Kelly Lenza / LividLipids / softbodytendermind / ass_child - "Radical body liberationist”, Intentionally Repulsive, Uber woke 40-something SJW influencer wannabe, doxed her former therapist for getting WLS and later accidentally doxed herself


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Livid fashions herself a social media influencer, and her raison d’etra is to bring awareness to ugly people, to expose the public to her visage as a means to make ugliness more palatable to the average person. Like BoPo activists, she thinks that spamming her images on social media will normalize it. Why is she livid? Well, because thin, attractive people get all of the attention, and Kelly wants attention too. She masks her hatred of the "beautiful people" with exaggerated wokeness, asserting that ugliness and obesity are equal oppression categories as race, socioeconomic status, gender, etc.

bitter livid lipids.jpg

Unfortunately for the sane folks, Kelly has an extensive social media presence. That first glance at her IG account would likely cause a wise, mentally balanced viewer to click away immediately; however, a true degenerate and masochistic Farmer would dig deeper to understand why this unfortunate looking woman seems to be infatuated with her own repulsive selfies.
gross9.JPGgross3.JPGgross16.JPG775BAA70-221A-42FE-A4E8-733FBA59D798.jpeggross2.JPG gross1.JPG
gross22.JPG drawmelikeafrenchgorl.jpeg image0-3.jpg trulyharam.jpeg
lividlipidsselfconscious - Copy.jpg duhpressednude.jpeg wiflunude.jpeg howudoin.jpeg

Before you go thinking that this is just mean girl antics making fun of someone who can’t help her genetics, know that Livid puts a lot of effort into being repulsive. She was never a looker, but she wasn’t always so aggressively ugly.


She was not exactly a cute kid, either.


Some Livid Lipids Highlights:

LividLipids wants us all to know that she is Autistic:

ADA381FE-D339-49F5-B22F-E985FE4843A6.jpeg FAD86216-BC5B-46FD-B608-68B85ED17C00.jpeg tism1 - Copy.jpeg meltdownselfie.jpeg

While you may immediately think, “yeah, that explains it”, you should know that she is self-diagnosed.

Did I mention that Kelly is woke? Livid is the Wokest woker of all the woke folks, y’all! She is of the school that no white person can enjoy anything in life without obligatory guilt. That includes holidays, donuts, and kids’ books.
E92144FF-1853-4579-AEA1-FD63D147A5E8.jpeg 8D7A999A-210C-4E37-B9F1-3029E58F313B.jpeg A0482151-F98C-451F-98F5-89F8D56129C4.jpeg

website ethics.JPG racist_donuts1 - Copy.jpeg racist_donuts2 - Copy.jpeg racist_donuts2 - Copy.jpeg
34EE2AA7-369E-4F9F-B324-EFD04CD8EF76.jpeg B89FBDD3-B565-4AF5-9C9D-6069230EE0C0.jpeg 00FA01CC-4397-4E4F-9064-A3C9AE2BFD00.jpeg

Like many other Fat Liberation cows, Livid Lipids claims she has a restrictive eating disorder (lol bitch, where?). She also parrots HAES garbage online and even to her children’s pediatrician. Livid even claims that being fat gave her PTSD (I linked a blog entry in the Info section).
Here is Livid being a fat activist:

gross4.JPG fat7.JPG fat5.JPG

Livid can't sleep without her night cap of salt, fat, and protein.
friedchicken1.jpeg Friedchicken2.jpeg
But napping is not a problem. "CPAP Awareness"

cpap1.jpeg cpap2.jpeg

Livid invented a new phrase: "Vulva Gape". We are still debating what this means in the FA thread
0727AC84-8EE4-4B5F-8975-2EAA6032E7DE.jpeg F3406782-A446-4D2C-B3BA-D62E4FC8280B.jpeg


Livid Lipids met her husband, Jerry, on OK Cupid, bonding over a shared passion. No, not art, politics, social activism or favorite cuisine, as one may guess. They were both furries.

furry1.jpeg furry2.jpeg Jokes on us, guys!

More about Jerry
Is it just me, or does Jerry look like he is in a perpetual state of disbelief?
jerry1.jpeg jerry2.jpeg jerry3.jpeg

Jerry isn't a fan of the fatness.

jerry hates fatness.jpeg poor_jerry1.jpeg poor_jerry2.jpeg
poor_jerry3.jpeg poor_jerry4.jpeg poor_jerry5.jpeg
poor_jerry6.jpeg poor_jerry7.jpeg

Kelly identifies as trans.
translarp1.jpeg translarp2.jpeg

If you have gotten this far and still can't decide if LividLipids is a cow, I don't know what to tell you. Maybe this gallery of fan favorites will convince you.
whitegorlsFdogs.jpeg 11wide.jpeg duhpressednude.jpeglividlipidslikesgrapes.jpg

kissmeufool.jpeg margarita_fail.jpeghot_potato.jpegmamu_mouth.jpegpoorMcDservers.jpeg

Here are some deep thoughts courtesy of Lipids.

deep_thoughts.jpeg moragfagtigue.jpeg self_aware.jpg

Basic Info:
Name: Kelly Lenza
Pronouns: They/ them
Relationship status: Married with ferals (Husband: Jerry; daughters: Ivy and Hazel)
Address: (credit: @rocknrollmartian)

Occupation: freelance photographer specializing in spectacularly ugly fat portraits, mostly her own
Professional Website: Kelly Lenza Photography
Home page Archive:
Ethics page Archive:
Pricing page Archive:
Fine Portraits page Archive:
Creative Series page Archive:
Blog Page Archive:
Selected Archived Blog entries: “What is Body Liberation?” (Jan 2019):

Social Media:
Personal IG:; IG Archive:
Podcast IG:; Archive:
YT Archive:
Photography Facebook:
Photog FB Archive:
LinkedIn:; Archive:
Body Liberation website: Seems to be a WIP, but it is her “Radical Body Liberation” activism website.
Home page Archive:
About page archive:
Projects page archive: (wip, still has “lorem ipsum” captions)
Partners page archive: (wip as well)
Blog page archive:
Blog entry: “A case for Fatmisia Based PTSD” In which Livid explains how being fat gave her PTSD. Archive:
Livid is a guest speaker on the “Woman of Size” Podcast:; Title: Kelly Lenza: Hacking Fatphobic Lit (Jun 3 2019) Archive:

Special thanks to @JambledUpWords and @rocknrollmartian for documenting a great deal of the content in this OP in the Fat Acceptance Movement/ Fat Girl Cows thread. Also. many thanks to all of you farmers who have provided more information and imagery for this OP. It takes a village!
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You missed my favorite selfie. I call it eggs and pancakes.
and some others I had floating around


The last one is her pregnant if I remember right, some of the only proof it’s not a mtf tranny.
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I wasn't sure how many pics would fit in the op, and I figured that I can add more as you guys share your favorites. I will add these as well as some that i missed on my hard drive as we break in the thread. So much 'tism to choose from! The woke section alone could go on forever. I had a lot of bookmarks in the FA thread on her.

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