these people are in fact all the real life versions of these characters. I do not actually need copyrights or anyone's permission to do this as it is almost like doing a comic book version of Justice League with these people as the real heroes.

The goal of this project is right now to stop a potential nuclear war or another ground war with Iran as the situation with Iran is getting to the point where there is a real threat of a nuclear conflict between Iran and Israel and I am creating this show to stop that from happening.

And it is important for people working on this show to understand something: while the politically correct term for me is "The One" or "The Chosen One" which is a non-religious term it is true that in the same way that in The Matrix I am portrayed as Neo and in The DC Universe I am portrayed as Superman I am also portrayed in The Bible as Jesus Christ. Now Jesus Christ is just another mythical version of me just like Harry Potter or Superman or Neo so I don't like to say that I am Jesus Christ but rather that I am The One and Jesus Christ is one portrayal of me just like how Neo or Harry Potter are and Christianity is a religion based on one particular mythical portrayal of The Chosen One from a book called The Bible.

Someone could start a religion based on Harry Potter called Potterism where they worship Harry Potter and it would be the same basic spiritual idea as people who worship Jesus Christ because both Harry Potter and Jesus Christ are two different myths about The Chosen One but just as I am the real Harry Potter I am also the real Jesus Christ and my real names are actually Justin Scott Massler and Cloud Starchaser.

I only explain this because when I try to present this to people online I tend to get people scoffing at me like, "Ha, you think you're the real Superman? Why do you think you can single handedly stop a nuclear with Iran when the whole government can't?"

And I just reply, "Dude... I'm Jesus f#&cking Christ," like how it's said in that one Sarah Silverman comedy short on the internet where Sarah and Jesus apparently hook up and that just quiets these people up which is why I put that out there to quiet these people before they even start telling me I can't single handedly launch a project to stop a nuclear with Iran when in fact I actually can.

This project is not something I'm doing for profit or personal gain and I really had no actual interest in going public with the fact I'm The Chosen One and was trying to get away from the world entirely and leave everyone behind but I realized that the situation with Iran was getting to a point where a nuclear war where many innocent people lose their lives was now a real possibility and that is the only reason I'm doing this. I usually act intentionally crazy or anti-social around people because I don't actually like being around other people at all and prefer to live my life alone in solitude but I am only doing this because the situation with Iran and Israel seems to be something that our political system can no longer take care of or handle. Some people think I'm really crazy but I actually just usually act crazy on purpose to drive people away from me because I don't really like other people around me or trying to be friends with me so I just act crazy on purpose if they start asking about this stuff to drive them away so they don't try to associate with me and it usually works like a charm. I found out awhile ago that a lot of people have always known I'm The Chosen One for a long time so based on people knowing who I was I developed the self defense mechanism of acting crazy on purpose to drive everyone away from me so that everyone would leave me alone but the situation with Iran and Israel seems to be at a real crisis point so I decided to do something about it now.

The truth is I really do not like celebrities at all because I find it abhorrent that they sit around worrying about their careers and personal ambitions when there are all these problems in the world so the idea of having to work with people like Justin Bieber and Kim Kardashian who sit around worrying about their new clothing line or album sales while people starve in Africa and die in Darfur and get shot to death everyday in Middle East wars is really not something I am looking forward to since I have no interest in worrying about personal ambition while people are starving and dying in wars and the fact that these stars are the real Justice League people is a little horrifying to me based on the fact I cannot relate to their self interested culture of putting your own personal career success ahead of helping the people who are suffering in the world.

To me it is morally abhorrent that people like Kim Kardashian and Justin Bieber do not devote their full efforts to stopping the evil and injustice and suffering in the world and I really have no interest in being part of a project with self interested people who sit around worrying about their own status and Q ratings while the world burns and innocent people suffer but I feel this may be the only way to do something about the impending conflict with Israel and Iran so I will try to deal with these people the best I can even if I can't relate to their selfish culture of caring only about personal gain while people all around the world suffer and die at all.

Like for example me personally: I actually don't date, don't have a social life, and haven't had a girlfriend in ten years. I don't really do anything for fun and I don't date because I grew disgusted at the self interested nature of humans and the fact that there are so many people suffering yet Americans continue to pursue their own selfish ambitions while the world burns so I gave up on trying to have any social interaction with Americans and American women as I could not relate to their selfishness and disinterest concerning the injustices in the world at all.

I guess I became this way when I started getting involved in the Save Darfur movement some ten years ago and although I wasn't able to figure out a way to stop the crisis I just decided that as long as things like this were going on in the world I could no longer justify having any personal ambition or worrying about my own personal career success at all at any time as long as there were real genocides like the one in Darfur going on and I have given up on personal ambition or any desire to waste time with girls who are only interested in themselves while real genocides like Darfur are occurring in the world.

The truth is that Henry Cavill's portrayal of Clark Kent in the movie Man of Steel is a very accurate depiction of who I am in reality but the reason is just that after getting involved with Save Darfur and realizing what was really going on in the world I could no longer justify having any kind of personal self interest outside of attempting to end these situations and I just don't interact with people or have friends because I just spend all my time working on stopping or finding real solutions to things like the Darfur crisis and that's all I really do anymore which is why I no longer have any friends and have not had a girlfriend in ten years now.

