Justin T. Hunt / DoctorChesterthe1st / JustParodiezMan / Dennis7ification - 25-year-old attention-starved babyfur, transformation fetishist, author, and soon to be doctor?

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This is Justin Hunt. Author, university student, eligible bachelor. I first became aware of him through this news article.

https://www.areanews.com.au/story/5...gination-to-life-photos-video/?cs=670#slide=1 (http://archive.md/vU5wQ) (doesn't archive well)

So, he looks successful... But, what is this book he's working on?
It’s about a squirrel named Micklang who lives in our world and he wants to escape. He gets the chance to do that one day and somehow ends up in a fantasy world...
In his video interview, he says Micklang was inspired by Pikachu, and the plot was stolen from Chronicles of Narnia. It soon becomes obvious that there's something wrong with this person. What starts as a simple interview about a local author soon becomes a gateway into a new realm of autism. It only goes down hill from here folks.


Author Bio
In his own words:
Justin T. Hunt is an Australian Author, passionately writing short and long stories since he was 7 years old. He currently lives in a country town practically in the middle of NSW. He has 2 dogs, a cat and several chickens and ducks. He studies in Charles Sturt University in Bachelor of Arts, currently majoring in English Literature, in the hopes of improving more upon his passion.He likes to make new friends and socialize as much as possible. He has motor Dyspraxia and asberges. He also likes to go for walks in forests or along rivers for inspiration.

An author eh? And he's trying to get a degree in English Lit? Well, let's get a sample of his writing:
"They were there from almost the start, sailing across the oceans of the Freiyon world, manipulating animals' minds, starting historical events unintentionally, and destroying settlements anywhere they go. These pirates mean business, and they will stop at nothing to find the cause for their being stuck in the Freiyon world. Even if it means destroying families in the way, or killing anyone at all in general.
And these pirates have always been hidden in the Freiyon world, picking up information and powers as they go.
Freiyon inhabitants need to be prepared, because these pirates won't stop for anyone."

Huh... Well... He calls himself an author and an artist. Ok, how about his art?


While he's not autistic enough to list his fetishes, it's clear he's into furry transformations, transgender, diapers and cubs, inflation and fat, farting, megaboobs, plushies, inanimate objects, like cars, and pretty much the whole list of standard fetishes for this site.

Justin has some of the most terrible art I've ever seen. An 8 year old could do better, and keep in mind, this guy is 25, and in university. He shows no desire to improve his art whatsoever.

But, terrible art and an unwarranted sense of importance does not a cow make. In order to see the whole cow, you have to look at his social life. Justin wants everyone to like him... everyone. The very thought that anyone might dislike him is enough to send him into a state of panic, and he's willing to do just about anything to fix the situation. A quick glance of his DeviantArt profile shows dozens of pages of poorly drawn fetish art commissions. He produces this mostly for free, as a way to get attention. Consequently, he has thousands of page views from hopeful fetishists.


He claims that the stress caused by creating hundreds of free commissions has almost caused him to crash his car. Yet, he can't bring himself to stop, for fear that everyone he knows will leave him, which they probably will.


There are hundreds of pages of this shit.

He seems to understand that he doesn't have any real friends, but can't seem to help himself. His need for attention is too great.
and i keep being stressed out by EVERYTHING as if there's some... i don't know... some evil presence lurking behind EVERYTHING my friends say to me now...
like my mind is forcing me to believe 'they wouldn't be your friends if you didn't do art or stories with them every single solitary second of every day.'
and even worse then all this... i don't know if I can tell my mum and step-dad any of it because...
i don't think they love me anymore... i think they just... tolerate me at best...
i really need help guys and I dont know what to do

Rarely have I seen cows so desperate for any form of attention, with so little results. He gets very few comments on his work, and all of the fetishists he calls friends ignore all of his other projects. He is one man, shouting into the void, yet he continues to shout despite it all.
He seems to be constantly shifting from manic energy to depression, and is possibly bipolar. This is extremely evident in his DeviantArt journals. He has over 69 pages of journals, where he often posts deluded ideas for new projects to work on, then when nobody responds he follows up with posts about how much his life sucks, seeking attention and asspattings.
Everyone i know here in aus has a GF, everyone has a job, everyone has money, no-one wants to buy my books, my own parents probably think i'm crazy for even attempting writing in the first place, and i cant lose weight because my mind just keeps making up FREAKING excuses for me to eat more and more food!!!
i'm a bloody wreck...
He also tends to overreact to very minor stimuli. When a friend stopped responding to him because of an internet blackout, his first thought was the friend committed suicide. https://via.hypothes.is/https://www.deviantart.com/journal/Something-is-wrong-729165656
He makes these kinds of assumptions often.

He also makes regular YouTube videos, which range from lets plays, to singing, to whatever he feels like.
https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCA6TAmQQpGhIDLDqQIgZ--Q (http://archive.fo/Hmhlr)

His DeviantArt, full of poorly drawn fetish work:
https://doctorchesterthe1st.deviantart.com/ (http://archive.fo/a15sY)

His webpage: https://martinvsmicklang.wixsite.com/justinthunt (http://archive.md/brwRR)

His "books":
https://www.amazon.com/Justin-Thomas-Hunt/e/B06XG96XSV/ (http://archive.md/6GSGr)

His GoodReads (only he has favorited his book): https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/34522055-a-tail-to-remember (https://web.archive.org/web/2018092...ads.com/book/show/34522055-a-tail-to-remember)

A post he made on a site for independent authors, asking for critiques: http://indiewritersupport.com/forum/topics/supporting-a-new-author (http://archive.md/mDwVc)

Of course he has a Patreon (with 0 subscribers): https://www.patreon.com/JustinTHunt

He freely publishes his email and other personal information, and it's not hard to find. [email protected] is his personal email, and he uses [email protected], seemingly for his transformation requests.


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Damn property taxes f**k up everything.
His art just gave me dysentery. His writing gave me a brain hemorrhage.

His stuff looks like it came from a 9-year old who just discovered MS-Paint and Microsoft WordPad.
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Oh, lord! He's been around for some time, years ago when I was on dA (I was a part of the PMD-E group, and that was the biggest extent of it), some hack that would frequent the dA IRC chats often got "commissions" or free art from him. He's never improved, at least not in the last 7 years. He's "innocent" in the same way that Erik Mokracek is, although he's an oddball Australian as well, one that thrives on modern children's shows, giving gifts and transformation works rather than consumerist game shows, french fries and sitting in the back floors of cars.

JustParodiezMan was his original dA name, at some point he made an FA account to put all of his fetish works on. It's terrifying.
Archived, as well.
He has an imagery twin sister... And he drew her breasts expanding while begging to get fucked.
And this guy wants to be a doctor...?

andr0id psycho sho(ker

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Him constantly pinballing from happy to depressed and back again is probably what makes him so boring. You get this sense he'll be just fine within the next day after people talk with him


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how is this guy gonna practice medicine if he can't even hold a mouse to draw properly? currently await some goober to tip him off about this thread so he can tard cum for a week and never be funny again...

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