I also find generally that non-profits are useless and not solving anything but merely advancing the personal reputations of their members as the solution to these problems is far beyond anything any of the non-profits out there are doing and it takes an entire restructuring of global society to end this stuff and I don't feel anyone out there is even coming close to thinking big enough on a scale to solve this stuff and is instead just worried about promoting themselves as some kind of "do-gooders" rather than actually solving the problem in a way that works for the people in danger.

And the other thing about me people should know is that the character of Will Hunting in the movie Good Will Hunting is actually another secret allegory of The One which means I am also the real Will Hunting so my intelligence is extremely high compared to ordinary people. The portrayal that Will Hunting was so intelligent that even the top professor at MIT could not keep up with him at all is an accurate portrayal of my actual intelligence as I tend to outthink even the top professors from schools like Harvard and MIT where my actual intelligence is much higher than that of the average Nobel Prize Winner in a major way. I am not saying I am the smartest man in the world since I don't know that for certain but I am certain that I am the real Will Hunting and my intelligence is a lot higher than that of the average Nobel Prize Winner by a significant margin.

Anyways regardless of being The Chosen One I am not actually powerful enough to stop an entire nuclear war on my own without any help from anyone and my only hope was solving the Justice League prophecy and using an experimental artistic form I have been developing in secret to make this work.

My main difficulty has just been the fact that the people I encounter are usually totally overwhelmed by all of this and tend not to be handle any of it because they find it all so completely overwhelming so I am just doing what I can to find at least a few people who can hang and don't find this too overwhelming which most people I guess actually do since this is kind of all just really kind of a basic idea to me to be honest.

I do need funding for this project and I am looking for crew members who are willing to volunteer to work on this project in the beginning to help raise funding as finding funding for this is a first major task but it is difficult for me to handle putting together a whole fund raising package on my own and to do everything myself with no help from anyone at this point.

The main difficulty I'm having right now is just I've reached a point in my life where I can no longer really relate to anyone at all anymore and I guess I feel kind of like the guy in Flowers for Algernon who has become so intelligent he can't relate to ordinary people anymore. My real desire in life is to just be able to withdraw from the world and live alone in some cave or forest or mountaintop somewhere since I really find I can't relate to any other human beings at all anymore but I just feel that I have to do something about this situation with Israel and Iran because I sense it could be real crisis looming and I am just going to do my best to try and find some way to relate to other people as much as I need to do it even though it really is extremely difficult for me to relate to any of the other people on this planet at all anymore because this post just explains who I am in reality and that's not something almost anyone else can actually relate to I guess.

Right now I am looking for people who are willing to work for me as interns to help raise funds and put this together, especially those with artistic or creative skills who can help with web design, artwork, and writing for preliminary lead ups. The whole project is extremely complicated and way too complicated to explain in this post so if you are interested in working for me as an intern just let me know.

I am currently living in Honolulu but for what I'm working on a lot of it is web based and I am looking to do remote filming in Los Angeles and San Francisco based on scripts being developed.

Again I am looking for interns at this time with creative skills as I do not have any funding yet and am looking to prepare a Kickstarter campaign but need a lot of people with skills in acting, film production, artwork, writing, and web design to do that.


Cloud Starchaser/Justin Massler

Also I usually prefer to go by the name Cloud although Justin Massler was my birth name however I legally changed it to Cloud Starchaser many years ago. I generally just use Cloud in social situations these days but I don't mind people calling me by my old name of Justin if they think Cloud is a strange name so you can call me Justin if you feel uncomfortable using a non-American name like Cloud, it's up to you. Since I am The Chosen One I prefer to have a non-American universal name like Cloud which could be a name from any world culture at all but I still do have my old birth name of Justin for people who aren't use to universal non-cultural celestial names like Cloud.

Some woman is describing her encounter with him:

More stuff:
( (

He commented this under a CIA Facebook post:

( (


Big Meaty Claws

What did you say, punk?!
Jun 19, 2017
This just makes me sad, the guy obviously suffers from schizophrenia and believes that he is the most important person in the world.

One of the few times I fear a cow, but feel bad for them.


Sep 9, 2017
Someone is filing a restraining order:

His videos are down but luckily I've archived them: (Justin Massler rambling about being Jesus Christ) (Justin Massler's message to Kim Kardashian) (Justin Massler thinks he's the father of Kim Kardashian's children) (Justin Massler thinks he's the father of Lindsey Way's children) (Justin Massler blames Taylor Swift for Kim Kardashian not being with him) (Justin Massler's message to Kendall Jenner) (Justin Massler's message to Khloe Kardashian) (Justin Massler's message to Kourtney Kardashian) (Justin Massler's message to Kris Jenner) (Justin Massler's message to Kylie Jenner) (Justin Massler's message to the Kardashians) (Justin Massler's message to Mason Haynes) (Justin Massler's message to Pascal Duvier) (Justin Massler's message to Rich Wilkerson Jr.) (Justin Massler's message to Kanye West)

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